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Boycott Kim K Website

Run By Convicted Con Man

1/20/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The man behind is a convicted felon with a history of conning people -- and ... SURPRISE!!! ... there are serious questions over whether he's grossly exaggerated the number of people who have signed the petition to rid the world of all things Kardashian.

Frank Basti -- the man behind the movement -- is freshly off parole for a mail fraud conviction.  Basti was nailed for sending notices to 5,000 California car dealerships, telling each of them they owed lots of money to the DMV and this was their final chance to pay ... or else. 

Basti served federal prison time and was on parole until last July. Several months later Basti launched the Kardashian website.

Basti claims roughly 650,000 people have signed his petition.  But according to -- a prominent website traffic estimator -- only 24k unique visitors went to the site in December and 20k in November.

Basti tells TMZ it's not a scam and he's counting a previous petition and his Facebook page connected to his Kardashian website to justify the 650,000 number.  He insists he's not making any money off the site

As for why Basti wants to Boycott the Kardashians ... he says he's offended that mainstream media is covering them like a serious news story.


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not surprised    

Excuse me TMZ, but there are numerous Hollywood stars who would be considered felons if they didn't have the name and the money to buy themselves out of prison. Stars do not get treated like the average Joe when it comes to the law, and you can't be that stupid not to know this. Whether this guy is a felon or not doesn't change the publics outcry to keep the immoral K-trash clan out of public view. They are a disgrace to society and not one of them can stand up before us and give one good positive reason why they should be considered famous. Everything about them is negative and it has been expressed thousands of times on your website and countless others. You know they are paying you good money to keep their faces in the news and on the front page. You are only bringing yourself down by promoting these low class, money hungry, fame whores. You are the only site that caters to the embarrasment they bring to our country. They are the laughing stock of society and soon you will be too, as a lot of people are tired of coming on to your site to have nothing worthy to read. There are real stars out there TMZ if you do a little research. Pimpmom J. paid you to research this story so I know you have the ability to find out what is going on with the stars that have made honest names for themselves. Now put the K-trash to rest and find us some newsworthy articles that are worth reading. Oh, and for their little twitter teen fans that will say "if you don't like it don't read it" I want you to know that we read about them because they make us feel good about ourselves. We feel good knowing that our lives are not as pathetic as theirs and we're not making fools of ourselves by putting ourself out there for the public to hate day in and day out.If it was any of us we would have crawled back in our hole long ago, but not the mighty K-trashians they keep coming back for more. How sad is that!!!

946 days ago


A bunch of lying whores!

946 days ago



You've sold out to the Trash-Kan-ians....what a shame. TMZ used to be site worth visiting, now....not so much. all you seem to cover is KK and it's beyond obvious you're paid to make her the focal point.

946 days ago


Oh please who cares

946 days ago


Are you for real TMZ, how truly cares.After that wedding and how she has acted sense, my family and I did watch there show and have saddly supported it, but not a one of us will buy or watch anything any longer with her. Her sisters have more class then she ever did or will. Rotten brat.

946 days ago

Canada Guy    

It takes one to know one. Con on Con crime!

946 days ago


The real cons are the Kardashians and TMZ. Frank has explained his background on the boycott facebook page for anyone to read. TMZ is just trying to discredit the boycott... because the boycott takes money away from the hype machine of TMZ. The public are sick of the fake celebrity Kardashians and fake news like TMZ.

946 days ago


TMZ - You disgust me! I have always liked your TV show and this website. But, I have noticed lately you have NOT printed or talked about anything negative to the Kardashians, even if the other news magazines/TV shows are printing things which are TRUE. You were definately looking for someway to make the Kardashians look good, but they are selfish/money hungry people. I have no doubt that you are on the Kardashians payroll, and I am so disappointed in you Harvey. I will no longer be watching your tv show or coming on the TMZ website!!

946 days ago

arale norimaki    

Why is Kim KRAPdashian famous?

She is famous for spreading her legs and dating skanky men for their money then moving on to the next. She is rich and famous but total trash

Is O.J. Simpson OR "Alex Roldan"(If his first name is Alex, could that be why her middle name is alexandra?

I don’t think that was a coincidence seeing how planned the kids’ names are)
Khloe Kardashian's real dad?

It's obvious that she has a different father then her other siblings

946 days ago


We don't care about this guy pass we all need to boycott kim k with her trifling but and her whole family we want them to go away for good.

946 days ago


Loved the comment saying 'haters watch their show'....not here. Would stain my television with their krap. Also, I am a signature on the Boycott Kim page. I have no idea WHO this man is nor do I care, also, if he is a 'scam artist and thief' (like Kim with RayJ'a mama) he's made no money from me. This sounds so much like 'not denying the accusations that the K family is glorified white trash, but flinging their poo at anyone who questions them' (sorta like Gingrich and media for calling him out). Hey, Harvey, you're a lawyer, right? If a lower or middle class mama was marketing their daughter's sexploits in LA wouldn't the LAPD run her in on pimping her daughters? Just saying.....

946 days ago


we don't care ! i've signed the petition !
TMZ is keeping up with the kardshian , Come on guys we all know that if the end of kim will comme , you will make 0 Money

946 days ago


Im tired of these stupid B*#ches all over the media. My friend started watching this crap kuz he wanted to see hot chics and he made me watch it too. but i wasnt impressed with this garbage. im waiting for this cheap A** craze to be over with. And who cares about the creator of Boycott the dumb bimbos. i am proud to say i joined it and continue to comment on ppls posts..

946 days ago

Cannabinol kid    

I don't care if the ghost of Josef Mengele started BoycottKimdotcom . Kim Kardashian is a piece of garbage and I can't believe you ran this dumb story, I can't believe you cover Kim K. and I can't believe you do those moronic celebrity face swirls. Get some content for chrissakes and stop being so lazy!!!!!

946 days ago


I think they shut the site off as the number of visitors has not changed. Not sure though.

946 days ago
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