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Demi Moore

Health Crisis ...

Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

1/26/2012 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore inhaled nitrous oxide       
Demi Moore
's friend called paramedics Monday night after the actress inhaled a dangerous amount of nitrous oxide ... TMZ has learned.
Sources tell TMZ ... one of Demi's friends who was at her home told emergency workers Demi was doing whip-its. A whip-it is a street name for a type of nitrous oxide inhalant.

The friend said she became upset when Demi had a reaction to a whip-it and lapsed into semi-consciousness.

It appears Demi had symptoms of a seizure -- after inhaling the nitrous.

A whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi's age and social status. It's typically used by younger people who are looking for a cheap thrill.



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Dom The Mover    

Whip its? your messing with me, what a retard!

970 days ago


Hey People it ain't easy being a hot,middle aged rich actress.A girl needs a little buzz every once in a while.....

970 days ago


She is an attractive 49 year old who needs to act her age!! Trying to be 29 is not working for her! Grow up Demi and don't be an ass!!

970 days ago


jesus shes butt hurt over whats his face LOL HAHAHA!!!!!

970 days ago


Please act your age!!! Stop trying to be the "cool mom". Stop this mid-life crisis and just age gracefully. Is she gonna sniff white out with the elementary school kids down the street next?

970 days ago


Demi is not thinking about her kids. What type of example is she giving them. Lose a man and your life is over. Demi should act her age and start being a mom. As we can see money does not buy happiness or self esteem. Life continues and Ashton will go on and date someone with own age. Life goes on but most important are the kids and being there for them. A mother first and then a woman.

970 days ago


Lord shes nothing but a brain dead huffer, like some teen ager whats next spray paint ....... No damages ....No damage...this woman is huffing nox its already done stupid !

970 days ago


What a jerk. What an idiot. I have no sympathy. Get help now for everything you are abusing. Anyone who tells you different is a leachy, slimy a-hole.

970 days ago


You can die from a broken heart. Just look at Kim Kardashian!

970 days ago


Really Demi??Your fifty something yrs old and doing whip it's??I havent done that since grade school!

970 days ago


Inhalant drugs are often used by children, teenagers, incarcerated or institutionalized people, and impoverished people, because these solvents and gases are ingredients in hundreds of legally available, inexpensive products, such as deodorant sprays, hair spray, and aerosol air fresheners. However, most users tend to be "...adolescents (between the ages of 12 and 17)." In some countries, chronic, heavy inhalant use is concentrated in marginalized, impoverished communities. Young people who become chronic, heavy inhalant abusers are also more likely to be those who are isolated from their families and community. The article "Epidemiology of Inhalant Abuse: An International Perspective" notes that "the most serious form of obsession with inhalant use probably occurs in countries other than the United States where young children live on the streets completely without family ties. These groups almost always use inhalants at very high levels. This isolation can make it harder to keep in touch with the sniffer and encourage him or her to stop sniffing."

970 days ago


Only dirtbags do whip-its.

970 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

What a moron. Hey, Demi.. you're closing in on 50 and you have several kids. Quit acting like you're 15 years old and grow up, idiot.

970 days ago


What? What the hell is a woman of her status and age doing with whipits. That's like middle school crap. What's next, foraging through cow pastures looking for shrooms?

970 days ago


"A whip-it is not a common drug among people of Demi's age and social status." Um, no kidding...

970 days ago
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