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Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Judge Puts Off Decision

1/24/2012 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
Halle Berry will have to wait until Monday to get a decision from a judge ... on whether her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, should be prohibited from having any contact with Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources tell TMZ ... Judge Scott Gordon heard the matter this AM because the judge who was handling the case is on vacation. After hearing the lawyers arguments, Judge Gordon decided he would not decide, but rather put the matter off until next Monday, when Judge Mark Juhas returns from vacation.

Judge Gordon did not grant an immediate emergency order for either side because he believed there are enough protections in place to keep Nahla safe until Monday's hearing.

We're told Halle and Gabriel did not address the judge.


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well harv is done pontificating so off i go. oh! thanks, sincerity, for the good time. girl, you have a righteous CAP LOCK and "" key! i dig it.

969 days ago


This bitch has been trying to get this child away from him for ever. She's psycho. I hope the judge sees through this incredibly transparent attempt to get Nallah away from her father once and for all. Shame on you, Halle. You're a pathetic excuse for a mother.

969 days ago

Sarah Jones    

I knew when those pictures came out of Nahla at the beach with Olivier and another little girl she wants to replace the father with a new one. Look at the Disney World pictures, Olivier is carrying Nahla. Nice she has a man who does not mind kids but he is not the child's father.

969 days ago

ripped off    

Listen really listen I have been down this road before with the same ******* attorney Neil Hirsch he is looking out for himself ONLY he is a real ass....what matters here is your daughter I stopped the crazy fighting and decided to co-parent with my ex as best as humanly possible she is now 20 and I want you to know that this will hurt the most your daughter....the only person that will benefit is that ******** attorney of yours!! This is NOT what your daughter asked for in this married this guy you chose him, you brought a child into this world together NOW do whats right by her.Really it is her father,,,,,,,,,,,,,THE END

969 days ago


Halle has been destroying Gabriels integrity from the beginning its soooo obvious. She wants TOTAL custody and will do anything to have it. Halle you have disgraced yourself

969 days ago


The nanny's story doesn't add up. She's there to watch him and now suddenly she has all this stuff to say about what a horrible person he is? Why didn't she say this when the events acutely happen. Both parents need help. That poor child.

969 days ago


I agree with Sam each should have their own nanny,.Halle nanny was out of line if she questioned father regarding child.She should have call the mother and let her handle it.Things just blown out of proportion.

969 days ago


Keep on fighting Gabriel! My parents were in a similar situation and my dad didn't want to deal with my crazy mother any longer so we were raised without a father. Even though I'm married and have kids of my own it is still painful. I would never want the same for my daughter and can't believe Halie could wish this on little Nahla.

969 days ago


Halle Berry has proven over the years she has some serious mental issues, no wonder the father is concerned. She needs some serious help, I think Nahla would be better off with her father someone who is not mental.

969 days ago


Halle's issues w/her daughters father needs to be resolved out of sight of the media. I have no idea what transpired in their relationship. Halle has had alot of failed relationships in public view. I for one have no idea how any actress/actor can handle the tabloids and public critics. So my hat goes off to her for handling all of this with class. Yet, I get a bit annoyed looking at this fight unfold. This country is filled with Men who refuse to except responsibility for their children. To see Gabriel fighting for access to his own child is so wrong. If their are issues of concern make him take a class or seek professorial help monitored. Unless there are concerns of Gab being verbally and physically abusive towards his daughter. I say let the man be a father. Remove any personal (unresolved hurt and pain you all feel towards one another)consider ONLY the mental health and well being of your lovely daughter. I have spent my fair share of time battling my children s father. What I have learned is it was "A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME". At the end, child support apparently is a suggestion and lets not even talk about visitation because the last time my kids saw their father was after our last court session. Over the course of many years I posed a few questions to my self. I wondered if my upbringing had a ripple effect on me being a single mother? My grandmother became a single parent, my mother was a single parent. Now I am a single parent. I often question if history is bound to repeat it self and if so why? Will my son grow up to be a dead beat father? Will my daughter de-value her self worth and become a single parent? I wonder is Halle and Gab and other parents alike pose their own questions? Well I have no idea what the answers are for Halle and Gab I wish them the best (I hope they reach an agreement and recognize the only people benefiting from the court system are the people who work there). I hope they reach an agreement and I never read about it.

969 days ago


I knew Halle was a Phony and a beeatch when she got her oscar; and went on about being the first woman to recive an oscar and she hoped that she had now opened it up for other black woman to have a chance. Hello Beeatch; I thought Hattie Mc Daniel won an oscar for Gone With The Wind. So much for "Oh MY GOD I AM SOOO GREAT". I hope the judge sees through what she is trying to do. She is doing what is in the best interest for Halle; screw the kid.

969 days ago


Halle holds the key to ending all this nastiness. It is her narcissistic self-importance that prevents civility in this case. She sees Aubry as a "less than" and as a result he will never be able to do right in her mind. Unless she gets over herself, this battle will rage on until something disastrous happens ! Get a clue HB ! It's all up to you !

969 days ago


When,when, when are American Courts going to stop entertaining these psychotic games that rejected women like Halle (dingle) Berry to play? I don't advocate violence against anyone but I can see how the first guy she was involved with ****tered her ear drum. The woman is pathetic to put her daughter in the middle of her own unresolved issues.

969 days ago


Halle is a classic Borderline Personality Disorder case, IMO. She is always the victim, never takes responsibility for her own behavior or life situations etc. If you look at her life pattern it seems pretty clear. I think that Gabriel needs to speak to a psychiatrist and attorney familiar with this disorder and the destructive parental alienation that accompanies it. God help this guy, he looks naive and BPD's are masters at lying and manipulating. I'm sure Halle is a pro at this, he'll be lucky if he stays out of jail and gets to see his kid.

969 days ago


Maybe the guy is a creep, I don't know. As long as Halle was ok with him he was a great father and now he is a racist, abusive, *******.
I don't trust Halle. When she breaks up with someone she wants to destroy them in the press. Now that a child is involved she is even worse because she doesn't want to have to share the child.
I feel sorry for Nahla to have such a crazy bitch mother.

969 days ago
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