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Nigel Lythgoe

I'll Pay Ryan Seacrest's Salary!

1/19/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nigel Lythgoe and Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest
should fear not if producers cut his "American Idol" salary for next season, because we've learned Nigel Lythgoe has vowed to make up the difference ... out of his own pocket.

There have been a few reports that producers may try to cut Ryan's paycheck -- estimated at $15 million for this season. Nigel is telling people Ryan is "extremely important" to the show and doesn't know how it could work as well without him.

Nigel says if production starts slashing, he'll start cashing to keep R.S. on board.



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I think he is great and worth it. Hosting a live show has got to be tough. He does really well with it. That tool on XFactor is actually helping Ryan case.

1005 days ago


THE FACT THAT SEACREST is so closely associated with the K family is reason enough to cut his gigantic salary or to dump him for someone who will help us to forget that bunch of nothings. QUESTION: Why are some of these "personalties" worth millions in salaries and what exactly are their UNIQUE talents except stand there and pretend they are actually smarter than the REAL working class? If there is something special about these "so-called" celebrities, except a "gift of gab," let them come forward and let us know, including those who sit on panels and give their "expert opinions" as to WHO wins and WHO goes home. What a racket!

1005 days ago


If Ryan doesn't want the job for $15 million I'll take it!!! I'm sure I wouldn't have a hard time accepting being that "poor".

1005 days ago


He is invaluable to the show because not only does he host, he keeps the peace, he also promotes it like crazy on his radio show and in his tweets. His squeaky clean image is also a great asset to the brand!

1005 days ago


Why does anyone "need" 15 mill a year? F_ck Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the greedy, overpaid morons on American Idol. Why should he get 15 million a year, when doctors who actually SAVE LIVES don't get paid nearly that much? This is what's wrong with America. We pay this jerkoffs 15 million a year to stand there and talk, but police officers and teachers barely make enough to pay the bills. What a whiny little baby he is. Here our country is in financial ruin, and all this prick can think about is how much money HE'S getting. He's already got enough money to support himself comfortably for the rest of his life, why the f_ck do these celebrities have to be soooooo shamelessly greedy?

1005 days ago


He is an idiot.

1005 days ago

Jay W.     

15 million .... 1.25 million a month.

Only $1,250,000 every thirty days.
If they cut his pay how will poor Ryan make
ends meet?

1005 days ago


That's just stupid! And now, the network would be stupid to not cut his salary, knowing someone else would pay it!

1005 days ago


Poor Ryan, he'll ONLY get 7.5 mil. instead of 15 mil. boo hoo.

1005 days ago


j-ho gets 20 mil-------- for what shake that big ass of hers The show is so old, time for something new and save fox 50 million on salary of these 4 ==== bags. The winner of a i gets a million?

1005 days ago


MINDLESS walking skeleton KELLY RIPA said this morning "I'm convinced RYAN SEACREST has the hardest job on the planet".
Well, Miss AIRHEAD RIPA, if you don't count iron workers, brain surgeons, concrete workers, sewer workers, Bering Sea fishermen, high-rise window washers etc. right?
Oh what "hard work" it is to lift a microphone, walk (one foot ahead of the other) and talk. Oh what "hard work" to be "groomed" by professionals, clothed by the best, travel in private jets.
RYAN SEACREST has "smoke and mirrored" his way into a sliver of show business (can he sing, dance, play instrument (whoops, did I say that?), act?
B O Y C O T T everything and anything RYAN SEACREST. He gave the KARDASHIANS their more than 15 minutes of fame to the DISGUST of the American Public. RYAN could be REPLACED by a cardboard cutout of a horse's ass, when you see his face, don't you just think "horse's ass", right?

1005 days ago

Make it stop    

Perfect example of what's wrong with today's society.

1005 days ago


F the both of U! 1st off WHO started blabbing about Ryan's salary MAYBE (operative word) getting CUT? This is a sh.tty PR move by RS and friends to brag about how much they make
Ryan since its SOOOOOO important to you to make sure people know how much you make, do your "fans" a favor and just come out of the closet already (it's not people DONT KNOW your G.AY...just admit it)

1005 days ago


It's disgusting that he makes all that money for all that drivel! AND he's partially responsible for th KarTRASHians too, FIRE HIM!

1005 days ago

Barock Obama     

thats becouse Seacrest's & Lythgoe are stickin it in each others star hole

1005 days ago
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