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Joe Paterno

In Serious Condition

1/21/2012 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Paterno
Joe Paterno, the legendary former coach at Penn State University, has suffered health complications and is in serious condition ... this according to a rep for the Paterno family. 

The spokesperson released a statement, saying in part, "Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications. His doctors have now characterized his status as serious."

His son Jay tweeted, "I appreciate the support & prayers. Joe is continuing to fight."

Another son, Scott, responded to a report that JoePa had passed, tweeting, "Dad is alive but in serious condition. We continue to ask for your prayers and privacy during this time."

Onward State, a student-run newspaper on campus, reported Saturday he had been taken off his respirator. The Citizens Voice, a newspaper in nearby Wilkes-Barre, PA, reported Paterno's wife Sue summoned close friends and longtime staff members to State College hospital.

Paterno was the coach at Penn State for 46 years, until he was famously fired by the school last November following the sexual abuse allegations against his former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Paterno died Sunday morning, the family announced. He was 85.

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Penn State news reporting barricades placed around the Paterno home at 7pm tonight.

1003 days ago


Thank, Joe Paterno, for the many great victories and the championships you helped win. Thank you for giving, dedication and for what you helped make my university. Thank you for the white socks, black shoes, the cheers, and the memories. Fight on, State!

1003 days ago


While I don't WISH it on him, I have little sympathy. I feel sad he will go into the next life carrying that baggage. He had a hand in the "death" of MANY children (may take years to know how many), the death of their innocence. He could have stopped what happened and brought Sandusky to justice YEARS ago. God be w/you for what baggage you have to take with you.

1003 days ago


I'm glad the truth came out. He'll go down in history (and hell if I believed in it) as someone who cared far more for his legacy than god knows how many children who were being raped right under his nose. Didn't work out so well, did it? Hey Joe Pa, save a hot seat next to you for Sandusky, will ya.

1003 days ago


From coaching in November, to his deathbed in January, that is one fast downturn.

1003 days ago


At this time, this is most likely a good career move for Joe.

1003 days ago


Joe Paterno passed away about 30 minutes ago. A friend of mine is at the PSU basketball game and they announced it.

1003 days ago


The only ones who will really miss Joe Paterno are those who think that it's okay to condone child rape by not going to the police when told that Jerry Sandusky was boning a 10 year old in the shower.

You know, those people who rioted when Paterno was fired, not caring at all about the rape of children.

I won't miss this piece of crap person. F*ck him, and all the others who seem to have no problem with the rape of children.

1003 days ago


I'm really kind of ambivalent about this. On one hand I know everyone will die at some time, I've come close three times myself. And I am really sorry for his family, losing a father or husband is hard. I hope his death is as easy as can be. On the other hand IMO he is a corksoaker for not reporting the gay baby rapist that was his ass't.

1003 days ago


Despite his legal issues, I think his illness is very sad. No one can take away a lifetime of accomplishments in the football world. He is an icon.

1003 days ago


He ended up passing away. http://eye-on-collegefootball.blogs.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/24156338/34497800 RIP JoePa!

1003 days ago


Ridiculous! Joe Paterno reported what he wss told immediately! He didn't witness Sandusky molesting boys. He is just being used as a fall guy because others that were responsible for failure to report no longer worked at Penn State. Penn State fired him to squash the media circus, appease the critics, and keep students coming to Penn State. Joe Paterno NEVER witnessed Sandusky molesting boys. They crucified this man more than they have Sandusky. Joe Paterno was the only person it seems that opened his mouth at the time! The people who saw the "alleged" abuse NEVER said anything and have not been demonized. It is a shame! I hope he pulls through so he can clear his good name. My thoughts and prayers to him and his family!

1003 days ago

A nurse    

You know having watched football and watched my granson play for a famous catholic High school i can honestly tell you do you think he really knew probaly in pasing that red heard guy told him and he was so busy with his team and movies etc for training do you really think he knew i dont i think he was told and he passed it along to the higher ups and they covered it up to protect there immage. No one deserves what happened to them the children and Joe. shame on the assitant coach for not pursuing it!

1003 days ago


will jerry sandusky come to the hospital to say goodbye to joe paterno?

1003 days ago


this man has ad a life long track record of high moral standards and ethics. HE has been accused in the court of public opinion of being a demon with out any actual evidence supporting those claims. Any actual judiciary evidence to date has proved that he is innocent. A trial to even prove any of the allegations are true and accurate has not even taken place. For all of you who are so quick to judgement based on internet speculation and slander that has no basis on fact, you should be ashamed. You are no better than those you ridicule. JoePa for people with sense, morality and an actual brain, you are being prayed for. You are honored, loved, and admired, from all time regardless of baseless allegations, you are and always will be a legend.

1003 days ago
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