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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Judge Puts Off Decision

1/24/2012 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
Halle Berry will have to wait until Monday to get a decision from a judge ... on whether her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, should be prohibited from having any contact with Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources tell TMZ ... Judge Scott Gordon heard the matter this AM because the judge who was handling the case is on vacation. After hearing the lawyers arguments, Judge Gordon decided he would not decide, but rather put the matter off until next Monday, when Judge Mark Juhas returns from vacation.

Judge Gordon did not grant an immediate emergency order for either side because he believed there are enough protections in place to keep Nahla safe until Monday's hearing.

We're told Halle and Gabriel did not address the judge.


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The nanny sounds a little bit nuts here but Halle has a pattern of accusing the men in her life of being abusive. How does she end up with all the woman beaters? Oliver should watch out if he ever gets on her bad side.

1011 days ago


Olivier Martinez better keep his eyes open and pay close attention to how Halle handles relationships when they end. Every man, that I know of, has been lambasted in the media when they leave her. This is something better he look at very deeply, cuz when their relationsip ends she's gonna throw his ass in the chipper too!

1011 days ago


It really irks me when parents put their children in the middle. They are kids. They need and deserve BOTH parents. I can see why Gabriel would be frustrated. Why is the nanny present when he is caring for her?? That is her FATHER. He is fully capable of caring for his child. Emphasis being, HIS child. Halle is trying to interfer with that relationship. I'd get annoyed if some stranger was trying to interferring with my quality parent-child time, too.

1011 days ago


Halle Berry is a freakin psycho, she ruins every relationship she is in. I think that she is is the problem, and this witch just wants to keep her daugher from having a father. She's making these claims like he is an unfit father.She should be happy that Gabriel wants to be a father to Nahla instead of not wanting to be in her life.

1011 days ago


I like how this picture makes Gabriel look like a bum and a drunken mess. LOL. On a serious note, that woman, Halle Berry, is a mess and she's crazy! If this man was so bad, why did she go on and on about what a great man he was and she couldn't have chosen a better father for her daughter, etc. etc. Now he's racist?? lol A racist french canadian who has a child with a black/white woman? lol Seriously? She's a loon. I feel bad for Gabriel.

1011 days ago



Sam: 40 minutes ago

They should each have their OWN nanny. Problem solved.

How is Gabriel Aubry's "BROKE AZZ" going to pay for a nanny??? Since he mistreated Ms. Kamdem, how do you think he would treat someone he actually "PAID" himself!!! Another nanny isn't needed. This man needs to get a "LEGITIMATE" job and contribute to the financial costs of caring for his daughter. PERIOD!!!

1011 days ago


This biotch is making Mel and Oksana's custoday battle look like a walk in the party. I actually never thought I's siade with a white make over a black female, but I really wish Halle would disappear so Gabriel could have his child. Now, I'm not saying I wish someone would run her over, drive away and forget they did it because that would be wrong and indicate a person with no sense of humanity.

1011 days ago


How about Halle also have a nanny one that Gabriel picks and moniters their visitation also that way we can see if she is also using her daughter against him.

1011 days ago


I don't blame him for being pissed..eff the nanny, who is she to ask him questions? He's the father and as Judge Judy would say "you picked him" to Halle, and if you don't like him now too effing bad.

1011 days ago


Aubry seems to be the male version of Ox. Using the baby as a pawn. Seriously, when was the last time this man worked? Not sponging off of Berry? Why is a 'nanny' even needed?

1011 days ago


it appears that halle (who i've always loved) might be really suffering from some type of psychotic delusion. there are hundreds of pics with the three of them (herself, aubry and nahla) together, and in the majority of them, aubry is holding nahla, and the child looks to be quite happily at home. no fear whatsoever. so...abuse allegations seem to be a bit far fetched.

...and the NANNY has filed for a restraining order? here's your restraining order - self enforced - don't show up in my house anymore. what kind of moron must she be?!

i really hope that halle gets herself together before its too late. with all of this mental health mess swirling around her...she could lose nahla altogether...and rightfully so, apparently.

1011 days ago


I think this is sad and they need to wake up and make it work for there baby. I think this is such a bad thing to do all the way around!

1011 days ago


She paid this flunky nanny off to press these charges and make these claims. She wants the child's father out of her life so she can insert her latest lover to take his place in the child's life. What a selfish, nasty piece of work she is who doesn't care about her child's feelings at all.
Since her other attempts at crying wolf didn't work this is her latest ploy.

1011 days ago


Halle's behaviour isn't anything new. This type of vidictivness and turning minor issues into major issues happens all the time with divorced parents fighting for custody of the children. I have witnessed it several times and find it very disturbing the lies that are told. I can honestly say 99 % of the time it is the woman that feels scorned (whether she split up the marriage or not) that carries out this idiocy. The children are the ones that suffer. There need to be more charges laid with regard to alienation of a parent! It's not right to make a parent that cares suffer just for wanting to see their child!

1011 days ago


Mr/s Sincerity... darlin' clearly you don't read any fashion mags or know squat about modeling because mr gabriel does just fine with his real job... quite well paid if the armani and macy's companies are anything to measure by. what a twit to say something this foolish.

1011 days ago
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