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Halle Berry's Nanny

Loses Restraining Order Bid

Against Gabriel Aubry

1/24/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry restraining order documents
Halle Berry
's nanny -- who Gabriel Aubry allegedly pushed into a door while she was holding his daughter Nahla -- just got shut down in court -- the judge rejected her request for a restraining order.

Alliance Kamdem claimed she feared retaliation by Aubry, but the judge called her petition "insufficient and speculative."

In her declaration, Kamdem raised more issues than the alleged incident last week, in which she claimed Aubry pushed her out the door while she was holding Nahla. Kamdem cites another alleged incident in June in which she claims Gabriel violently pushed her out a door.

Kamdem claims during a recent trip to Spain where Halle was shooting a movie, Gabriel "would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me." 

She also said Gabriel didn't like her from the moment she began her duties as a nanny last June.  She claims Gabriel said, "You are a spy," and "Nahla doesn't like you, she doesn't want you here."

The judge said Kamdem's issues should be resolved in family court.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel is currently being investigated for child endangerment and battery -- after allegedly pushing Kamdem into a door while she held Nahla in her arms.

Kamdem filed a police report after the incident, claiming Gabriel had injured her. She has since quit the nanny position.


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I bet the nanny is an aspiring actress too. Wonder where Halle met her? I call bull****. Halle has been gunning to erase Daddy from Nahla's life for a while now. I don't put anything past her. Poor kid, if you take daddy out of her life, who will protect her from mommy?

969 days ago


Halle give it up, we all see through your sickening tactics.

969 days ago


This is such BS. Everyone knows Halle Berry wants this guy gone and she'll do just about anything to do so. No doubt she paid off this nanny and this is all a bunch of garbage to seperate Gabriel from Nahla. Halle Berry is a psycho. Anyone else remember her "one drop" comments?

969 days ago


Halle should be charged with child abuse!Her actions and scheming ways are parental alienation. This man tries to be in his daughters life only to constantly run into immature behavior. Halle your behaving like a spoiled child! I'm done watching her movies!

969 days ago

Chun LI    

Now Halle's trying to use the maid to Keep Gabriel from his daughter.Grow up Halle.

969 days ago


Fuuuk the maid. Just working for that slut. How pathetic trying to take a baby from her Father. Go kill yourself after you clean the toilets

969 days ago


EXCELLENT decision judge!!! This little witch named Kamdem was looking for a free payday at the father's expense.

969 days ago


So there have been other instances and you didn't report them until now? Credibility gone! The only person that is going to suffer is the kid. You would think at Halle's age she would know better!

969 days ago


I hope Olivier Martinez is taking notes. Halle is not a nice person and she's obviously not a good mother. There are mothers fighting every day to get their children's fathers to stand up (celeb example Liz Hurley) but Halle wants to remove Nahla's loving, attentive, hands-on, biological father from Nahla's life. Gabriel should request psychiatric evaluations for everybody and let the authorities take charge of this situation if he doesn't want to lose his daughter and/or end up in jail because Halle's isht is crazy.

969 days ago


It is sooooooo obvious that she wants him out of her life, but she is not thinking about their daughter.

969 days ago

BB in CA    

Halle, you could make this work. You loved this man once and now your hateful actions are going to make him crazy. Don't come between a father and his child because you don't like him anymore. The child may be hurt more than the father.

969 days ago


I agree, he should be able to have a nanny of his own when he has his daughter. It must be miserable to not like someone and be stuck with them.

969 days ago


Well done, judge! Halle is just playing games and it's totally bogus.

969 days ago


Two possible scenarios going on here.
Number one is that the nanny is siding with Halle to get rid of Aubry and number two is that the story isn't totally fabricated. Seal was abused and grew up in a foster home and Aubry also grew up in foster homes. He may have issues.
I can understand Aubry being defensive and frustrated having to explain himself to the nanny but isn't it court ordered? He should have the courtesy of informing her the child was at home before she wasted time going to the school.
When my teenage son is home due to flu or with a football injury, I feel guilty and defensive when a relative ask if he went to school even though he was home for legitimate reasons. Aubry feels this woman is a spy and won't be kind to her.
His lawyer should state something like "There's no merit to these allegations whatsoever. My client is innocent s and the truth will prevail." I don't like his PR response.

969 days ago


i feel sorry for this guy. he has to put up with this vindictive woman's bullcrap forever. i believe halle thinks she can do whatever she wants and doesn't have to regret anything. didn't she hit and run on someone years ago? where's the punishment? she just seems evil. i used to like her but after reading what she's putting this guy through...let the man be a father to his child you psycho female! i think halle is losing more fans. i hope this new guy, they have a child together and then HE takes the child away from her so she knows what it feels like. sorry to be petty but she does need to know how it feels. children aren't pawns in adult games so grow up, helle dingleBerry.

968 days ago
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