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Halle Berry's Nanny

Loses Restraining Order Bid

Against Gabriel Aubry

1/24/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry restraining order documents
Halle Berry
's nanny -- who Gabriel Aubry allegedly pushed into a door while she was holding his daughter Nahla -- just got shut down in court -- the judge rejected her request for a restraining order.

Alliance Kamdem claimed she feared retaliation by Aubry, but the judge called her petition "insufficient and speculative."

In her declaration, Kamdem raised more issues than the alleged incident last week, in which she claimed Aubry pushed her out the door while she was holding Nahla. Kamdem cites another alleged incident in June in which she claims Gabriel violently pushed her out a door.

Kamdem claims during a recent trip to Spain where Halle was shooting a movie, Gabriel "would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me." 

She also said Gabriel didn't like her from the moment she began her duties as a nanny last June.  She claims Gabriel said, "You are a spy," and "Nahla doesn't like you, she doesn't want you here."

The judge said Kamdem's issues should be resolved in family court.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel is currently being investigated for child endangerment and battery -- after allegedly pushing Kamdem into a door while she held Nahla in her arms.

Kamdem filed a police report after the incident, claiming Gabriel had injured her. She has since quit the nanny position.


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Well when your beyotch of an ex COURT ORDERS a specific nanny, then obviously that man is NOT going to TRUST YOU. Duh! And just the fact that she had to go to court to get one of her nanny's just goes to show that she has been setting this plan in motion for awhile. At least ther ei sone judge with some common sense and didn't give her what she wanted. I have no problem with him not wanting to use the nanny. She would certainly feel the same if the tables where turned, but then he's not the vindictive beyotch that she is.

1002 days ago


Look up "drama queen" in the dictionary and you'll find Halle Berry's picture. How many years did we put up with her dissing Dave Justice for abusing her? One might suspect she cries WOLF a bit much. Kudo's to the judge!

1002 days ago


Of course the nanny is a spy. I am glad the judge shot her down! I wish this judge had a made a decision since the other judge is clearly star struck and sides with her every time. I do not believe he pushed her for a second. I read on ROL that he says she tripped and fell and I believe him. I wish a judge could see through her for the lying crazy woman she is. I hope Gabriel can appeal the judge's decision on Monday. It seems to me that the judge should have no right to take away his visitation based on an ACCUSATION with no proof and should at least wait until the investigation is complete to make a decision. I think Gabriel should get full custody!

1002 days ago


I feel like Halle used Aubry for his seed, because he was a gorgeous model, and then left him after getting what she wants... at child at 41. She knew she was getting old and wanted a baby. Now that she doesnt need him anymore, she wants him out of the picture, and she is stopping at nothing to do this. She needs to realize that Nahla is his daughter, and this little girls deserves to have a father. Halle is a selfish, entitled celebrity and I think her behavior is disgusting. I'm glad the judge saw through this fake ass nanny who was without a doubt put up to this by Halle.

1002 days ago

The Mooch    

Last time I checked Gabriel was the parent. He makes a determination if Nahla stays home from school, not the nanny.. I think the nanny was out of line.

1002 days ago


I am so tired of these Celebs having childrens and are not able to be their for them. Poor child drag from pillar to post, what about stabilty and routine. I love Halle but she need
to calm her butt. Just make me mad that selfish people have kids thier only a child for awhile, put career on hold and raise your child since they don't ask to be born.

1002 days ago


Never write on stars blogs...but Ms Berry..get your act together why would you ever allow your self or your child to be in danger....get help..get real...

1002 days ago


I feel sorry for Gabriel. He sure has alot of crap and drama to put up with to see and spend time with HIS baby. I think this nanny is a liar and spy for Halle. If he doesn't want to send his 3 year old to daycare/school when he has her, so what. Where I come from people send their kids to daycare because they work 1st shift jobs not just because they want to dump them off for someone else to watch. I'd be very upset to if I had some nanny telling me how to raise my 4 year old son and so would my husband. Maybe he should have told her but he didn't again so what. I'm sure the nanny had his phone # to call and check on Nahla when she wasn't at daycare/school. The nanny got paid the same if the child was there or not. Gabriel was good enough for Halle to lay down with and make a baby but not good enough to be a father. I'm glad the judge seen through the nannys bull crap!!

1002 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well thank god his regular paid judge was outta town!! by golly, imagine the hassle he would have had to have gone through if hod friend and client aubry had pulled this on his judge shift!!

1002 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

aubry is a very sick and disgusting vile pig. there is no doubt about that.

1002 days ago


I saw Gabriel turn the tables on nutty-ass, bat-**** crazy Halle and take her to court for being an unfit parent for dragging an innocent child through this mess and trying to sully up her father's name. She's nuts. Now we know why Halle's previous relationships / marriages didn't workout - Cause he's nutty as hell. Why else would a woman as good looking as Halle end up so "unlucky at love" so many times??? Because they men ran for the damned hills! I pity the fool Halle's currently dating. He's next!

1002 days ago


Yes, I'm sure he "violently" took his own child from the paid by Halle nanny/spybot. Whatever.

1002 days ago


Good Good Good something is seriously wrong with Halle Berry she's evil. She put her nanny up to this and told her to lie I know she did.

1001 days ago


He looks like he would do something like this pure trash.

1001 days ago


I smell a setup. Halle has a long history of throwing her exes under the bus, but she needs to pull herself together because hurting the father of her child is ultimately just going to hurt Nahla. Unfortunately, Halle is batsh*t crazy so Gabriel has another 15 years of this to look forward to.

1001 days ago
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