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Boycott Kim K Website

Run By Convicted Con Man

1/20/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The man behind is a convicted felon with a history of conning people -- and ... SURPRISE!!! ... there are serious questions over whether he's grossly exaggerated the number of people who have signed the petition to rid the world of all things Kardashian.

Frank Basti -- the man behind the movement -- is freshly off parole for a mail fraud conviction.  Basti was nailed for sending notices to 5,000 California car dealerships, telling each of them they owed lots of money to the DMV and this was their final chance to pay ... or else. 

Basti served federal prison time and was on parole until last July. Several months later Basti launched the Kardashian website.

Basti claims roughly 650,000 people have signed his petition.  But according to -- a prominent website traffic estimator -- only 24k unique visitors went to the site in December and 20k in November.

Basti tells TMZ it's not a scam and he's counting a previous petition and his Facebook page connected to his Kardashian website to justify the 650,000 number.  He insists he's not making any money off the site

As for why Basti wants to Boycott the Kardashians ... he says he's offended that mainstream media is covering them like a serious news story.


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Seriously, who gives a **** who or what he is....the fact is that there IS a following...a LARGE following who agree with his goal.....we don't need to know his life story to share his opinion regarding the media whore. I hardly doubt the numbers are exaggerated. Have they not taken a peek at the internet and all of the replies that are trashing the Ks???? I mean really!

1004 days ago


I don't care if he's a serial killer, his point is valid. I'll support his effort to remove this trash from all media.

1004 days ago


Thanks TMZ I finally went and signed the petition.
So sick of the media whore and her greedy family.

1004 days ago


That still doesn't change the fact that we are tired of them.

1004 days ago


So, I thought the site was run by a female lawyer. And if he's an ex con, that means he would have a money making motive from this venture, no? I wonder how he intends to make money from when there seems to be no paid ads on the site. An ex-con ain't doin' **** for free.

1004 days ago


The world would be better off without these Talentless idiots!! Go learn to do something positive. Stop pushing these idiots on to the public!!!

1004 days ago


Got to agree with the estimated people going to sign a boycott for a tv show.(24K) Not too many people have the time to go to a site like that to boycott a tv show!! I can honestly say I know no one that has. Its just silly really. Why do people watch the show if they dont like it. Just dont watch. More important things to worry about it this world for us mature adults. The younger generation maybe but it just seems so worthless. This guy just wanting to get 15 minutes of TMZ time as they put out the weirdest junk out there!

1004 days ago


wow, that sounds to me like your trying to defame the guy, no matter how the numbers stack up, I know how I feel about them and I'm not impressed by them, or their take on reality. Either way TMZ I'm sure your article just ensured a few more genuine votes.

1004 days ago


Just a loser bdag trying to get his 15 mins of fame. He knows that anyone who attaches themselves to the Kardashian name will get press. He is nothing but a loser con man felon.

1004 days ago


Note that TMZ's first comment about this boycott is to down it quickly. The one I signed did NOT have that guys name anywhere in it. Good try TMZ, epic fail on your part.

1004 days ago

Claudia Perreault    

Interesting this is the only Kardashian story TMZ will cover?

1004 days ago


The key questions is, "How is this ex-con making money from the site and propaganda.

If this man is making no money, then the Kardashian's claim that the site is run by an ex-con is false and irrelevant.

1004 days ago


TMZ has the nerve to call the owner of BoycottKim a con-artist? The whole Kardashian Klan are cons and I can't wait to get them off the air.

1004 days ago


i don't understand why people invest so much time in writing HUGE paragraphs about someone they supposedly hate for getting so much attention. you morons who actually take time out of your day to come onto tmz, type a huge comment bashing her, are the ones who are actually very pathetic. don't like her? don't pay attention to her its just as simple as that. And this goes to the guy who made the boycottkim website too. its people like him who are actually drawing more attention to her, making the news about his website which is about HER, so hes actually working against himself. i thought this kind of stupidity only existed in children.

1004 days ago


Lets Be honest about Kim Kardashian, because I am tired of all the hating on the internet & TV.
1) Kim is a smokin hot white girl face & body ( be honest)
2) A large portion of white America does not like that this hot white chick is dating, having relations etc. with blackmen.
2) A large portion of Blackwoman do not like Kim K. because She is dating, & having relations with rich succesful blackmen & That she has a really nice booty "black girl body"
3) Blackmen love her because she has a cute face and an awesome body (Blackmen really love nice bodies).
4) Then there is the more intelligent, evolved human species white, black, asian ,latino who does not hate on her and likes her because she is a hot chick.
She is not like the other celebs she soesnt do drugs hardly drinks tight loving family structure & so what she does not have loads of talent , she has a succesful clothing store and makes a ton of money from tv & modeling it may have started off a leaked sex tape whither intentional or unintentional she made the most out of a negative situation. I ve seen their show a few times and it is a normal family they act a little crazy some times but they take care of each other just like any family. enough is enough

1004 days ago
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