Mark Wahlberg It Wasn't My Idea to Talk About 9/11 in the First Place

1/20/2012 4:15 AM PST

Mark Wahlberg says he never would have made those "out of line" comments about 9/11 ... if the guy asking the questions wouldn't have blindsided him with the question in the first place.

Wahlberg appeared on Scott and Todd on WPLJ in New York this morning -- once again apologizing for telling Men's Journal he could've stopped the Sept. 11 terrorists from hijacking one of the planes had he been on board.

"I was a little out of line with my wording and I didn't take in to consideration how other people would respond to it or be affected by it."

But Wahlberg noted it was never his intention to bring up 9/11 -- explaining, "I also had a journalist who was asking all the questions and I'm trying to promote a movie … It wasn't like all of a sudden I just decided I was going to get on this soap box and start talking about my opinion of 9/11. I was there to talk about the movie."