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Baltimore Ravens' Kicker

Distracted Before Botched

Field Goal Attempt

1/23/2012 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

a sad Billy Cundiff
Billy Cundiff -- the Baltimore Ravens' kicker who botched the kick that could have kept the team's Super Bowl dream alive -- was distracted before his field goal attempt ... to the point that coaches were yelling at him.

Two players on the team have spoken with TMZ -- one of whom says he witnessed the confrontation and another who did not witness it but says it is being widely discussed among Ravens players.

Our sources say ... immediately before Cundiff attempted the game-tying FG, he was doing what he was supposed to do -- practicing kicking on the sidelines.  But as the Ravens marched down the field, Cundiff was unaware that his time to kick was looming.

It's S.O.P. for kickers to walk toward the field when the time approaches for them to kick -- ready to run into the game.

According to our sources, coaches repeatedly called for Cundiff -- at least 6 times -- to no avail -- he wasn't responding.  We're told the coaches became "furious" because Cundiff wasn't ready to go. 

Our sources say players and coaches are saying Cundiff was distracted ... not paying attention and not ready to immediately execute a kick.

As for how the team reacted to the botched attempt, we're told players were gracious.  As one player put it, "We didn't give him a hard time because he looked like he was ready to kill himself."

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What everyone should be asking is why was the kick rushed. I'm sure, more than anything else, rushing the kick was the reason for the missed short field goal. Put the blame on the head coach. It's obvious they have no faith in this kicker. When they had a chance to tie the game earlier in the 4th quarter with the ball on the 49ers 33, they went for it on 4th down. Didn't you all see Harbaugh grab the coach and change the call. It would have been a 51 yard field goal. The kicker was 1 for 6 of 50+ this season. "BUT" with their solid defense, trying to tie the game at this point in the 4th quarter was worth a shot. Instead, they waited when it was too late in the game to have a chance to get the ball back after the miss. Harbaugh should have had more faith in his defense to stop the 49ers. This was the worst coaching decision of the game. When you have a stalwart defense, you put the game in their hands. Instead, Harbaugh put the game in the hands of the offense and finally in the hands of the kicker. It likely cost the Ravens at least a tie in regulation. And again, there was no need to rush a game tying kick.

1006 days ago


He was thinking about whether he could live with the guilt of taking however much money he was offered to throw the game or not. Hope it was worth it.

1006 days ago


Blah blah blah Get over it take a lose like a man not like a girl ha you ****-in missed the kick you and the 49ers are some crying ass bitches

1006 days ago


sound like the ace ventura plot.... "The laces were in: hahahahah

1006 days ago

Mahesh Kumar    

Good Noon

1006 days ago

Mahesh Kumar    


1006 days ago

Mahesh Kumar    


1006 days ago


Hey buddy tmz

1006 days ago


Hey buddy 1

1006 days ago


For God's sake man put your shirt on! The poor guy got hit by every branch on the ugly tree, but they do have gyms for senior citizens now. How would you like to wake up next to that everyday? It would take a fantastic amount of $$

1006 days ago



1006 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Bottom Line He CHOKED!

1006 days ago


He wan't distracted. Per Slate, com, the scoreboard in New England's stadium (Baltimore was visiting) was wrong, and one down behind...Cundiff thought it was 3rd down, not 4th. http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/sports_nut/features/2011/nfl_2011/conference_championships/billy_cundiff_the_ravens_kicker_rushed_his_kick_because_of_an_error_on_the_gillette_stadium_scoreboard_.html

1005 days ago


This makes no sense. After they tried calling him over a few times and he didn't respond they didn't send someone over to walk him to the sidelines? Or did they just tell him to eff off? Either he was being a complete **** and they should just fire his ass or the coaches didn't do their jobs in making damn sure someone got him where he needed to be. The story how you have it doesn't make sense.

1005 days ago


I am a true die hard Baltimore Ravens fan...and I have to say...Cundiff...get a life...You STINK!!! You get paid how much to KICK A BALL!!! That is it...KICK A BALL!!! A 32 yard attempt I may add...a kick my 13 lb dog could have made for free. And to blame it on a score board flaw??? You are a sorry excuse for a man...and while your teammates have been gracious...I my friend hope you are fired!!! Banned from the league...I do know a powder puff team that might take you.

1005 days ago
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