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Demi Moore

Health Crisis ...

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

1/26/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore inhaled nitrous oxide       
Demi Moore
's friend called paramedics Monday night after the actress inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide ... TMZ has learned.
Sources tell TMZ ... one of Demi's friends who was at her home told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its. A whip-it is a street name for a type of nitrous oxide inhalant.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

It appears Demi had symptoms of a seizure -- after inhaling the nitrous.

A whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi's age and social status. It's typically used by younger people who are looking for a cheap thrill.



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man, what these freaks will do or say to stay in the media is just nuts....why doesn't someone just give her a cheeseburger and a coke and send her off on a weekend retreat with her string braclets...that should cure her...

811 days ago


anyone know what hospital she is at

811 days ago


What a wonderful human being Demi is. Huffing nitrous oxide with 2-3 young daughters in the home. Even if they are away at school, so what. She is still a parent; just not a responsible parent. She clearly is self-absorbed and selfish if she feels her actions have no effect or influence on her young daughters. Hey Bruce, step in and get your daughters out of their mom's home if they still live there. Not such a great environment, now, is it?

811 days ago


hippie crack

811 days ago


Ashton, I have a new found respect for you! Run away Ashton RUN!

811 days ago

Jeanne Cole    

What a nice role model she is .

811 days ago

J. W.    

I don't believe it. The media doesn't ever know what they are talking about.

811 days ago


Oh for Crissakes - friggin' grow up already. You have 3 daughters that are depending on you - not the other way around. These actors and actresses wouldn't know a real crisis if it hit them square in the face. Put your big girl pants on and get on with it already. So sorry, I can't feel sorry for her or Heather Locklear - I do however feel very sorry for their children. Call me though when you're BARELY living paycheck to paycheck and scared to death to open your door, get the mail or answer the phone because you know your days away from being evicted from the only home your children have ever known.

811 days ago


Whip it?
Whip it into shape girl!

811 days ago


nitrous isnt really that cheap. :)

811 days ago


Wow, what a cool mom.

811 days ago


what a idiot

811 days ago


Oh My GOD.. I will never think of her the same....She is stupid...Please go to the doctor at least and get a pharmaceutical valuim or upper...under a doctors care if you are that depressed...Or maybe she is just a 80's DRUGGIE....and is looking for cheap highs...I THINK HER CAREER WILL BE OVER....CAN YOU IMAGINE THE NEXT INTEVIEW. YOU CANT FEEL SORRY FOR SOMEONE THAT DOES "WHIP ITS" IS IS IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS A MODEL PLANE GLUE STIFFER OR A LUNCH BAG PAINT CAN STIFFER...AND BY THE WAY I HAVE BEEN AROUND ALOT AND NEVER MET ANYONE THAT HAS DONE WHIP ITS, PAINT OR MODEL PLANE GLUE...SHE IS LOSER!!!!

811 days ago

Look you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park white trash up brining away no matter what her "Hollywood" status is.

811 days ago


is she that cheap to not afford coke so she has to resort to whip its? lol

811 days ago
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