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Elton John's Hubby

Issues Non-Apology

to Madonna

1/19/2012 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elton John
's husband is kinda, sorta backing off his anti-Madonna campaign ... issuing a quasi-explanation for trashing the singer after the Golden Globes ... but not exactly apologizing.

David Furnish -- who called Madge "desperate" and narcissistic when she beat out Elton for Best Original Song -- went back to his Facebook page today and wrote, "Wow!  What a tempest in a teapot.  My passion for our film 'Gnomeo & Juliet' and belief in Elton's song really got my emotional juices going."

He added, "But I must say for the record that I do believe Madonna is a great artist, and that Elton and I wish her all the best for next week's premiere of the film 'W.E.'"


It's clearly not an apology -- so, why issue the statement? Your comments ...


No Avatar

♥TMZ but ...    

how childish
grow up!!!
Poor Losers!

1005 days ago


Clearly another dig at Madonna. Furnish wanted to point out the fact that Madonna has a new movie coming out and none of us knew anything about it. It worked, well played David.

1005 days ago


Elton John said he wasn't getting any until he said something publicly?

1005 days ago


Madonna is a beautiful, classy woman. She deserved her award.

Decades of hard work have got her where she is today, She is great example for how to live your life. You can achieve anything is you try hard enough.

1005 days ago


No class! By continuing on with this they are really making themselves appear childish and undignified. They need to stop! No wonder this guy gets along with Elton, they both throw hissy fit tantrums!

1005 days ago

Yep I said that    

Why does any thing this **** says matter? He's only on the radar because of who he f*cks

1005 days ago


Cheez, I guess we all are supposed to be stupid with that wishing her the best crap. He needs to unwind his panties and leave Madonna alone and everybody do their own thing. Neither one needs the other so why all the hate?

1005 days ago


Life is but a mere shroud that most support and endorse..

1005 days ago


Glad to see everyone decided to start acting like ladies.

1005 days ago

BB in CA    

Sadly, the "best" doesn't always win at these silly award shows. If ur going to show up, u have be prepared to lose and stay off twitter, FB, etc. until u r calm and sober.
David is not sorry so it's better he doesn't lie about it. And Madonna, sweetheart, stop trying to convince us that u r smart.

1005 days ago


Uh oh "the beeotch is back" like that Elton John song goes ...

Madonna better steer clear of Elton John and his hubby for a while. Elton's been known to get hormonal, fly into rages, and just generally pitch a fit as bad as any of the female singer "divas" out there.

It could be very embarrassing for Madonna if she got into a "tit for tat" cat fight with Elton. He wouldn't hold back. He'd pull hair and scratch and everything. :)

1005 days ago


I used to love EJ, but he's gotten to be such an a-hole and I see David is keeping right in line with that. Can't stand either of them. Jealous biotches.

1005 days ago


Did he actually say Maddona is a "great" artist??
LOL...she has to be the luckiest mediocre marginal talent to ever make it in show biz. And her attitude stinks too.

1005 days ago


Madonna has worked hard for her success ‘that’ needle nosed Furnish married a gay bulldog for his 'little' success, without Elton's money nobody would give a damn about him. All his friends are Elton's... Lashing out at Madonna was very stupid of him. 'Gnomeo & Juliet'??? Again, with Elton, Furnish would be a nobody. Madonna is a somebody on her own merit.

Grow up Furnish and remember you would have nothing without Elton John...

1005 days ago


Was he having a Kanye West moment?

1005 days ago
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