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Mel Gibson

Back in Criminal Court

As a Juror!!!

1/23/2012 3:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has returned to criminal court today ... but this time he'll be the one passing judgment ... as a prospective juror!!!

A TMZ producer ran into Mel outside the jury assembly room.  He's in the hallway reading a script, occasionally jumping on the cell phone talking business.

Mel was also chatting up some of the women in the hallway and even took some photos with them.

Mel is wearing a baseball cap, a dark sport coat, button-up shirt and jeans.

Mel is not being treated differently ... he's doing what all prospective jurors do -- wait.



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THE BEAVER: 3 hours ago


2idiots: 13 hours ago
Ah Beaver, LOL! I'm surprised you haven't ripped into Robyn yet! She did get 1/2 his wealth LOL. Remember the split after his 2006 DUI and she filed for divorce in 2009 after Mel, LOL, knocked up OG, LOL! Remember all that LOL?
Call the Pregnancy LOL a SCAM, LOL or whatever you want LOL, but REMEMBER LOL, it took TWO to Tango! I mean MELOL was there and obviously WAS an active participant LOL
AAAAHAHAHAH That was funny - MELOL
Why would I rip on Robyn for? Robyn never did to Mel Gibson what Oksana did. Robyn always acted and dress like a lady should. As for her getting money. Unlike the God Digger, Robyn was married to Mel, and by law usually the spose gets half of the money. What? After what Oksana did to Mel, are you saying she should get half, and not his ex wife? WOW! You are either blinded by the Gold Digger's fake azz boobs (lol), or you trully are an idiot. As far as it takes two to do the wild thing, it takes one good game player (Oksana) to get the action started. If he was still with Robyn, and not hurting and lonely at the time, this Gold Digger witch's black magic wouldn't have work so well with the man. Oh, come on, you can't possibably be this stupid of an idiot to not know that women play men, and more so, if they are rich.
LOL Hun, where in my comment does it say anything about OG getting 1/2 MG's wealth? I'll tell you -- NOWHERE but in your HEAD!
you and flock keep making things up to fit what you want to believe! Dream on!

1005 days ago


t.r.: 13 minutes ago
He showed up to jury duty in jeans? Last time I had jury duty, we were specifically instructed to not disrespect the court by not dressing properly, and jeans was one of the things listed as a severe "no-no." Typical Hollywood people -- they think they're above the rest of the world.
not to mention wearing a HAT indoor. Any man with the least bit of knowledge of etiquette would know to take his hat off indoors.

1005 days ago


I love you, Mel!!

1005 days ago


I think Mel Gibson can be impartial. People keep judging him by his outbursts? But how many poeple have had them and said things they know they shouldn't have.

1005 days ago


"A jury of your peers"... Is what we are all promised. Mel's peers are Jew-hating alcoholics. Good luck!

1005 days ago



Ira Black: 3 hours ago

50. 2idiots: LOL Hun, where in my comment does it say anything about OG getting 1/2 MG's wealth? I'll tell you -- NOWHERE but in your HEAD!
This is one aspect that merits discussion, to forever never let anyone ever forget what Oksana is about and that is $ $ign$ to the point of where it appears she can't even enjoy what she is given at the time without asking for more.

Now that is an addiction it seems because it can be so predictable.

Correction in order if this is wrong, but was not the figure she felt she was entitled to $200 million , and if so, what did she do to earn it? Robyn was a wife for 30 years, she is covered under community property.

Oksana claims she gave up a $100,000.00 career on one of the R.O.L. tapes. She 'gave' her 'whole life' to him, but what was her life that she claims she 'gave'.

This woman has taken more time with her fantasy drama than anyone it seems, to what point? She didn't win, she lost what would have been the better of deals.

And so here is a point, that only only one law is needed and that is a law against greed, because greed violates the Golden Rule of 'Do unto others as you would do them unto you'. The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Golden Rule is the assumption, & a Law against Greed is protection to that purpose, the Golden Rule, the Law of Return.
So true and very well said.
Thanks, Ira!!

1005 days ago


slim: 3 hours ago

I think Mel Gibson can be impartial. People keep judging him by his outbursts? But how many poeple have had them and said things they know they shouldn't have.
I think Mel not being perfect like the rest of us should have been forgiven a long time ago. God forgave him. If you stop and compare Mel to a lot of other people,and what they have said and did to other people. I would say Mel is pretty much a teddy bear.

1005 days ago


"Mel is wearing a baseball cap,," in a courthouse-sweet.

1005 days ago



Ira Black: 11 hours ago

Your posts never make sense! The loyalty that some on here have for you is simple, they like Mel too, and they feel sorry for a lonely schizophrenic!
Well look at your post, what do you do, spend time stalking my comments?
Ira, I understand you, hun. Well, most of the time. lol When you went off with your fancy ~~* etc thing, you made me dizzy trying to keep up lol..but for the most part, you talk wtih more of an IQ on here than the idiot.

1004 days ago



cranky: 13 hours ago

"Mel is wearing a baseball cap,," in a courthouse-sweet.

Oh, for God sake! So Mel had a hat on, big deal! It isn't like he was waving around his little weapon in court.

LOL You guys make me laugh my azz off. The user names you pick for yourself, tells me the truth about you guys.

Cranky = too picky and has to complain about every little detail about someone.

2 idiots pick a very well said one about him. LOL

1004 days ago


I like The Beaver movie, but How I Spent My Summer Vacation will be so damn good. Worth seeing over and over again. Trust me on that one. Just wait until you guys see the trailer for it.

1004 days ago


994 days ago
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