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Lauren Scruggs 911 Call

'I Think It Cut Her Hand Off'

1/20/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


0_xzhyps63_0_r0es1r4oTMZ has obtained the 911 tape made moments after model Lauren Scruggs walked into a moving airplane propeller in Dallas  last month ... in which you can hear, in graphic detail, the intense effort to save her life.

During the call -- made on December 3rd -- a woman tells the operator, "A girl walked into an airplane propeller ... I need an ambulance immediately."

Lauren can be heard wailing in extreme agony as the people around her scramble to her aid.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, "Is that her hand?"

The call continues, "I have a female that walked into an airplane prop ... I think it cut her hand off."

The caller notes, "She is on the ground, she is not moving."

The caller says Lauren is conscious and breathing and lying face down on the ground ... bleeding profusely from her head and her left arm.

Emergency crews eventually arrived to the scene and transported Lauren to a nearby hospital. Doctors were unable to save her left hand. She also lost her left eye.

Lauren was finally spotted out in public yesterday -- for the first time since the incident -- and appeared to be in good spirits.

Her recovery is said to be going well.


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PLEASE take this down........This is too much,even from you guys! Hang in there LAUREN!

916 days ago

Carinine Doussou    

i think posting the 911 call is absolutely horrible n tmz trying to make money off her pain and suffering. tmz should take this off. its disgusting to do this to a person.

916 days ago

Carinine Doussou    

Hey click on the hot tip tab on the bottom of the page and request that TMZ remove this video. Its disrespectful to the victim and absolutely horrendous and tasteless.
please do this out of respect to the victim and her family. she isnt entertainment. she's a person and needs to be respected.

916 days ago


Everyone, please write to TMZ through this link ( and tell them to take this audio off of the site. It is absolutely tasteless and does not need to be online for the world to see. Lauren is a dear friend of mine and it hurts me to see that the media is turning it into gossip to make money off of. Please leave her alone and please remove this audio from the site.

916 days ago


TMZ you are true s*** and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Harvey, you are going straight to hell without passing go.

916 days ago


My God that was sad. Just hearing her in usch pain makes it hard to listen to.

916 days ago


I pray Lauren will be able to turn such a horrible, traumatic experience into something positive. Keep your chin up beautiful lady.
ps she looks like Brooklyn Decker's twin sister.

916 days ago


this poor girl!!! she has been and will continue to be in my prayers!!! god bless her!!!

916 days ago


Wow... making fun of dip**** celebs is all good fun but that was some tasteless sh*t..I didn't even bother playing the clip.. Bad taste. what is the point in making that sh*t public. I am taking tmz off of my daily rss feeds. You guys are A holes

916 days ago


Eye eye eye, so this girl SINGLE HANDEDLY ruined her career over poor perception? I know this sounds insensitive but she walked right into that one! Okay I'm done.

916 days ago


Thank god for cell phones or else she wouldn't have made it.

916 days ago


Wow that was awful! That poor girl. I wish the media would leave her alone.

916 days ago


While it is understandable people are saying "leave her alone, let her deal with this privately", here in the DFW area I can tell you it seems that there are almost weekly updates about her condition in the local newspaper, her family has a public blog about intimate details/emotions of her recovery and the family dynamic aftermath, there have been local charities for her medical bills, etc. Not trying to sound really mean here, but if she and her family are putting themselves out there with all that stuff, it's kinda hard to "leave them alone" and feel like they want to maintain a whole lot of privacy. You either do, or don't, want it.

916 days ago


I was afraid of prop planes before this, now I will probably never go near one. I refuse to listen to that tape. How awful for her. I do agree with the majority of people here that ithe 911 tape should be taken down. That said, how does one get distracted enough not to see the propeller? I've been on propeller planes twice. Usually you board near the rear of the plane. I'm glad to hear that she's recovering, but I feel so sorry for her.

916 days ago


You sick prick Harvey. Our Marines can't have a pissing competiton but this is acceptable or appropriate to post? You have no soul you wanker of a *****.

916 days ago
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