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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

Investigated for


1/23/2012 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery  -- over an incident involving his and Halle's child ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Gabriel allegedly pushed his nanny into a door while she held his daughter Nahla in her arms.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel was supposed to take 3-year-old Nahla to school Wednesday but decided to keep her home instead. The nanny -- who worked for both Gabriel and Halle -- went to the school to pick Nahla up and was told the child was a no-show. 

According to the report, the nanny then went to Gabriel's home, where she found Nahla. The nanny picked Nahla up and began to question Gabriel as to why he didn't take the child to school.

According to the report, that's when Gabriel allegedly flew into a rage -- claiming, "You're the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f**king know anything." The 6-foot-4 Gabriel then allegedly pushed the 5-foot-2 nanny out the door, Nahla in her arms.

The nanny filed a police report, claiming she was injured. Law enforcement sources tell us ... police are investigating Gabriel for both misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

The report lists the investigation as a battery, but law enforcement sources tell us they are "definitely investigating child endangerment."

In addition, we're told child protective services has launched a parallel child endangerment investigation.

Halle's going to court tomorrow, we believe, to secure legal protection for Nahla.

Halle's reps have no comment. So far, no word back from Gabriel's people.



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This seems like a set up to me. Halle and Gabriel had a visitation all worked out, then she decided to take the baby to Europe. When he said no she said he was an unfit father...that seems to be her MO. I think it is made up to get the baby away from daddy.

914 days ago


I don't see the endangerment. Kids get rashes. I am certain that he cursed when he was around Halle. She missed preschool most likely. The nanny shouldn't question or challege the authority of the parent(her employer). It truly isn't her place. He probably. Maybe Halle doesn't want him in the childs life anymor already fired her and wass showing he the door. All I read was alot of emotions It not a good reason to keep the child from the parent

914 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Why would a pretty woman choose a tramp like this? What did he do, put some kind of a date-rape pill in her drink or something?

914 days ago


This is all wrong! A father doesn't need a nanny hired by his ex spying on his every move with his own daughter. Agreeing to that in court only shows how desperate he was to be with his daughter. Keeping her from daycare was probably the only way he could have alone time with his daughter and Berry should get used to the idea that Nahla has a loving father that wants to be present in her child's life. Good for Nahla! Hope the judge can see that the problem here is not the father, but the crappy visitation arrangement he ordered.

914 days ago


I don't see why Halle and Gabriel can't sort things out for the sake of my little sister.those were one of my beloved couples and i still wish they could make smth about it

913 days ago


He is the little girl's father. If she goes to school or not is not of the nanny's business. She should have just pick the girl up and left. Seems to me the nanny was in the wrong....

913 days ago


SO obviously a setup by Halle - she just wants total custody now that she is getting married; sounds like they have been tormenting the father! Why should HE have to call a NANNY, and WHY is Halle using a nanny so much if she is SUCH a devoted mother? Also, 3 year olds do NOT have to attend school. Very disgusted and disappointed in Halle - when this third marriage hits the rocks, the little girl will need her REAL father.

913 days ago


Halle is just not mentally stable. She does the silliest things to stay in the public eye. I believe it is a set up. She acts like this everytime a Man rejects her. Unfortuately there is a baby involved. One SHE wanted in the first place. I am done with her as a fan. Will not see any more of her movies

913 days ago


She's crazy and now it looks like her baby daddy is a good match!!!

913 days ago


Ever notice how all the exes in Halle's life are violent and abusive. When she is with them, they are the love of her life like her current lover, Olivier. But once he's gone, she'll be saying bad things about him. Halle is dangerous and thinks every man except the one she's with is like her abusive father. And even that story is strange because her own sister came out and said that the dad was not abusive like Halle is always saying and telling the world. Anyhow, she'll drive Aubry insane enough with her accusations and she just wants him completely out of Nahla's life, that's a fact.

913 days ago

mr.howard stone    

miss berry..(never too much) batmite protection agency at your service!!!

912 days ago


Halle is beautiful, Gabriel is beautiful, the baby is beautiful. So, whatever happened between them needs to be faced by two adult human beings with strong maturity so that in the near future, we do not have another child suffering with bipolar symptoms, along with hyperactive syndrome symptoms ultimately giving school teachers a lot of problems. Children need peaceful childhoods and not a lot of havoc in their life. So, the two of them need to find real love between them which encompasses true forgiveness.

912 days ago


good stuff!

865 days ago


This guy has a temper and always resorts to violence. Remember when Halle's man whooped his ass? I bet the only thing the Nanny asked was why wasn't she at school. Simple question. As a Nanny it's her job to know if the child is sick. I bet if you really check up on his past you'll find all sorts of ppl he's attacked but they just haven't reported it.

288 days ago
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