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Baltimore Ravens' Kicker

Distracted Before Botched

Field Goal Attempt

1/23/2012 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

a sad Billy Cundiff
Billy Cundiff -- the Baltimore Ravens' kicker who botched the kick that could have kept the team's Super Bowl dream alive -- was distracted before his field goal attempt ... to the point that coaches were yelling at him.

Two players on the team have spoken with TMZ -- one of whom says he witnessed the confrontation and another who did not witness it but says it is being widely discussed among Ravens players.

Our sources say ... immediately before Cundiff attempted the game-tying FG, he was doing what he was supposed to do -- practicing kicking on the sidelines.  But as the Ravens marched down the field, Cundiff was unaware that his time to kick was looming.

It's S.O.P. for kickers to walk toward the field when the time approaches for them to kick -- ready to run into the game.

According to our sources, coaches repeatedly called for Cundiff -- at least 6 times -- to no avail -- he wasn't responding.  We're told the coaches became "furious" because Cundiff wasn't ready to go. 

Our sources say players and coaches are saying Cundiff was distracted ... not paying attention and not ready to immediately execute a kick.

As for how the team reacted to the botched attempt, we're told players were gracious.  As one player put it, "We didn't give him a hard time because he looked like he was ready to kill himself."

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Tookie Topbox    


1003 days ago



1003 days ago


You know what, everyone can say what they want, but the Ravens did what most teams didn't do this season and they were one game away from being in the Super Bowl. There were only 4 teams that can say they got this close and for every Raven player you all should be so proud of yourselves. Anyone on the team could have missed the ball, but like John Harbaugh said you win as a team and you lose as a team. That is what makes the Ravens great.

1003 days ago


Here is the difference between the "men" and the "boys." The men say the Ravebs loss was a major loss to team revenue and the boys will say that it was just a game. It is the truth. The game has become about money and not about having fun. Maybe if we did not pay million dollar contracts to football players the players would just have fun instead of focusing on the almighty dollar. That is why I will never have my kids in a sport that is all about money. They should have fun. Enough said!

1003 days ago


You're a kicker and your only job is to kick. There is no excuse for not being ready when that's your only job. He choked and we all saw it.

1003 days ago


Amazes me how kickers, whose only job is to KICK, get paid millions of dollars, aren't subject to learning plays or anything else other than to KICK a ball threw some uprights and still flop time after time under pressure. I can miss a 25 yard field goal any day.

1003 days ago


We should still have a parade in baltimore and have Billy kick it off. Go Ravens!!!

1003 days ago


UUUHHHHH what about the idiot receiver who DROPPED the ball in the end zone!!!! I feel bad for the kicker, I mean he did miss, but the receiver owes him BIG time, otherwise everyone would be talking about him and not the kicker

1003 days ago


I always feel sorry for all the negative attention on a player like this. The entire game doesn't hinge on just one play, or player, or kick, or whatever. It is made up of many players and many plays and many different facets. Maybe the Ravens can ask themselves how they allowed it to come down to this with such a close score. If they were all really kicking ass through the whole game, they would have been far enough ahead so that a field goal at the last minute didn't matter. Every player has to answer. That's the logic.

1003 days ago


As many previously stated, the coaches could've called a timeout. But regardless of the missed goal, NEPatriot Sterling Moore's perfect defense against the Ravens' Lee Evans and Dennis Pitta prevented touchdowns. If anyone should feel guilt, though no one should, it should be one of those guys. A field goal is attempted when the offense fails to get into the end zone. It's a last ditch effort to gain 3 points.

1003 days ago


hey mr potter... espn blows too

1003 days ago

al baby    

He is no Ray Finkle

1003 days ago


It's the coaches fault!!! They had 1 time-out left and sent the kicker onto the field with 15 seconds on the play clock. Everything had to be hurried. What where they saving the time-out for.....ebay???

1003 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

The Ravens lost because the Patriots and Tom Brady are a superior team ~ plain and simple. The Ravens can eat crow. GO PATS!

1003 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

It's funny how Ravens fans insist that Brady didn't play well, yet WHOSE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL??? Such ridiculous sour grapes. BRADY IS THE BEST QB OF OUR TIME.

1003 days ago
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