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Al Sharpton

Obama's Falsetto Could

HELP with Voters

1/20/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


President Barack Obama
's kick ass rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at The Apollo last night was GREAT for his campaign ... because it humanizes him to voters ... this according to Al Sharpton.

The Rev -- who ALSO killed it on stage at The Apollo a few years ago with a GREAT rendition of James Brown's "I Feel Good" -- was out in NY today when we asked for his expert opinion.

Rev told us, "The President has SKILLS ... he showed real skills ... he sang an almost perfect falsetto."

He added ... "[The performance] humanizes him, and it makes people understand he knows the words to the song. How many presidents actually know the lyrics to the Al Green song?"


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"The President has SKILLS ... he showed real skills he sang an almost perfect falsetto." - Well, that's certainly what we look for in a leader! SMH! Too bad he isn't as talented at being the President. Sadly, I think we're stuck with him for 4 more yrs because of the stupid Republicans. Ugh.

1006 days ago



1006 days ago


I wish he would stick to the stage bc he's not very good at being our president.

1006 days ago

give me a freakin break    

Sorry Rev, but I don't base my vote on Presidents' knowledge of an Al Green song.

1006 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL. You know its bad for Obama when his cronies are trying to sell his singing skills to the public as something as a positive.

1006 days ago


weird, i typed at last before i read the beyonce story...never heard of that song, but i do know the lyrics to Al greens

1006 days ago


what a suck up both al and the pres.
the guy down the street can sing too.
maybe obama should quit the white house and go to american idol.
he sure isnt doin jack for this country.
what a croc.

1006 days ago


Racist ass al praising a black man. Now that's something you don't see EVERYDAY. al is like the kardashians, what the hell has he EVER done?(besides stir up sh t)?

1006 days ago

Throwback kid    

Besides trying to start trouble between the races all of the time, does anyone know what this big fat black loser actually does for a living? How does he earn a paycheck?

1006 days ago


Let's ignore that 1 in 2 people in America now love in poverty, and the unemployment and economic problems are not fixed or anywhere near being fixed contrary to the pro-Obama media claims; let's re-elect him for trying to sing

1006 days ago

i said lesbians...    

lets not get carried away everyone, it was cool to see him sing, but hes a terrible president.

1006 days ago


GOOD GOD! Are you serious............ I need to get out of this country before THAT happens again. NOBAMA

1006 days ago


This is why I feel sorry for black people. (Sorry but you're not from Africa just like I'm not from Europe.) People like drug dealing Al Sharpton, wife cheating Jessie Jackson and hate mongering Louis Farakahn are your leaders. They don't care about you and they certainly don't care about who the president is as long as they are making money which they do year in and year out keeping you uneducated. You'll vote for Obama because he's black and what did that get you this time around......NOTHING. Then you have the other idiot white people who think they should vote for a Democrat because "Republicans are old white people." Okay, well look what a young black guy just did you for you.........NOTHING. I only wish that a democrat would run against Obama because if he's the only choice this will be the first election where I vote Republican because anybody but Obama is THE ONLY CHOICE YOU CAN POSSIBLY COME TO. Stop falling for the propaganda, you're not better off than you were when his term started. Gas is double the price and he's stopping the building of pipelines that would create jobs. He's a sick person who goes on multimillion dollar vacations on your dime with his wife flying out a day earlier costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now he wants ANOTHER TRILLION. Stop this, don't be such suckers, he's killing us and it's not going to stop.

1006 days ago


If Al is all in, I'm all out. They cannot find a solid platform for anything else he has done, so now it's his soulful singing???? Here's one for you Barack..."Hit the road, Jack"....

1006 days ago


he wouldnt have said it if obama wasnt black or half black

1006 days ago
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