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Boycott Kim K Website

Run By Convicted Con Man

1/20/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The man behind is a convicted felon with a history of conning people -- and ... SURPRISE!!! ... there are serious questions over whether he's grossly exaggerated the number of people who have signed the petition to rid the world of all things Kardashian.

Frank Basti -- the man behind the movement -- is freshly off parole for a mail fraud conviction.  Basti was nailed for sending notices to 5,000 California car dealerships, telling each of them they owed lots of money to the DMV and this was their final chance to pay ... or else. 

Basti served federal prison time and was on parole until last July. Several months later Basti launched the Kardashian website.

Basti claims roughly 650,000 people have signed his petition.  But according to -- a prominent website traffic estimator -- only 24k unique visitors went to the site in December and 20k in November.

Basti tells TMZ it's not a scam and he's counting a previous petition and his Facebook page connected to his Kardashian website to justify the 650,000 number.  He insists he's not making any money off the site

As for why Basti wants to Boycott the Kardashians ... he says he's offended that mainstream media is covering them like a serious news story.


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What difference does it make the history of the person behind the website? Does he have a prior history with the Kardashians? If not, then I don't see the correlation of his background and the subject of his website.

984 days ago

Precious Diya    

The kardashian family,they sure must be desperate to put a stop to this... TMZ supports Kim and her family, maybe they are just as superficial as she is. Kim and apparently her friends at TMZ are desperate to make her look like a victim. Kim is really pathetic in my eyes. What does she have to show for 30 years of life? She's accomplished nothing, other than living off of her parent's successes. She's a failure as an individual. She'd never be able to make it without someone carrying her the whole way and yes the signatures are real, this will not put a stop this is a group effort !TMZ I will never watch you again... PLEASE GO AND THE PETITION...

984 days ago


OK people here is our chance to turn the tables on the Trash and TMZ. Since they won't be fair, we need to start our own boycott Kim Kardashian right here on TMZ.

We the public no longer want Kardashian's on TV invading our homes, pushing crap down our throats that we don't want to buy, and teaching the young and impressionable youth disgusting and immoral values.
1. Firefly

984 days ago


So what! The Ktrash are the only ones that care because people are sick of Their "Cons" and someone has helped give us average people a voice. I bet anything you will see more comments on here supporting Frank and what he is doing than what the KTrash is doing. Money-hungry-whores need to be silenced not Frank. Thanks for Advertising the web site I'm sure he'll get even MORE support now. My signature is on the petition NO ONE BUT ME put it there and I actually LOVE his site!!!! Come on TMZ I thought you were better than this....SHAME ON YOU! So you're a puppet for the Ktrash now.

984 days ago


TMZ, you are such a joke. Don't defend that whore, you should be on Frank's side. You should be ashamed.

984 days ago


So what? Felons are allowed to suggest we boycott the Kardashians. I bet a lot of sites lie about their web traffic.

984 days ago


I had never heard of this website before you posted this story:

I made sure to sign my name.


984 days ago

dedimension1 con deserves four others (kartashians)

984 days ago


TMZ, I too find it suspicious that you never mentioned the boycott until now. Bottom line if true all I have to say is IT TAKES A CON TO KNOW A CON.

984 days ago

Joan K    

Tsk, tsk, tsk, TMZ. Harvey do you and your flunkies sit around trying to think of things to TRY and make the public side with the Trashians? It just keep backfiring in your faces and the public is wise to your crap. The few fans they do have left will comes to their senses sooner or later and then the whole dumb azz family will have to move to another planet.

984 days ago


Who cares....I signed the petition, and we are totally over the kardashians.....TMZ is on kardashians payroll!

984 days ago


hahaha....really? I am a member of that is a wonderful thing to call people's attention to the fact that this woman and her family do not need any more of our money or be a role model to our children. She represents so many evils that should not be rewarded. This website has never asked me for passwords, money, anything. It might be run by a con but hey maybe it just takes one to know one ;)

984 days ago


so what. the dumbassians still should all go for a loooong walk off o short pier

984 days ago


So its ok to leak a sex tape and play the victim, steal brandi's mom's credit cards and charge 120k, sell junk to kids, and don't get me started on the kartrashkan credit cards, marry for 18M, and not for love, and don't you think you're a fraud by denying all that ridiculous plastic surgery? Oh please, you look like a cartoon character....I can go on all day, who's the felon here? Ok, trashKans, so you're not convicted yet. You are the shallowest, slimiest, conceited pigs to ever gain so much unnecessary attention. Shame on ALL of you. I don't care what Frank did in his past or if he's running this site from a cell, serving a life sentence. He has an opinion and he is entitled to it.

984 days ago


Is your new name KMZ???

984 days ago
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