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Lauren Scruggs 911 Call

'I Think It Cut Her Hand Off'

1/20/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


0_xzhyps63_0_r0es1r4oTMZ has obtained the 911 tape made moments after model Lauren Scruggs walked into a moving airplane propeller in Dallas  last month ... in which you can hear, in graphic detail, the intense effort to save her life.

During the call -- made on December 3rd -- a woman tells the operator, "A girl walked into an airplane propeller ... I need an ambulance immediately."

Lauren can be heard wailing in extreme agony as the people around her scramble to her aid.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, "Is that her hand?"

The call continues, "I have a female that walked into an airplane prop ... I think it cut her hand off."

The caller notes, "She is on the ground, she is not moving."

The caller says Lauren is conscious and breathing and lying face down on the ground ... bleeding profusely from her head and her left arm.

Emergency crews eventually arrived to the scene and transported Lauren to a nearby hospital. Doctors were unable to save her left hand. She also lost her left eye.

Lauren was finally spotted out in public yesterday -- for the first time since the incident -- and appeared to be in good spirits.

Her recovery is said to be going well.


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Holy crap. I listened (against my better judgment) and it was seriously disturbing. Posting it here means nothing since it will be ALL over the internet by the end of the day. 911 tapes are public. The sounds she was making were freaky and I think everyone involved in that incident will need some sort of counseling. I feel sympathy for her and wish her good luck but seriously... WHO WALKS INTO A MOVING PROPELLER? It's not like they are silent... or small...

1005 days ago


Who the F would ever want to listen to this? Pretty sick post TMZ, even for you.

1005 days ago


Does Harvey know that tne term "ambulance chaser" is meant as an insult to the legal profession and should not be taken as career advice? Just disgusting that TMZ would post this. I surely won't listen.

1005 days ago


Yea, it's not cool to post this, a bit too personal. She's still gorgeous though, I'd definitely date her, and supply her with any funds she needs for a prosthetic hand or eye. Stay strong Lauren

1005 days ago


you dont respect nothing eh? ****ing ****roaches, filthy rats how they can put these things, what ****ing ugly bastards you are filthy bastards, respect the privacy of people, mother****ers!!!!

1005 days ago


Oh my God, I cried. That broke my heart listening to her in so much pain. Thankful she's recovering well.

1005 days ago


Hope she is feeling better soon. Poor girl.

1005 days ago


I didnt listen to the recording.
I just dont care.
However, I just wanna know... how does someone just walk into an AIRPLANE propeller and not notice it spinning?
I'm not getting it.

1005 days ago


Oh come one people, who hasn't watched a show about something tragic happening where they play a 911 call. Not only did TMZ post this but other media did as well. 911 tapes are commonplace. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Best of luck to her

1005 days ago


Also, do yo know how fast those propellers go? They are so fast that you can hardly see them, it's very easy to walk into one if safety precautions are not in place.

1005 days ago


TMZ sucks beyond belief! Classless. At the same time . . can the press stop with all the "model Lauren Scruggs . . . " for headlines. She modeled VERY little. She was a fashion blogger. No offense to her btw . . it's just more BS by the press to sensationalize this story. . As if this happened to a janitor it would not be important. Would every headline be "Janitor . . . " etc? Sites that count on hits for revenue suck.

1005 days ago


Harvey, you're disgusting for posting this and I will not be listening to it. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that we will be judged for our actions when we die. You should think about that.

1005 days ago


Poor thing! Bless her and her family!

1005 days ago


I REFUSE to listen to this. You DISGUST me sometimes TMZ. No one has to listen to this poor girl suffer!!!!

1005 days ago


While I have no interest in listening to the call, I think that everyone needs to stop demanding that the press stop covering this story. Her family is willingly participating in the press coverage. They have done interviews and allowed photos to be taken. I believe they think they are helping her with her re-entry into public life. I don't know whether that is a good plan or not, but I can see where they are coming from. If nothing else, the next time someone gets off a plane they will think twice about where they are walking.

1005 days ago
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