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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy

Investigated for


1/23/2012 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is being investigated for criminal child endangerment and battery  -- over an incident involving his and Halle's child ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Gabriel allegedly pushed his nanny into a door while she held his daughter Nahla in her arms.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel was supposed to take 3-year-old Nahla to school Wednesday but decided to keep her home instead. The nanny -- who worked for both Gabriel and Halle -- went to the school to pick Nahla up and was told the child was a no-show. 

According to the report, the nanny then went to Gabriel's home, where she found Nahla. The nanny picked Nahla up and began to question Gabriel as to why he didn't take the child to school.

According to the report, that's when Gabriel allegedly flew into a rage -- claiming, "You're the f**king nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f**king know anything." The 6-foot-4 Gabriel then allegedly pushed the 5-foot-2 nanny out the door, Nahla in her arms.

The nanny filed a police report, claiming she was injured. Law enforcement sources tell us ... police are investigating Gabriel for both misdemeanor child endangerment and misdemeanor battery.

The report lists the investigation as a battery, but law enforcement sources tell us they are "definitely investigating child endangerment."

In addition, we're told child protective services has launched a parallel child endangerment investigation.

Halle's going to court tomorrow, we believe, to secure legal protection for Nahla.

Halle's reps have no comment. So far, no word back from Gabriel's people.



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He likely hates the nanny and having her around.

Sucks for him. He'll lose custody now for sure.

943 days ago


This is exactly why he didn't want to keep this nanny!!! I don't believe it for a minute!

943 days ago


This stinks of a Halle set up and makes me wonder just how much of a star f**ker is the nanny. No nanny that ever knew of would have the huevos to question why a parent kept their own child home.

943 days ago


This story sounds completely made up. What nanny in their right mind is going to question two millionaire parents about their kid not going to school (at least Halle has big bucks, don't know about Gabriel) Their job is plain and simple--entertain the brat and get paid.

943 days ago


lorjon: about a minute ago
Please, are we supposed to believe the version of the nanny? She's on Halle's payroll.

I doubt seriously, if this woman would risk her employment, good reputation and being prosecuted for filing a "FALSE" police report. I hope at least "ONE" of Gabriel Aubry's neighbors heard him ranting and raving at the nanny. This would help support her version of the events that transpired. Perhaps a surveillance camera photographed him pushing the nanny out the door. Believe me, the police are going to do a very thorough investigation. Deportation may become a "REALITY" for Gabriel Aubry in 2012.

943 days ago


She's 3 YEARS OLD -- the father can keep his own child home from "school" at that age. WTF? This sounds like Halle and the nanny have orchestrated harassment of him to me. Really, it does.

943 days ago


Poor Nahla, she is the one who is suffering. Both parents need to get it together.

943 days ago


What the hell was the nanny doing on his property anyway? Can anyone just trespass onto his property when he has his daughter rightfully in his custody? I think this sounds totally f*cked up.

943 days ago


He probably wondered why the Nanny was in his house and holding his kid. He's supposed to answer to the Nanny? On the other hand, an awful lot of men are killing women...although judges could stop it if they wanted to. (They don't) See the Predictive Policing section of Or the Restraining order part. The solutions exist. Judges refusing to use them are getting people killed.

943 days ago


To all you racist haters stop speculating. You don't know these people. Halle is the mom if the child was sick he should have informed her so the nanny didn't waste her time. He is a LOSER and his modeling career is about done cause he too old.HA HA Haters

943 days ago


@Myopiniononly, Olivier is too good for Halle? Is that a joke? Olivier CHEATED and Dumped his girlfriend while she was undergoing cancer treatment. He's a douche!

943 days ago


I agree with everything except the pushing of the nanny. Also, never argue in front of the kids. He should have politely told her, "Let's go talk in the other room." and then sent her @ s s packing. Also, to the person that said the nanny had the right to know the child wasn't in school - I say maybe. I mean, she got paid to go there, right? She's getting her money for working so it doesn't matter if the child was there or not, although, he could have let her know in advance. It's not the nannies place to tell him how to raise his kid, she's the hired help. It seems like he went over the edge because he's always being pushed by the Berry camp. I'd bet my last dollar that the nanny's entire salary is paid by Halle.

943 days ago


OK so not advocating what he did IF he did in fact do this? I am suspect though about this story since Halle Berry seems to have made up things about this man in the past, and she is paying this Nanny. But Honestly Who does this nanny think she is to question this man about why he kept his child home from daycare/school???? He is the father! She is an employee! Yeah I would have been pissed. Would I have pushed her? No, especially if the child was in her arms. But I see a man pushed to the breaking point by a much older and wealthier woman who is using her fame to get her way in this custody case

943 days ago


I confused here--didn't a judge order Gabe to have supervised visitation which agreed to and then later wanted changed when Nahla slept over? Is Halle too busy pimping her fake engagement/failed damage control and caught up in the recent news that her movie with the fake bf will be released to video-on-demand and theaters in March? Oh TMZ please enlighten moi?

943 days ago


MyOpinionOnly: 5 minutes ago
The nanny is NOT THE PARENT and therefore has NO RIGHT to demand answers! Obviously you don't have kids or you would know this. The only arrogant person in this story is Halle. Nannies have NO RIGHTS over the kids....dumb azzzzz....

I guess your "DUMB AZZ" is the one who "HIRES AND PAYS" Nahla's nannies??? Whoever "hires and pays" employees determines their job duties and sets the PARAMETERS OF THEIR "AUTHORITY". It sounds like the nanny was simply doing her job because Halle Berry would certainly question "HER" regarding the explanation Gabriel Aubry gave her for Nahla's "UNSCHEDULED" absence from school. Professional nannies are suppose to be "proactive" regarding their charges and an "UNSCHEDULED" absence from school would raise a "RED FLAG" with "ANY" responsible a adult. Nahla's nanny is a "responsible" employee -- NOT A SLAVE!!!

943 days ago
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