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Joe Paterno

Westboro Baptist Church

to Picket His Funeral

1/22/2012 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe PaternoMargie Phelps, daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps, announced on Twitter today the Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing the funeral of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

Paterno passed away earlier today from lung cancer. He was 85.

Last October, Westboro announced they would picket the funeral of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. They also picketed the funeral of Michael Jackson.

The church is known for their extreme views against homosexuality. Based on other tweets (see below), Paterno's involvement in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal is what drew their attention.

MargiePhelps tweet: Penn State Penn Rape rings in Joe Paterno's ears in hell. He partook of sin for fame & fortune. Worth NOTHING to him now.

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No Avatar


Why are you giving them any publicity?

1012 days ago


Can not wait to read the caption "Mass crowd expected to picket Pastor Fred Phelps"

1012 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Is'nt it the case not to judge the dead after they die; some beliefs are they are judged when they pass and it is wrong and some say superstitious; let the dead go and let their judgement be with their makers, no man on earth can judge the ones that have passed!

1012 days ago


I am waiting for the day I see these losers. I will knock them out, and proudly do my time. They tried to pull this bull**** here in rochester and they passed a law fast to keep them I believe 1000ft or more away from the procession. One day losers its gonna be me and you, girl or guy will pay for disrespecting the dead

1012 days ago


The members of this church are Satans spawn...

1012 days ago


The reason these hateful morons do any of this is for the publicity and to get a rise out of everyone...like they are now. I can tell you who really doesn't care if they're there protesting and its Joe paterno because he's dead. All those west Baptist protesters are nothing more than ignorant attention whores.

1012 days ago

mom in midwest    

I hope they get their asses kicked if they show up. I hope the counter protesters outnumber them 10-1 so that no one ever has to see them. I wish the media (TMZ included) would stop calling them a church group and call them what they are, a hate group. Margie, karma is coming for you.

1012 days ago


How disrepectful! And this is a "church"? Aren't almost all churches and religions about forgiveness? I do believe JoePa could have done alot more about Sandusky,he does not deserve to have his funeral challenged.

1012 days ago


Westboro, you have met your match this time. You do not understand how revered JoePa is in State College. That is one funeral you will regret going to if you show up....

1012 days ago

greg gwinn    

you westboro people are classless morons..paterno had nothing to do with the rapes and he was never arrested because he did what he was supposed to do in reporting them..you are just anti-penn state and now have an excuse to pounce..rest assured with a mentality such as yours if paterno DOES go to hell, you will be joining him there.

1012 days ago

Melissa Wolff    

I am Pentecostal...and we don't even do that type of stuff. I think they take things to far. I mean I am against homosexuailty life style, but I would never picket someone's funeral or go as far as they are. Nor, would I make someone feel hated because of their life style...the Bible teaches to love everyone. They have their doctorine all wrong!

1012 days ago


If you look into FACTS the man just heard things he never SAW them happen and guess what? HE REPORTED IT!!!Of course to the wrong people it should have been the POLICE but we have to take into consideration that this was a 80+ years old man for God sake probably to "old school" for his own good and handled the whole thing badly being fired and the stain on his name is punishment enough in my book HE DIED !!!Leave it alone his family doesn't deserve this ...the "church" is disgusting just as they are painting him to be they are attention seekers and NOT Christians by any means.

1012 days ago

carol wagner    

The so called church are nothing but a bunch of nuts,

1012 days ago


I hope this man rots...rots and rots over and over again. How dare he cover up for the awful things done to these kids??? As a nurse....I hope he SUFFERED...ALOT....he didnt deserve a calm and easy death. I pray he struggled...he deserves this much. What is wrong with you folks that see otherwise???????It pains me. As a nurse...this hapens ALOT. Cmon...stand up for THESE kisd!!

1012 days ago


This MAN is a disgrace...he is the epitome of the worst kind. He harbored and protected pedophiles...i hope he had a horrible death....one where he grasped for the the last breathe. Im a nurse and I've seen good people die...horribly. I hope he died this WAY!!! He is and was a piece of ****!!!

1012 days ago
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