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Lindsay Lohan

New Year, New Assistant

1/23/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan gets a new assistantLindsay Lohan is all about fresh starts in 2012 -- not only is she close to wiping the slate clean with her legal troubles, she's got herself a new assistant ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she recently, and amicably, parted ways with her long suffering assistant Eleonore. We're told Eleonore couldn't keep up with Lindsay's hectic life.

Lindsay's new assistant -- a brave soul named Alexandra ... made her public debut at LiLo's probation hearing last week (above). We're told, at this point, she feels confident she can keep up with Linds.

Godspeed, Alexandra.


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AGENT smith    

Lindsay knows the jewelry store owner I believe. If I'm correct he took her to a Laker game where she was photographed wearing a 25K necklace that he gave her as a gift.

1012 days ago


Anyone notice the police officer that is laughing at her behind her back. LOL

1012 days ago


Linds really did get a new assistant.
Ladies, gentleman, and Rouge Wearer, I introduce to you:


1012 days ago


I think poor Eleanor FINALLY had enough. She quit once already, remember? The economy sucked then, (as it does now), so she went back to Blohan. I'm HOPING E just got another job. Probably was looking for one the moment she went back to Blohan. *fingers crossed*

1012 days ago


Thought I would just repeat this is seems appropiate sense reading the post that have followed this in the past couple of hours....
Leat in to Lohan Inc you never let me down !!!

Time for Lohan Inc to call in the Pit bulls we asking to many qestions...time to devert and deflect and start attacking...Who will be the first victem....HMMMMMMMMmmmm
Wait for the second shift or not that is the question..lOL

I Love Gossip seems like you have been picked at the designated victem this go round......
But I Know Worry ILG is a big girl and knows how to swing a bat....SO.....Batter UP Sweetie hit us a home run !!!!!

1012 days ago


"Sources close to the Chateau Marmont Hotel have confirmed that The Estate Of Elizabeth Taylor has rented their most expensive (therefore best) penthouse suites and are holding some kind of conference. In addition to every major news agency - plus a couple of goons from TMZ - there are hundreds of cameras there to cover this monumental event at the the once-respected Los Angeles vacation mecca. It is also said to be absolutely swarming with private-practice civil attorneys, quivering and drooling.

"I'm not supposed to know anything, but there's something big going on here.... I just know it", confided a guest, identified under the pseudonym "LNor". She continued "I've never seen so many lawyers in one place, and you'd think I would have, considering I.....". At this point she clammed up, stepped into the VVVIP elevator and disappeared.

Curious, indeed. A man who identified himself as "Honig" made several attempts to gain entry into the hotel, only to be kept at bay with garlic and stun gun. Additionally, the hotel staff have placed hundreds of traffic cones all around the entire perimeter of the property. For some reason.

I wonder what's happening there?

1012 days ago


Sweetie I would advice you to drop meeting gal pal Kim story and shopping for jewerly much evidence to the contrery to proof you are blowing smoke out your ass....
Kim can't be two places at one time...You all really should check someones location before your plant spins...

1012 days ago

big bamboo    

LOU quits IRS after lindsay.(Lien)
LNOR Quits.
Lindsay doesnt want to go home.
is the walls crumbling.
april 15 is the end of tax time for the year...does Cali want their state tax?..
did LNOR subcontract with a 1099?..
or is she emplyed under lindsay?

1012 days ago


I wounldn't work with Lindsay.....that you mean she would have to take down one of the thouseands of picutures of herself she has plasted all over her walls and ceiling and she couldnt bring herself to do it....

And we will have to disagree on Whitney Houston sweetie she was good but she is a bellower she screams out all her songs kind of like that Jennifier Hudson girl they got volume but now tone...I don't understand why black singers now a days think bellowing out the song at the loudest volume possible is pretty....You know someone how has volume put knows how to control it....Natalie she is a wonderful singer...Louder is not better that is American Idol voice not a singing voice...

1012 days ago


LA Native
I fibbed to you earlier. I told you the sky was clearing. Its dark again and is even drizzling as we speak. I think I spoke too soon.

1012 days ago


Eleonore is probably singing, "Free at last, free at last, thank God I'm free at last."

But really what work does Lindsay's assistant have currently? Lindsay has no jobs so what does her assistant do?

Bet this new one won't last the week and Lindsay begs Eleonore to come back.

1012 days ago

Hot Farts    

Havent read through posts yet but will jump on the "why does she need an assistant" band wagon that I know is in posts and then answer my (our question) answer: she's stoopid.

In addition, I have never seen or focused on this Eleanor but I bet it is Nicole. AND also - the thing I am thinking about is how she is all obsessed with a role in a lifetime network movie (cough - f-list) but she is not cast and if she is...she will f it up. This is no LIZ BARF!!!

Paleeeeez. Break me at this mo. I need to try to not begrudge this B paying her taxes by making money - but cant she please fire her not needed "assistant" and use that money to pay them??? It cost less for spelling, grammer and software classes and taking out the trash can usually be tought in one walk through

1012 days ago


Yes Vin. But does the assistant/Girl Friday/Man Servant/gopher have to shower WITH her? (You know she does)

1012 days ago

Pony Princess    

Hail 2012! Slave LNOR has been set free! Now we need a book!

1012 days ago



I would imagine that her assistants job consists of getting her to her court appearances on time, and getting her to the morgue on time, and the right number of days, and scheduling her therapy. I am sure that if Lindsay doesn't complete on time, that the assistant gets blamed, just as it's the accountants fault that she never payed her taxes. Lindsay spends a great deal of money on scapegoats.

1012 days ago
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