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Lauren Scruggs 911 Call

'I Think It Cut Her Hand Off'

1/20/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


0_xzhyps63_0_r0es1r4oTMZ has obtained the 911 tape made moments after model Lauren Scruggs walked into a moving airplane propeller in Dallas  last month ... in which you can hear, in graphic detail, the intense effort to save her life.

During the call -- made on December 3rd -- a woman tells the operator, "A girl walked into an airplane propeller ... I need an ambulance immediately."

Lauren can be heard wailing in extreme agony as the people around her scramble to her aid.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, "Is that her hand?"

The call continues, "I have a female that walked into an airplane prop ... I think it cut her hand off."

The caller notes, "She is on the ground, she is not moving."

The caller says Lauren is conscious and breathing and lying face down on the ground ... bleeding profusely from her head and her left arm.

Emergency crews eventually arrived to the scene and transported Lauren to a nearby hospital. Doctors were unable to save her left hand. She also lost her left eye.

Lauren was finally spotted out in public yesterday -- for the first time since the incident -- and appeared to be in good spirits.

Her recovery is said to be going well.


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Why would you post this? What is the purpose? We know the story. We have imaginations. Why do you think it is important for people to hear this woman's agony? Have you absolutely no respect for this woman and her family?

1014 days ago


Seriously TMZ? **** YOU FOR POSTING THIS! This is absolutely despicable ... first your site runs a picture of the dying Steve Jobs and now this. Harvey Levin you have absolutely no class you piece of ****.

1014 days ago


I also live in DFW and would like to repost this comment. I totally agree.. And her parents are rich wackos banking off a bimbo trying to off herself...... Laker:  1 day agoReposting this person's comment only because it's the truest one on here:Truth Hurts: 51 minutes agoWe are so sick of the coverage of this idiot here in DFW. The accident was HER FAULT, DARWINISM at work! Had it not been for the marvels of modern medicine, she would not be alive. Give her the Darwin Award. Her well to do parents have been soliciting donations from day one. These people live in a $400,000 home and are constantly begging for money. They have absolutely no class and are now using the I AM SECOND organization for more solicitation of donations. Furthermore, they now have a book in the works and probably approaching movie producers. Bottom line her parents have done nothing but profit from her stupidity. Enough of this idiot.

1014 days ago


When a prop is spinning, you can barely see it, it's a blur. This accident happened at night, so she certainly would not have seen a spinning prop.
Secondly, even though the engine is on, people forget there's a prop and potential danger. It would be like standing off to the side of your friends car talking to them through the window...they have the engine going, but because the car isn't moving there is no perceived danger. The same with an airplane, you hear the engine, but because the plane isnt moving and its dark outside you dont perceive the danger of a spinning prop.
She wasnt stupid, she just wasnt familiar enough with airplanes (which most people aren't, to realize the danger). That was an accident that could have happened to any one of us.

Re: posting the 911 call. As brutal as it is to listen to, I think posting these calls acts as a lesson on how to comport oneself, what to expect when in a crisis, how to respond to the 911 operator and how to deal with the emergency at hand. Too often you hear people absolutely freaking out and they are unable to give vital information, or do anything that would aid the injured person. After you hear a few freakout calls, and then hear calls where the person was composed and clear, you realize that many more lives are likely lost to the freakouts, and when you have to face a similar emergency, hopefully you'll think back on calls like this one, where the callers were cooperative and calm and gave good info. That likely saved Lauren's life.

1014 days ago


How F*ing stupid do you have to be to walk into an airplane propeller???

God Bless Natural Selection!

1014 days ago


And to all you damn people that dont live like right down the road from where it happened and r trying to say it was the pilots fault cause the plane should have been off are clueless. This did not happen while she was exiting the plane. She and the other passengers were already off so the pilot was getting ready to move the plane when she decieded to go back to the plane for some reason.. HER FAULT!!!! How do you not see and hear it going???

1014 days ago


STOP posting these stories, they should be private. It's very low class and distasteful.

1014 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

God Bless Lolo. That 911 call is heart breaking. Lauren looks great now! Hard to believe that this happened 6 weeks ago. Good thoughts are streaming your way Lolo

1014 days ago


It's outrageous there was no medical help for nearly 8 minutes PLUS the time it took paramedics to unload and get to her.

1014 days ago


poor baby..shock, fear , terror..

posting this was really not necessary .

1014 days ago


Even with 1 eye and 1 hand she looks a lot better then me and most people. I hope she keeps getting better and stays happy. You only get 1 life and as long as you can get out of bed every day and enjoy certain things then it is all worth it because once you are gone..that is it. Bravo to this beautiful girl.

1014 days ago


Ok - for you inhumane horrible people who do not have any sympathy for people/animals in pain, but would be amiss if you didn't get sympathy for the same thing - EVEN WITH ALL THE NOISE - SPINNING PROPELLERS ARE ALMOST IF NOT ENTIRELY INVISIBLE!!! Be thankful this didn't happen to you. AND the pilot is at complete fault here!!! Yes, he supposedly said he guided her!!! What? This was not his job to just Guide her - what a nob!!! What a lazy horrible unprofessional and unthinking thing to do - NO BRAIN pilot! He should have his license taken away. When you are flying people in a propeller plane - if the propellers are still spinning - you do not let your poor passengers any where near them ever!!!!! She had no idea what was going on! It was loud and she didn't understand what was happening - she was out of it - after a flight, probably disoriented! His job is to get his passengers out of the plane - away from danger - SAFELY. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE MAN. I HOPE THEY SUE HIM!!!!

1014 days ago


Anyone who calls themselves a "model and blogger" is pretty much an attention wwhhoorre. she's probably thrilled that her stupidity made her even more famous.

1014 days ago


Thank you for the warning. I trust your judgement here and will not listen.

1014 days ago


How dare you air this call!! She deserves her dignity. She has suffered in a way none of us could EVER understand. Check out her Mother's blog on Caring Bridge if you want to understand what this family has been through! Shame on you TMZ.

1014 days ago
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