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Jay Leno Sued

Is This Some Kind of Sikh Joke?

1/24/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NO ONE mocks the Sikh religion and gets away with it ... not even Jay Leno -- at least that's the sentiment behind a new lawsuit, filed by one angry Sikh follower ... in Bakersfield, CA.

It's all over a recent segment on "The Tonight Show" (above) -- in which Jay pokes fun at the homes of several GOP candidates. We'll spare you, but the punchline is that Mitt Romney -- a famously wealthy businessman -- spends his summers in a solid gold palace.

As an illustration, Jay pulled up a photo of India's Harmandir Sahib -- aka the Golden Temple of Amritsar -- one of the most sacred buildings in the world to the Sikh people.

There's been a lot of outrage among Sikhs over the clip -- but one man in California named Dr. Randeep Dhillon took his religious fervor one step further ... filing a libel lawsuit against the late night host, claiming Leno is responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion.

According to Randeep, the Romney joke "falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh" ... THE HORROR.

Randeep is suing for general and punitive damages. A rep for NBC had no comment.


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Gurjot Muker    

Why is it okay for Americans to make fun of Islam and Muslims and Sikhs and Sikhsim and the Russians and other people around the world, but when those groups say something to America it is all of a sudden "protected" by the law?

968 days ago


Jasdeeep Mann @ Post 122 said it best in a most articulate response.

Please give it a rest, @Post 128.

968 days ago


Freedom of Speech, get over it. I am sick and tired of all of these ridiculous lawsuits. I think the legal system has to be revamped and lawsuits like this should be thrown out of court and the court should fine the person heavily for taking up valuable court time for dumb butt claims.

965 days ago

frivolous lawsuits    

Mom's the one who is sexualizing her daughter. But mom blames the media and sues the media for 30 million dollars.

964 days ago


To those who are all worked up over Jay leno joke….. I am Sikh and I did not found anything wrong with that joke. Instead of trying to fix jay Leno why not fix our own community. May be for change stop cheating people at cash register and pay taxes honestly. And don't cheat on wives and stop using tobacco and alcohol.

961 days ago

sandeep kaur    

if u people don't know about DARBAR SAHIB(OFFICIAL NAME) then don't write stupid comments.It is not a is worship place.I don't compare Sikh places with other religious places.Because all religious places are most sacred for them and have great importance in their life.All religious place have history behind them and people have emotional ties with it.So what if Jay is comedian, still he doesn't hold the right to portrait golden temple picture in that way.All people are talking about FREEDOM OF SPEECH have u people forget about that rights always comes along with responsibilities.

960 days ago


People will sue for anything. That guy was obviously low on cash and needed some money... if I could sue jay for any reason, I would sue him for having such a large chin! Look at that thing hahaha!

899 days ago


Idiots like that really make you appreciate the freedom we have in the U.S. Team Leno all the way.

548 days ago

Gurdeep Singh    

I'm a Sikh and I don't find this offensive. If everyone just stopped taking themselves too seriously...

483 days ago
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