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Randy Jackson Sues Baby Mama

I've Given You Enough!

1/19/2012 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson
is going after the baby mama that got a huge child support judgment against him ... claiming she's sponged off the Jackson family for nearly 2 decades.

Alejandra Jackson -- who has 2 kids by Randy and 2 by his brother Jermaine -- has a child support judgment against Randy that exceeds $600,000 -- that's because Randy hasn't paid his $1,200 a month in years and the debt plus interest swelled into outer space. 

Randy has now filed legal docs trying to undo Alejandra's judgment, claiming they cut a deal in 1993 that Randy and Michael Jackson agreed to let Alejandra and her kids live in the Jackson family compound in Encino and in return he wouldn't have to pay child support.

On top of that, Randy says the Jackson family provided Alejandra with food, utilities, maids, cooks, security guards, telephones, gardeners, maintenance, use of numerous expensive cars, etc.

Randy says, in short, she's gotten way more than the $600k he owes her. 

Randy also says in the docs, Alejandra and the kids have lived "like kings and queens at Randy Jackson's expense."

We're thinkin' it's another Jackson who foots the bills.


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Now this is a Jackson story I like to see. Nothing like having to rob Peter to pay Paul or in this case rob a dead pedophile to pay your former skank. Nice. What's wrong Randy, it sucks when you're the one people are trying to sponge off of, eh?

1010 days ago


Randy also says in the docs, Alejandra and the kids have lived "like kings and queens at Randy Jackson's expense."

WHO'S EXPENSE? SINCE MJ FOOTED ALL THE BILLS FOR THE COMPOUND, WHO'S EXPENSE RANDY? I agree with Randy about the fact that hr living expenses were paid for by the Jackson family and that he should not have to pay any more money, but come on a man and tell everyone who really paid for this.

1010 days ago


How this works is completely mind boggling.

She's living off of him...
and he's living off of...
while the other brother is living off of...
and two kids from each brother lives off of WHO!?

1010 days ago


*Ooops two kids EACH from two brothers LMAO... wow

1010 days ago


HO she is and in AMERICAS EYES will remain. We all know where the wealth lies. This family will always live in the Name of M.J. Having children with both brothers. Everyone knows what she was up to. Pay up Jacksons. You play you pay. Randy you will lose. Sucker.

1010 days ago


These male celebs or pseudo-celebs or coat-tail celebs are so gullible and have such over-inflated egos that they think they are so special these women just can't resist them. All most of these women want is an 18 year meal ticket. Hell, if I got that close to a celeb who could pay my way I might consider it too. Nah, on second thought I have more respect for myself and for any child I may have to do that. Just a thought.

1010 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

The ENTIRE Jackson family are degenerate freaks and ALL living off Michaels death and fortune. Why make fun of her for doing the same?

1010 days ago


Just when i think this family can't get any more repulsive

1010 days ago


Obviously, he can no longer get Michael's money to pay his bills . . of course their Mother will give it to him IF it goes to court to bail him out like she did Jermaine. Or that wonderful tour they are planning (sheesh) to milk Michael's body some more might bring him $150.

1010 days ago


Someone should tell this troll his children and ex wife have lived off the same money he has been living off, his brothers money. I doubt if this douche has made one cent by himself ever. Of course this woman is probably no better. These poor kids are f*cked right from the get go (like all Jackson children).

1010 days ago


if she would have not continued to live at the jackson home- how would she have fed and clothed her kids??
with 2 deadbeat Jackson brothers as dads, she sure cold not count on child support for any essentials now could she?

funny on how a lot of people want to blame her for the whole thing
being over half a million behind in child support and bashing the mother of your kids doesn't make any sense to me
hope the judge will also see through the smokescreen
court ordered child support payments should be made-- of the dad should end up in jail for non payment
it was not Michael's responsibility to keep this woman and her kids from being homeless- but thank goodness he did
Michael must have had some contempt for his brothers shirking their financial responsibliities so blatantly
no wonder he and Janet distanced themselves from the family- they are an embarrassment!

1010 days ago


All this "babt mama" "baby Daddy" crap sounds so cheap. And she had kids by him & his bro? What's this? Musical "baby daddies"? People these days dont take having children to seriously, do they? People! get married FIRST! Then have a baby with your HUSBAND. "Baby daddy"! Oh man!

1010 days ago

Barb. A.

1010 days ago


Michael was a saint. He must have been disgusted knowing both of his brothers knocked this tramp up. He also knew what deadbeats they were, and wasn't about to let his nieces and nephews pay the price because of it. Michael was generous almost to a fault. I can sure see why he distanced himself from most of his family. He might still be here if he wasn't always bailing everyone out...he would have had enough money to say no to those concerts and avoided all the stress they caused.
Love and miss you forever MJ.

1010 days ago


Just look at all of the great Morals and Values that the Jackson Family is going to teach MJ3! I certainly do hope and pray that what MJ started with the kids will last and that the kids do not end up like the rest of the family!

1010 days ago
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