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Warren Buffett


at Jay-Z's NYC Nightclub

1/19/2012 8:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warren Buffett throwing up the Jay-Z Roc-a-Fella sign81-year-old Warren Buffett -- one of the richest men on the planet -- got downright gangsta at the grand reopening of Jay Z's 40/40 nightclub in NYC last night ... throwin' up the Roc-a-Fella sign ... like a boss.

It was the first time Jay's been out in public since the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy -- though Beyonce and B.I. didn't make it out to the party.

Jay and Buffett have been friends for years -- and appeared on the cover of Forbes together back in 2010.

Sources tell us ... Warren wasn't scheduled to appear at the event, but called and asked if he could roll by ... and Jay was all about it.

We're told Buffett took a tour of the club and really enjoyed the place.

As for the Roc hand sign -- we're told Buffett noticed people throwing it up in the club, so he asked Jay what it was. Once Jay informed him ... the rapper personally instructed him how to make the hand sign ... and they threw it up together.



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ewww he skin scares me they dont age well do they lol

978 days ago


Sick of these elitists....

978 days ago

In Depth News    

Mega Wealthy Jay Z , Warren Buffet , and Russell Simmons Support the Anti-Capitalist Movemeny called 'Occupy Wall Street' .They Made Their MIllions Off Capitalism (Hypocrites ?) . Are the Beverages and Food in Club 40/40 Free ?

978 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Im sure he fit right in with all the other low leveled members of the private club of Lucifers helpers.

978 days ago

Jon is a moron    

Warren buffett is ILLUMINATI!!!!!!! But everyone knows this

978 days ago


I'm not sure what to make of this: Jay-Z is running around in "Occupy Wall Street" t-shirts and then he invites one of the richest investors in the world to the opening of his nightclub?

I will admit though that Buffet is better than most; at least he donates to charities above and beyond what could be expected.

978 days ago


google "symbols of the illuminati" After that, google "what is the illuminati". Warren didn't know Kim Kardashian but make a trip to see J-Z, to ya know.. hang out and throw out "gangster" signs. Gimme a break. The illuminati likes gansters because most of them don't care who they have to sell their soul to in order to get out of the ghetto, and honestly if we were born in a rat infested ghetto, we probably wouldnt care who we sold our soul to in order to get out either.

978 days ago


Oh man.... I thought that illumnati stuff was just a bunch of paranoid crap but when you see some OLD rich Caucasian dude at a JAY-Z event throwing that sign up, it really makes you wounder. The fact that he's even there in the first place is just really odd.

978 days ago


The oddest "party" couple since Laura Bush and P. Diddy.

I guess "money" makes for strange bedfellows.

978 days ago

Ghost Rider    

People can talk all the crap they want about the conspiracy people, but 10, 15 years ago, nobody even knew who or what the Illuminati was. Just as long as the doubters know what the Illuminati even is, is better than nothing.

978 days ago

dan the man    

Have the haters come out to play in this article or WHAT?

TMZ commenters hatin' on Warren Buffett is low. He's awesome.

978 days ago


the funniest part of this who thing is if you click to save the photo, the title is "Illuminati Warren". Nice job TMZ

977 days ago


Can one bootylicious pop star teach students about sexual politics and feminism? This Rutgers instructor says yes. Read about his course, “Politicizing Beyoncé.”

977 days ago


I respect Buffet quite a bit. You dont see too many wealthy people with such a minimalist attitude in regards to money. Plus his argument that the rich pay too little taxes is at the very least a needed one. Overall, Buffet to me is a cool guy.

976 days ago

Mark Dice    

Yep. The Illuminati endorses Jay-Z, aka Hov, who thinks he's God because of the Luciferian secret teachings.

976 days ago
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