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Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry

Stay Away From Nahla!!!

1/24/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124_halle_EX_GSIHalle Berry has just arrived at court, where she'll ask a judge for an order prohibiting her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, from having ANY contact with 3-year-old Nahla until the child endangerment investigation against him is resolved.

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is conducting a criminal battery and child endangerment investigation after Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny with Nahla in her arms. And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we've learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

TMZ has learned more about what nanny Alliance Kamdem has told the cops. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad ... Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police ... when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it.

Kamdem quit last week after Gabriel allegedly shoved her.

Gabriel's rep tells TMZ, "Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate."

As for Halle's court appearance later this AM ... we'll be there.



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Halle has always seemed very immature, and with this she is really being a selfish control freak. I can see why her relationships are none too successful.

971 days ago


I'm so fed up of hearing, she said...he said. Those two are nothing more than two irresponsible,immature,selfish,racist so called "parents" to that poor little girl. Who is gonna grow up so confused and will eventually deny her white heritage like her mother did!!! Just so shameful.

971 days ago


Halle is off her rocker. She CHOSE this man to have a baby with and now wants to erase him from the picture. Sorry, doesnt work that way. The child needs 2 parents. I don't believe any of these trumped up allegations esp when been trying to push Gabriel out of the way since their break up.

971 days ago


Sounds more like he was angry that the help would just enter his home and pick up 'his' child and demand he explain his keeping her home from pre-school one day... I'd be mad too and I would physically take 'my' child out of her hands. If the child wasn't hurt it's just the nanny saying whatever she wants.

971 days ago


This guy only has his kid on a part-time basis and he has a nanny...? Way to spend time with your daughter Daddy!

971 days ago


I don't understand how you can call Halle Berry racist when she is half white! Her mother is Caucasian and they have a very close relationship...If that's racist that maybe I'm crazy! If allegations like this were made and it was my child I would do the same thing as Halle!

971 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that when she wants a man out of her life, she makes domesic violence or cheating accusations against them? Now that she has a child, it is allegations they hurt the child? It seems she has a new man and wants him to be "daddy". She used this man for his model good looks and everything is happy, she meets this new name and them BAM new allegations come up? Something is fishy, in all of the photos, the Nala looks more happy with her dad then Halle.

971 days ago


@AMANDA- Halle is the reason for the nanny. SHE IS THE ONE WHO DEMANDED THE NANNY BE THERE. IT'S COURT-ORDERED. Learn your facts before you speak. Don't you feel stupid now?

971 days ago


Going to sperm bank would have been best for her! Just my 2 cents

971 days ago


She has been itching to cause trouble for him. Why can't she be adult enough to know if she loves the child, he does as well and has a right to be with the child. I think this woman is a troublemaker.

971 days ago


Some of you are ridiculous. You don't know the guy, you don't know what he's like behind closed doors, so why are you ASSUMING he's this great parent who could do no wrong? I believe the nanny. Also, it's strange to keep the kid home, for no apparent reason? When she asked for the reason, he didn't want to give it. Who knows, maybe he's some pedophile or something, or inappropriate...It screams sketchy to me that he wouldn't let her go to school for two days straight...But for those of you who defend him, the best karma would be to encounter someone like him, and for no one to believe you. Seriously, some latent racism going on her. She is the black woman, and she's the crazy one, and he's the white guy, and he must be perfect. Seriously, racism is alive and well in the US, although covered up and suppressed really badly.

971 days ago


As always, these allegations come from Ms. Berry's camp. Interesting to note that this great concern did not surface until two days after the alleged incident and the investigating officers noted "no evidence" on the complaint. If I truly believed my child was in danger, there would be no way I would wait two HOURS to file a complaint, let alone two days. Read the complaint. It's just another attempt by Ms. Berry and her employee to harrass Mr. Aubrey.

971 days ago


This is probably true, and Aubrey has been accused of racism and abuse before. I hope LAPD take this investigation seriously, and that Nahla is kept away from her Dad for the time being. I think the nanny put up with his rudeness because of concern for the child. She didn't want to escalate things in front of Nahla by talking back to her father.

I'm sure Aubrey can be soft and loving at times, and that the poor girl loves both her parents, but a violent, loud father who flies off the handle easily is scary and confusing and not safe for her. If he keeps visitation rights, there should be a supervisor around (that is, if Nahla wants to see him at all. She shouldn't be made to).

I tend to trust Berry here. And anyway, I wouldn't be prepared to take a risk concerning a child by just assuming that the nanny "is lying".

971 days ago

liquid kitty    

Gabriel's rep tells TMZ, "Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate." <--Yep, probably the only story floating out there with a single iota of truth. These two need to be forced into parenting classes. This is an ugly trap that far too many couples fall into believing they *know* what's best for the child. Be generous of spirit and allow your child to love freely. No matter the claims whether true, or false these character assassinations do not bode well for the future well being of this child. Y'all apparently thought the other good enough to lay down with, now stand up, shut up and grow up.

971 days ago


i dont think d nanny lying, some of these ppl u work with, who call them selves boss treat there workers like ****, she might just had enough! and u go halle! and what d **** if she wants to be racist!look how much white ppl dont like black ppl so what if black ppl dont like white ppl! by d way if she was racist she would not ave a relationship with him in d fist place

971 days ago
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