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Demi Moore

Health Crisis ...

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

1/26/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore inhaled nitrous oxide       
Demi Moore
's friend called paramedics Monday night after the actress inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide ... TMZ has learned.
Sources tell TMZ ... one of Demi's friends who was at her home told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its. A whip-it is a street name for a type of nitrous oxide inhalant.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

It appears Demi had symptoms of a seizure -- after inhaling the nitrous.

A whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi's age and social status. It's typically used by younger people who are looking for a cheap thrill.



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Demi&Ashton have been living separate lives for awhile, Demi has been secretly seeing a NFL player well known. and has been really happy. He even bought her a car for her birthday present. He broke up with her, and she thinks doing this crazy bs to herself will get him back. NOT. he's twenty eight, no age doesn't matter, it's just that she thought she was the only hottest female walking the planet, I saw them at a concert together a few months back, her and Chelsea Handler loves black men, but when they get the boot, then they just go all kind of KRAZY, such as this... Demi girl pull yourself together & get over him already!! Cause acting like this will not make him want you any MORE. yes your beautiful, but your not the only one. Atleast you got a car out of the deal & sometime with this guy, He was your rebound and you quickly got over ASHTON, And now people really think it has to do with ASHTON, so not true. you know it... Don't go out like a SUCKA!!!!

980 days ago


And it's been said time and time again, Chelsea Handler knows this better than anyone and so does Kim K. once you go black you don't go back... So it's not Exhaustion as you or your publicist calling it, you got dumped by the NFL player and your hurt..your not the only woman to go through a heart break girl, so get over it. It's not going to make him want you any more. Obviously he's tired of meeting in the secret places and sneaking around it get OLD. at least you got a piece of his pie, and more than one slice for awhile, so what are you going off trying to hurt yourself for? GET IT TOGETHER.

980 days ago


One last time and I am done.. Demi..get your act together please. You have to get your stuff together.. You might be hurting big time, however life goes on, please think about your daughters. They are gonna need you for a long time. Men,,, hell we don't got to have them. Please rise above and remember what is really important. Your daughters need you. Praise grace, and the best I can send for your unending progress to balance your life. ALL THE BEST TO YOU DEMI!

980 days ago


You can't do young guys or young drugs...age gracefully honey...let it go!!!

980 days ago


Her PR spin team are now claiming "she's suffering from exhaustion". Or maybe the news heard it wrong...should it be she's suffering from "exhalation" or "exhortation" or maybe it's "exhumation"?

980 days ago


Doing asinine"young" things Demi, won't make you young! Get over it, you're old. Act your age. How embarassing for your kids, they're more mature than you!

980 days ago


Whilst boardroom executives are rolling up thousand dollar bills and sucking in the white nectar (that’s coke, blow, yah for all your ignorant types) and housewives are wallowing in prescribed opiates, buprenorphine, zoloft and all that other niceties we never speak about in public, Demi is hanging out with 14 year old boys (duh...) inhaling canned bottles full of nitrous oxide.

Mark my words kids, next time you walk by a seven eleven there will be a whole bunch of you conking on the side of the road? Why? Cause that bixch made o’ding on nitrous oxide popular again.

980 days ago


grow up,, if this is your way of trying to get back the little boy u married,, not gonna work,,

980 days ago


Seriously 50 something? Does that sound like smart thing to do? I wish these celebrities would stop with their self pity and buy some "get over myself". Start coping with life like the rest of us....who don't have half the money or time to do stupid things.

980 days ago


What an effin moron. Whip-its? Seriously?! She needs to grow the hell up, remember that she has children and stop acting like she's 20 years old. She seems to have a serious problem accepting her age. What an embarrassment.

980 days ago


Whip-its really come on Whip-its that's a teen thing they can really scatter your brain, like permanent brain damage. Some folks forget to breathe while using those, what in the heck is she thinking? Look honey get a grip before you wreck yourself, life and career.

980 days ago



Take your millions and go away on a tropical island to chill for a few months. Take your daughters with you for a bit. You're still a beautiful woman and alot of men would kill for a chance to be with you. That is the TRUTH.

980 days ago


I think this must not be correct, I cant belive she would be inhaling this product, this is cheap and for street kids used mostly in south america. She maybe was doing some crack or coke, got envolved with the wrong people. Shame her ex husband is in Brasil drinking and having fun at the fashion week in São Paulo among models. Many many years ago in NY I saw her and her ex husband Bruce at the China club, they had a fight and she left, he was after a stunning young woman, that look like a hawaiian girl, she was the most gorgeous girl at the club, so beautiful that looked like a painting, his body guard ask her to come to him, they talk a bit and left together. Those people dont have any respect for anything. It was so sad to see that. She must be very sad, so famous, so beautiful , loads of money and something is missing. She shoud become a budhist and understand that here everything is transitory. She must have a very futile empty life. Spirituality will help her.

980 days ago


Stop the nasty remarks please. Anybody can make a mistake. Rich, poor educated uneducated. That's what makes us human.

980 days ago


we all thought Ashton was the jerk. now things are a lot clearer now. he got out cuz his wife is a junkie.

980 days ago
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