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Steven Tyler's National Anthem

Did It Suck?

1/22/2012 1:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" judge Steven Tyler is finding himself on the other end of the criticism this afternoon ... he's being mercilessly attacked for his rendition of the National Anthem today. 

Tyler, in a glittery New England Patriots scarf, sung "The Star Spangled Banner" before today's Raven/Patriots AFC Championship game. 

Popular sports site Bleacher Report posted the video under the headline, "Watch Steven Tyler Butcher the National Anthem." Jason Whitlock, columnist for FOXsports.com, tweeted, "Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson's t*tty."

To us, he sounded exactly like you'd expect Steven Tyler to. But we ask you ...

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He sounded fine, like he usually does. What's unforgivable is he flubbed the lyrics. Hey Steven, you're a pro so spend 2 friggin' hrs memorizing a song you should have had memorized since you were a kid. It shouldn't be all that difficult to remember a few lines since you do it for a living.

What's also unforgivable is the way you are slowing morphing into the look of a 65 year old lesbian. Cut your hair - you are starting to remind me of Michael Bolton and Kenny G. And if I may throw in another style tip, lose the white runners. They look ridiculous with the rest of your black rock star duds. Sheesh, fire your stylist already.

1002 days ago


Steven Tyler...you ROCK. I thought it was awesome. Sung just the way you would expect Steven Tyler to sing it. Everyone who sings this song sings it differently. You ask a rocker to sing it...then that is what you are going to get. Can't understand all the fuss. Why does there have to be so many haters?

1002 days ago

Michael F W    

The point is that he was woefully flat the whole way through. Whether it suits his voice is irrelevant. The man cannot sing!

1002 days ago


worst ever my dad listend to it on the radio WORST WASTE OF MY TIME EVER!

1002 days ago


I see a lot of (who are most likely the same person under a different monicker)praising Tyler.
Most likely middle aged and up woman who got hot and bothered old monkey boy in their younger days. lol

Eh, truth gotta stand his whole schtick has always been being the poor man's Mick Jaggar who could scream (in younger days).
These days not so much and not so good.

Nothing against age, take Ronnie James Dio (RIP) who was older than Tyler,and who could actually "sing"!

1002 days ago

Trust Me    

"Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away"
"Dream On", Steven Tyler...because obviously you CAN'T sing acapella.

1002 days ago


I would like to add one more thing...
Being he's a musical "judge" (albeit on a lame ass show)he should possess actual talent i.e. technical ability as a "singer".
Whether it be rock,soul etc.
He's a screamer who bought into the whole "oh I'm a "rock star" mentality which nearly cost him his life and much of his earnings hence his doing American Crapola in the first place. lol

Aerosmith on a double bill with ZZ Top a summer or two ago couldn't even sell out a mid sized major NJ venue not far from me = the show was cancelled.
Bad economy helped I'm sure but still TWO once major acts = no sales...

1002 days ago

Trust Me    

"Steven Tyler's National Anthem -- Did It Suck?"

Yes...it did suck! But what do expect from an American Rocker who never sings...Acapella?

1002 days ago


Sounded like Steven Tyler, Quit your beatchin. It's Steven Tyler not Josh Groban or Mike Buble.

1002 days ago


Hellloooo..HE'S A ROCK SINGER!!! Steven Tyler is not an opera singer for goodness sakes people. Appreicate rock singers, pop singers, jazz singers etc. They all have their own music/own tune and I appreciate an awesome rendition in vairous ways. Lighten up poeple and open your misically challenged minds!

1002 days ago


WHY? IS this such a surprise to everyone?! Anyone who knows Steven Tyler's music, knows how he ends his high notes and EXPECTS IT! I Thought that he did a Subperb job!

1001 days ago


Yeah it did suck

1001 days ago

laura simmons    

Its Steven Tyler....His voice has always sucked, but its Iconic.....He did as well as his voice could handle. Leave the guy alone. He is great.

1001 days ago


idk why all of yall are criticizing steven tyler, he rocks for a man being in his 60s, none of yall couldnt even ****ing sing the anthem in the first place.. so theres no reason for yall to talk crap about the old man.. go find something better to do with your life than being on the internet finding something else to gossip about.

1001 days ago


I didn't hear the entire song, so it's hard to form a true opinion. However, the part I heard wasn't all that good, but he wasn't all that bad either. This is not saying much, but, he did better than Roseanne. LOL

1001 days ago
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