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Lauren Scruggs 911 Call

'I Think It Cut Her Hand Off'

1/20/2012 8:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


0_xzhyps63_0_r0es1r4oTMZ has obtained the 911 tape made moments after model Lauren Scruggs walked into a moving airplane propeller in Dallas  last month ... in which you can hear, in graphic detail, the intense effort to save her life.

During the call -- made on December 3rd -- a woman tells the operator, "A girl walked into an airplane propeller ... I need an ambulance immediately."

Lauren can be heard wailing in extreme agony as the people around her scramble to her aid.

The caller can be heard asking someone in the background, "Is that her hand?"

The call continues, "I have a female that walked into an airplane prop ... I think it cut her hand off."

The caller notes, "She is on the ground, she is not moving."

The caller says Lauren is conscious and breathing and lying face down on the ground ... bleeding profusely from her head and her left arm.

Emergency crews eventually arrived to the scene and transported Lauren to a nearby hospital. Doctors were unable to save her left hand. She also lost her left eye.

Lauren was finally spotted out in public yesterday -- for the first time since the incident -- and appeared to be in good spirits.

Her recovery is said to be going well.


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You have reached a new low TMZ. There is absolutely NO reason to have this 911 call on your website!! This young girl has suffered in a way that none of us could EVER understand!! I have been following her Mother's blog on CaringBridge.They are a good and decent Christian family. Let her heal in peace!

1004 days ago

Ozzie X    

Can't believe this is still up. I can't wait for the repercussions. Maybe that is what TMZ wants, creating their own controversy.

1004 days ago


i just don't understand how someone could do that. the first thing i would do if a plane started would be get on or leave immediately, not walk over to the spinning blades.

1004 days ago


some people need to read the article before they start writing ignorant comments. First off it is very hard to see a propellor when you have just gotten off an airplane (after looking at Christmas lights). If common sense serves me right it would be DARK outside (hence the reason why she was looking at Christmas Lights) and that is why she did not see the propellor and walked into it. It's funny when people are asking HOW CAN YOU WALK INTO A PROPELLOR? Hopefully this will make it more understandable for some people.

1004 days ago


it is also sad that you can't open articles in a new window for commenting. i refuse to back up and reload everything, then find the place i was at. once i comment on something, i leave because it is too much trouble to see what else was on here.

1004 days ago

Caitlyn Jackson    

Never will I watch/listen to TMZ again. Disgusting lack of sensitivity.

1004 days ago


I feel bad for her but why is this getting so much attention? She's OK looking but definitley not what I would call "model" material and she's obviously as dumb as a box of rocks.

1004 days ago


even if i was drunk or high, i would know where to walk and certainly wouldn't step into the pitch black without lights. the propellers don't change positions like in video game traps. you should know the shape of the plane you just rode in, and i'm the ignorant one!

1004 days ago


I didn't listen to the recording and with good reason. This should NOT be shared or used as entertainment!!!!

1004 days ago


Way to go TMZ, you've stepped off the curb and into the gutter. Talk about adding insult to injury; this poor woman has suffered a horrific accident. Bad enough photographers are hanging around, to get the first pics of her. Like she doesn't have enough **** to deal with. Now you think it's your place "to report" more of her suffering for all to hear. I hope this recording of her pain replays over & over in your heads when you try to sleep.

1004 days ago


TMZ you are disgusting for posting this! Radar was decent enough to say they are not posting it.

1004 days ago


Along with the Dallas 911 people and the mentally disturbed psychos at TMZ for releasing this audio, I put the blame for this horrific accident squarely on the DUMBARSE FREAKIN' PILOT of that plane. He is responsible for the safety of his passengers until they walk into the airport door ... and he KNOWS IT. He knows he's supposed to follow all of his safety checklists. They are there for very good reasons.

If this plane landed at night and his passengers were tired and maybe got drunk earlier in the day, it is the pilot's COMMON SENSE RESPONSIBILITY to turn that damn engine off and walk his passengers to the door. THEN, he can crank up the engine again and go on to his next destination. Very simple.

Why the heck did he leave the engine (and propeller) on anyway? In order to save a little bit of TIME from having to crank up the engine again? Maybe leaving the engine on saves a few bucks in GASOLINE and a little WEAR AND TEAR ON THE ENGINE? This pilot has got to be nuts.

You DO NOT take shortcuts with safety unless you are flying by yourself ... ever. The passengers are literally putting their lives in his hands. This pilot should definitely lose his pilot's license indefinitely and probably should get sued like crazy.

1004 days ago


This is immoral too Have this audio up for the whole world to hear. Leave the poor woman alone. This was tragic. She's been through enough.

1004 days ago


This is immoral to have this audio on here for the whole world to hear. Leave her alone. Its hard enough on her to recover from this tragedy! Let her recover in peace she doesn't' deserve this.

1004 days ago


Please take this audio off? Show some compassion TMZ!

1003 days ago
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