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Heather Locklear, Jack Wagner

Have a Date ...

With Prosecutors

1/19/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner
Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have been ordered to appear at the L.A. City Attorney's Office for a hearing ... which will determine if either or both get charged with criminal battery after a blow-out fight.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the LAPD has prepared a file on the fight between Heather and Jack that occurred in late December at Jack's San Fernando Valley home. We're told cops were called to the home after Heather and Jack allegedly got physical with each other during a heated argument. As one law enforcement source said, "She lost it on him and he retaliated."

When cops arrived ... neither Heather nor Jack wanted to press charges ... but the file was still sent over to the City Attorney for review.

Heather and Jack now must go to an office hearing ... an informal talk in which prosecutors hear out both sides and then decide if the matter should be dropped or prosecuted. We're told the hearing will be held by the end of the month.

The City Attorney could decide to file misdemeanor battery charges against Heather, Jack or both, but our sources say it's almost certain the matter will be dropped after the hearing.


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How was the make up $ex? She is the most appealing of her generation...!

1010 days ago


Were there any donkey punches involved???

1010 days ago


Aren't police supposed to arrest them regardless of not wanting to press charges especially with visible injuries? Hopefully the DA won't drop this, it may actually push her into getting help.

1010 days ago


Then why in the HELL waste the taxpayers money? This is getting phucing ridiculous.

1010 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Fight the good fight, Heather!

I still love you babe!

1010 days ago


tell me again why she doesn't think she needs help - can her family commit her? Am surprised that Sambora hasn't taken the daughter away.

1010 days ago


Heather needs to get off the roller coaster ride of all these prescription drugs. These so-called "doctors" who give her all these pills should take them or give them to a family member for a few years and see what happens to THEM. It seems like these pills like Xanex and valium and painkillers like oxycontin are screwing up half the people in Hollywood ... and around the country for that matter.

Check out this video about all the "pill mills" in America. Some of these doctors are no better than the "gang banger" street drug dealers selling crack.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, ONE AMERICAN DIES OF A DRUG OVERDOSE EVERY 14 MINUTES ... with a rapidly increasing share of those deaths caused by PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. If Heather is mixing prescription drugs with a lot of booze she is playing russian roulette with her life every time she does it. If it doesn't kill her, it will probably make her crazier.

1010 days ago


What a waste of taxpayer's money--nothing is going to come of this. They belong to the elite--above the law.

1010 days ago


What the hell is going on with those two?
They went from an adorable, stable, engaged couple to 'hollywood frontpage mess material' in just a few months time.
Get it together you two! You guys were way too good and sweet together to end up on the tmz home page with horrible, manipulated headshot photos.
And not to be insensitive here, but Heather kidnapping Jack's dog is just way to 'Melrose Place' to take this seriously .Can't help but picture 'Benny Hill' music with this.

1010 days ago


What has happened to a once AMerica's Sweetheart,who done two shows at once,married rocker Tommy Lee, Richie Sambora and has a daughter.Who says in Hollywood you can't get arrested after your career is in the toilet?

1010 days ago


Heather, HELLO!!! He's GAY!!!

1010 days ago


It is tough on everyone when an addict holds them hostage with threats of suicide, attacks them physically, emotionally and with vicious hurtful words. Perhaps the addict is not only addicted to whatever their poison is, perhaps they are addicted to the negative attention, drama and power they hold over their loved ones. Family members -especially children - need professional support, boundaries and tools in dealing with someone who is mentally ill and an addict, imo. Sounds like she likes holding on to the "I'm a poor victim" attitude rather than pulling up her pity panties and acting like a survivor - one day at a time. Hope her children are not around her until she cleans herself up. They deserve better.

1010 days ago


How is this a TMZ exclusive? ROL had a post about this fight a few days ago. Futhermore Harvey, YOU devoted one of your TMZ LIVE shows talking about stressing over weddings plans was the root cause of their "AMICABLE BREAK-UP". Remember, Harvey? Your "SOURCES" told you "exclusively" that they ended their engagement because the wedding planning was taking away too much time from their respective children. You then devoted your live show to how weddings had gotten out of control. NOW, you report that they had a knock down dragged out fight in which the police became involved. How is this amicable? So much for your reliable "sources" and your professional "journalism". HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

1010 days ago


Normally, I'd be interested but, Y-A-W-N, why should we care about people who have enough money and too much time on their hands but not the sense to do something more productive than chemically abuse themselves and fight each other?

1010 days ago


get help heather

1010 days ago
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