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Rihanna and Chris Brown

More Evidence ...

They're Back Together

1/23/2012 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna and Chris Brown partied at the same club last night, fueling growing rumors they're back together.

The two singers left Greystone Manor -- a West Hollywood club -- separately, but they were both definitely there at the same time.

Several people who were at the club last night tweeted that as far as they could see Rihanna and Chris had no contact with each other.

The protective order -- requiring that they have no contact with each other after Brown beat Rihanna -- was lifted a year ago.


No Avatar


Rihanna has very, very, very low self esteem! She deserves to lose everything, if she she goes back to that womanbeater!

983 days ago


They have never stopped seeing each other. She is a mess. No woman deserves what she got, but she is a mess. PERIOD.

983 days ago


You people need to quit being so quick to believe everything you read. Chris Brown was definitely there partying up with his girl. Riri happened to be partying at the same spot b4 he got there. As soon as Chris was spotted there, she left.

983 days ago

D-Ray Vision    

Its either going to be this..... "Chris... YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!!!!!" or this..... JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY!!!

983 days ago


Lots of contradictions in this story. They're rumored to be together. They had no contact with each other.

Sounds like you're just making stuff up again, TMZ.

983 days ago


People are under the impression that what we all saw was the first time CB beat her. It wasn't. She forgave him many times before, so what's the surprise??? No, they are not "back together" because they never stopped seeing eachother in the first place. It's their life. If she wants to die at a young age at the hands of her boyfriend, then so be it. Can't help somebody that doesn't want to help themselves.

983 days ago


They are back together, have been for 3 months.

983 days ago


In the full photo of Chris Brown's car he is with his girlfriend, so this is pretty much just TMZ fishing for stories.

983 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Let's See:
> They didn't arrive together.
> They didn't leave together.
> While they were there, no one saw them together.

Obviously, the only conclusion to be made is that TMZ is making crap up to fill up a boring news day.

983 days ago


If he beats her up again, she deserves it for going back to him. This isn't some broke housewife with kids in tow, with no place else to go. She is a wealthy woman who can easily make it on her own and doesn't need to be beat up by a guy.

What an idiot.

983 days ago


Like the late, great Strother Martin once said, "There's some people you just can't reach"

983 days ago


They deserve each other.
Keeping these idiots out of the dating pool is a good thing.

983 days ago


From the picture, you made it look like they were in the same car or something! They weren't in the same car if you watch the video. Just cause they were in the same club doesn't mean that they're dating. WTH

983 days ago


Beat me once, shame on you...beat me twice, shame on ME!

983 days ago

Toasty J    

Wow. She must have low self esteem.

983 days ago
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