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Ashton Kutcher

Parties On

After Demi's 911 Emergency

1/25/2012 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher partyingAshton Kutcher's style wasn't cramped at all in the wake of Demi Moore's health crisis -- he was partying Tuesday in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a Bruno Mars concert and a nightclub.

We put a call in yesterday to Ashton's rep for comment on Demi's situation, but so far ... radio silence.


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He is wearing a University of Iowa cap. Go Hawks!

972 days ago


OOnOO - The "I" is for Iowa, as in Hawkeyes. Chris is from Iowa. And Mike, isn't he closer to 30 than 40? Going through a public divorce. Can you blame the guy for hitting up a kegger?

972 days ago


Why should he care? They're not going to contact you TMZ they have better things to do!

972 days ago


was he even aware about Demi? if so maybe he called and she was all " go F yourself" or something

972 days ago

just me    

Demi is beautiful. She looks better than most 20 year olds. And Ashton is a little pretty boy ***got! She needs to forget about that little boy and get a real man who can show her what sex really is.

972 days ago


Their divorcing, so what should he give a crap. They have nothing tying them together. The "let's be friend" crap doesn't apply. He moved on and apparently Demi moved back to her coke habit.

972 days ago


Firstly, he is only 33 not 40 and secondly, he is in BRAZIL (what much could he do from there?) "THIS is BRAZIL" haha... Fast Five, but back to topic who cares let the boy be. I really don't think people should comment on others relationships anyway (or anything for that matter we are just all to judgmental...clean your own house first people) unless asked. And I don't think that is the case. And to the clown who thought it was an Iowa hat nope you dope its def ILLINI (AND WHO THE HELL CARES IF BRAZILIANS FOLLOW ILLINOIS OR WHERE HE WEARS IT?... JUST PLAIN DUMB...FACE TO PALM)! Live WELL and be HAPPY people!

972 days ago

Not Fooled    

I don't know what shows poorer taste - that he was partying after hearing his estranged was hospitalized or that he was at a Bruno Mars concert.....yeah, I think I'll let him slide on the partying.

972 days ago


Ashton is a nobody. What exactly does he do. And everyone says he's getting a divorce...she filed mid-november, 2011 and he's been partying since then.

Demi: do you really need a moron to care about you?
Seriously...just think how much he cared the 6 years.

972 days ago


They're divorced, why should he care? She's not his problem anymore. I'm sure he would wish her no ill will, it's really no longer his concern so let the guy party on. He's free of her old self.

972 days ago


Dear Demi:
You reap what you sow. Did you honestly think that Ashton would be in it for the long haul or even short haul. How many times did he cheat and he wasn't caught. Remember, you are actors and live in Hollyweird...even more license to do anything with anyone at anytime...

Oh, the price of fame. Self-destruction ultimately.
I thought u were smarter than that. Stop going after stupidity=ashton. He doesn't care about u, why should u care about him. Basic logic.

He deserves an 'oscar' for his award winning role for 6 years as a 'supposed' husband.........geeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

972 days ago


He doesn't seem to care.

972 days ago


Funny how people are saying that HE is the reason SHE is doing what she's doing. Wow, last time I checked Demi was her own person capable of making her own choices. Why would he go running to her? They're divorcing. If you're going to say that about him, then you should wonder why all her other ex's didn't come running too. People who are divorcing are divorcing for a reason... they have no kids and nothing still keeping them connected. Oh well.

972 days ago


so effen what if he parties.. i would too... he can do what ever he wants.. who the hell is anyone to tell him what he can and cant do.... he is single.. if i were to be single i would do the same thing.. party........... have fun........ get a life without having a old lady tell me what too do....

972 days ago


Ok, they are seperated and getting a divorce. What do you want him to do? They are NOT TOGETHER.

972 days ago
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