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Lauren Scruggs 911 Call

'I Think It Cut Her Hand Off'

1/20/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


0_xzhyps63_0_r0es1r4oTMZ has obtained the 911 tape made moments after model Lauren Scruggs walked into a moving airplane propeller in Dallas  last month ... in which you can hear, in graphic detail, the intense effort to save her life.

During the call -- made on December 3rd -- a woman tells the operator, "A girl walked into an airplane propeller ... I need an ambulance immediately."

Lauren can be heard wailing in extreme agony as the people around her scramble to her aid.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, "Is that her hand?"

The call continues, "I have a female that walked into an airplane prop ... I think it cut her hand off."

The caller notes, "She is on the ground, she is not moving."

The caller says Lauren is conscious and breathing and lying face down on the ground ... bleeding profusely from her head and her left arm.

Emergency crews eventually arrived to the scene and transported Lauren to a nearby hospital. Doctors were unable to save her left hand. She also lost her left eye.

Lauren was finally spotted out in public yesterday -- for the first time since the incident -- and appeared to be in good spirits.

Her recovery is said to be going well.


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Ozzie X    

Displaying people in misery is extremely tasteless.

1009 days ago


Completely tasteless and insensitive. Putting a "Warning" on the story and clip doesn't make it any better. How would you feel if a recording of the worst day of your life were made public? People who go to expect gossip and frivolity, not horror.

1009 days ago


That is the most horrific 911 tape I've ever listened to. I finally turned it off with still 21/2 minutes left. Her moans were positively the worst sound I have ever heard.

1009 days ago


Information should exist. Making this available has nothing to do with respect. On an individual basis, you can demonstrate respect by not listening to it. That should be enough. Stop telling people how they should and shouldn't live, nor how they should and shouldn't interact with the freedoms that are guaranteed to them. To insist that information which is purposefully on the public record not be made available to the public for any reason is despicable, let alone because you think some pretty blonde moron walked into an airplane propeller deserves some degree of privacy. Ultimately, if this offends you, just keep on scrolling.

That said, this is barely news. This girl was a nobody before this happened and it deserved little more than its initial mention. And honestly, who the **** walks into an airplane propeller? Come on.

1009 days ago


People screaming for TMZ to take it down - do realize that they're known to post 911 calls, even really disturbing ones. I am not saying that it is right, but posting for them to take it down - is a worthless feat. They've been doing it for forever. and each time, I read the same type posts - screaming for them to take it down... and guess what -- TMZ never does. They know it will draw strong reactions, which is why they post it. You're wasting your time telling TMZ to pull it.

1009 days ago


TMZ has gone to an all time low with this post. This is waay beyond sicko "in the gutter" type stuff.

I can't believe the Dallas 911 people would release an audio like this ... so it's mostly their fault. Don't they have any discretion about what is acceptable to release? This 911 call was just about an accident, not a murder or assault or whatever.

I hope this woman that got hurt sues the heck out of TMZ and the Dallas police department. Hope you are happy TMZ. You are probably doing plenty of emotional damage to this woman to go along with her horrendous physical damage. Whoever thought this was a good TMZ story should be fired ... at a minimum.

1009 days ago


I don't want to listen to the audio. WHY is this even a story on a gossip website? Or any news site, really? Who is she? A person who made a bad decision and was injured. Happens Everyday to thousands of ppl. Why is she any different?

1009 days ago


Where does the 911 operator think they were going to get "clean towels or cloth" on an airport runway??? Just grab what you can and apply pressure - jeez o pete. Sometimes the 911 operators piss me off with their questions. What difference did it make how old she was?? Just get the ambulance there and stop asking stupid questions! I really don't think it was necessary to post this 911 call. That poor girl - and the people around when this happened - will be haunted forever.

1009 days ago


Harvey..just when I think you can't stoop any lower in the gutter!!! I didn't listen to the recording and have no intention of doing so, but you are a truly dispicable individual. I would hate to have the karma coming to you.

1009 days ago


Where there coyotes near the airport?

1009 days ago


Sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with them posting this. She is a "public figure", after all.

The pain in her voice, though... absolute anguish. Poor girl. I hope she keeps staying as strong as she has been thus far!

1009 days ago


Heartbreaking. Wish her nothing but the best. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

1009 days ago

Big D    

She's the one eye love.

1009 days ago


For those asking how it happened, the general thinking is that she was turning back around to thank the pilot. The real question is why in the world a pilot would let them get off of the plane with the props still going???

1009 days ago

not surprised    

"TEXAS TURD' you said it all. TMZ you are despicable, I hope her family comes after you. What if she was your child would you want her agony exposed to the world so that it could be commented on in a negative or positive way? She is a very lucky girl to have survived this horrific accident and then people like you come along and make a mockery of it. If you have any heart at all you should take this article down both her and her family have been through enough.

1009 days ago
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