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Joe Paterno

Westboro Baptist Church

to Picket His Funeral

1/22/2012 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe PaternoMargie Phelps, daughter of Pastor Fred Phelps, announced on Twitter today the Westboro Baptist Church would be picketing the funeral of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

Paterno passed away earlier today from lung cancer. He was 85.

Last October, Westboro announced they would picket the funeral of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. They also picketed the funeral of Michael Jackson.

The church is known for their extreme views against homosexuality. Based on other tweets (see below), Paterno's involvement in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal is what drew their attention.

MargiePhelps tweet: Penn State Penn Rape rings in Joe Paterno's ears in hell. He partook of sin for fame & fortune. Worth NOTHING to him now.

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JoePa Fan    

They had better do their protesting behind a wall of police, those PSU students emotions are raw right now and I would strongly suggest not aggravating them. Let the family, friends and students mourn in peace.

1003 days ago

R Jackson     

This church seems to be going against a direct order from Christ

Matthew 7:1 >>

New International Version (©1984)
"Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

1003 days ago


What pieces of Crap the people at Westboro Baptist Church are. There all going to He**!

1003 days ago


im a student at Psu alot of friends on the foot ball team. If these people come to the funeral and do this i guarantee its going to end bad for them like really bad.

1003 days ago


You Westboro people should be ashamed of yourselves. God is the only one who should be judging anyone, not you!

1003 days ago


Why WBC is allowed to call themselves a church is beyond me. A "church" does not behave is this manner! They are a CULT! This has to be the biggest group of uneducated, racists pigs that exists! To hide behind a church is blasphemy! One day your judgement is coming!

1003 days ago


Westboro Baptist Church is an embarrassment to humanity. A perfect example of what NOT to do. What horrible, sick people. I feel terribly sorry for them, being indoctrinated into a terrible mental illness of hate and discrimination. I hope one day their children and grandchildren can escape their nasty way of life and thinking so they can lead happy lives.

1003 days ago


That is not a church, that is a cult. They might not have killed anyone but they might just become the next manson family. No ones funeral should be picketed.

1003 days ago


You are a church full of ignorace if you go through with this, you are the lowest of low ever. WE ARE PENN STATE!!!!!! You all can rot in hell for your protests!!!!

1003 days ago


Westboro Baptist Church. What a joke. You are a disgrace to the Baptist church. You are doing Satan's work. Perhaps it is YOU who need to look inside themselves and repent. I hope that when your children die people come and protest the way they lived their lives. You make me sick, followers of Satan.

1003 days ago


Bring it on Westboro Baptist cult. We don't want you in State College, but we will not hide from you. You will hear the chant "WE ARE PENN STATE" ringing over any hate you may bring with you. State College, the town that Joe built. Beaver Stadium, where Joe Pa became the winning football coach. Happy Valley, home of the Nittany Lions.
All you will hear is "WE ARE PENN STATE". Wearing my blue and white today in honor of you Joe. Penn State proud!

1003 days ago


Westboro Baptist Church are all DEMOCRATS too. Look it up!

1003 days ago


Sorry having a bit of cognitive dissonance.

1003 days ago


someone please video tape the people who beat the hell out of the "church" people, that would be fun to watch

1003 days ago


The church rapes more kids than sandusky ever did... Hypocritical?

1003 days ago
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