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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

Investigated for


1/23/2012 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery  -- over an incident involving his and Halle's child ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Gabriel allegedly pushed his nanny into a door while she held his daughter Nahla in her arms.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel was supposed to take 3-year-old Nahla to school Wednesday but decided to keep her home instead. The nanny -- who worked for both Gabriel and Halle -- went to the school to pick Nahla up and was told the child was a no-show. 

According to the report, the nanny then went to Gabriel's home, where she found Nahla. The nanny picked Nahla up and began to question Gabriel as to why he didn't take the child to school.

According to the report, that's when Gabriel allegedly flew into a rage -- claiming, "You're the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f**king know anything." The 6-foot-4 Gabriel then allegedly pushed the 5-foot-2 nanny out the door, Nahla in her arms.

The nanny filed a police report, claiming she was injured. Law enforcement sources tell us ... police are investigating Gabriel for both misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

The report lists the investigation as a battery, but law enforcement sources tell us they are "definitely investigating child endangerment."

In addition, we're told child protective services has launched a parallel child endangerment investigation.

Halle's going to court tomorrow, we believe, to secure legal protection for Nahla.

Halle's reps have no comment. So far, no word back from Gabriel's people.



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I don't believe this for a minute... Halle Berry is just a spiteful B**TH...

1005 days ago


so now Halle's nanny comes forward with this accusation
wonder how much of a bonus she gets for that- on top of her wages and trips all over the world with Halle
to me Halle is like the boy who cried wolf
she's been whining and trying to get her Nahla's father out of her life for so long that if she ever does come forward with an allegation that is true- people will discount her as continuing her vindictive selfish spiteful campaign
I do not believe the accusations against Gabriel
I do believe that if Halle has another child with her current beau that he will end up going through the same harrassment over custody/visitation as Gabriel is going through
If he is smart he will avoid having children with her-seeing what he sees- unless he's so naive as to think that he'd be the exception to her talking trash/ranting about her exes
really feel bad for Nahla-
years ago there was a book and movie
Poor Little Rich Girl
about Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper's mother)when she was a child
by the time that Halle is done destroying gabriel and cutting him out of Nahla's life- the same title could be used for a book on her life
for someone so beautiful on the outside, Halle is ugly on the inside
she appears to care less if she is causing permanent damage to her daughter and
destroying a man just because he is a devoted father and refuses to be cut out of his child's life
what a selfish agenda she has
if she continues this way I really hope that once Nahla is grown up that she figures it all out for herself cuts her mother out of her life permanently .. wouldn't be the first time that a child has done that
and Halle would deserve it!
.....and I am a mother who generally sides with the mother...but I am not blind as to what is happening in this case

1005 days ago


Oh for crying out loud! What will Halle do to keep this child all to herself? If he did shove the nanny (not saying he did) how does that make him a danger to his child? Maybe the little girl wasn't feeling well or maybe her daddy just wanted her home for that day! It's pre school NOT elementary school. Give the guy a break. You know some men would run from their child care obligations, this guy isn't.

1005 days ago

Dan Dinello    

Celebs who think they 're 'somebody' and others are nobody are arrogant twits.
Their **** stinks too... in 3 D......

1005 days ago


First off Halle already knew where Nahla was and the nanny did too. Nanny went to school as a backup to the story they were cooking up. This was a well thought out plan to get all custody taken away from Gabe. Does he have security camera's showing him throwing her out the door? Anyone can make bruises on their own arms. Heck, Halle probably bruised her herself for affect. Women know just how devious some women can get, and this is one devious bitch. Actions speak louder than words Halle, and we are watching both sides from the outside looking in. Halle is to close to the situation to see what we see about her, and it ain't pretty.

1005 days ago


There's no proof to this but from the nanny who works for Halle whom she probably paid off to say horrible things about Gabriel. This story sounds ridiculous and we all know Halle will do whatever she can so this child won't see her father. I'll believe him first over these two women!!

1005 days ago


I agree, they are blowing this all out of proportion, she is his child too. Who are you to question the father.

1005 days ago


He should give that child to Halle, provide a little money and tell her to call him when the kid wants to know her father. Go get another child, maybe a couple.

1005 days ago


Its to my understanding the nanny also play as unofficial mediator, because Gabriel and Halle dont get along too well. Which brings me to believe the nanny may have came to pick up Nahla perhaps being upset that she was not in school. Im not understanding the I hate Halle campaign. I wonder how any parent would feel hearing thier child was in someones arms while that person was pushed. I would not know who to believe, but I would protect my child at all cost.

1005 days ago


I dont buy it, I smell a setup, I am with Gabriel, why would an employee question his employer about something that is honestly not her business. I feel safe to say we have all kept my kids home from school at some point in their lives, simply because we wanted too. Is that a crime now? This smell fishy, the Nanny question the father of the child? wow Halle your beginning to smell fou. Even Ray Charles can see this is something you and that nanny set up to discredit the child's father. Nothing good will come of this as you see your career is going down hill fast, evil never prevails. You will reap what you sow, so play nice. Now that nanny gets a big settlement and you have protective service checking on a father and daughter that truly should have never had to go through this. If daddy is a good father to his little girl she will grow to hate the parent who is trying to destroy that relationship.

1005 days ago


True, it wasn't the nanny's business to question him, but having money doesn't mean you get to push people around (literally). What if she would have dropped the child?

1005 days ago


I completely 100% believe that Halle and the nanny are trumping up charges in some sick, twisted plot to get back at Gabriel for whatever it is that caused them to break up.

1.) If he is a danger to Nahla, where is proof of other incidents? 2.)Halle, WERE YOU THERE? DID NAHLA TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED?

Someone needs to tell Halle that cutting her child's father out of her life isn't the proper way to get comeuppance

1005 days ago


Halle Berry just a drama queen.....she's never ever going to be happy with a man...that bitch cxomplain and cry to much... I think she have some issues with her life

1005 days ago


shes been dying to take sole custody ever since they went separate ways so everything he says or does is going to be a reason for court.
and the nanny was just doing her job. if she was ruffed up she should sue him.

1005 days ago


First, let me just say the nanny (spy) was wrong on so many levels. She had no right questioning her Employer, I can only imagine her attitude towards him. She should have stayed in her place. Second, I think the nanny is blowing what happen all out of place. What Halle B. is doing will backfire on her in the try and take a child esp. a girl from their father is so wrong on so many level. So many men don't even care for their children, here you have a man who find pleasure in being with his baby girl..I have to admit myself it has been days were I have kept my child home just because I wanted to spend sometime with them..smdh to all this mess.

1005 days ago
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