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Halle Berry

Child Services Pays Visit

Over Aubry Abuse Allegations

1/25/2012 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is at Halle Berry's home right now ... interviewing her over claims that baby daddy Gabriel Aubry had put 3-year-old Nahla in harm's way.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the visit to Halle is routine -- whenever there's a claim of abuse or neglect, DCFS will interview both parents. It underscores that DCFS is not blowing off the nanny's claim -- that Gabriel allegedly pushed her against a door with the kid in her arms.

The nanny also claims Gabriel has violently yanked Nahla out of her arms.

There is also a criminal investigation to determine if Gabriel committed the crimes of child endangerment or battery.


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SC Girl    

I hope Halle blackballs herself right out of Hollywood for this stunt...she sure as hell would deserve it!

1000 days ago


mfw she forces the dad out of the kids life.then tells the kid her dad wanted nothing to do with her.then do the sob story interviews about how her daughters dad was never there for here.happens all the time.the mother will be a bitch to the dad then play the he didnt want anything to do with you card.most times it isnt that the dad doesnt want to be around the kid.its that the dad dont feell like dealing with the bull **** from the mother every time he tries to visit the kid

1000 days ago


I think that she has been trying to push him out of THEIR daughters life. A nanny is not a parent and I'm sure she was acting like she was. I can't imagine as a parent feeling like I didn't have a say or had to ask for permission to see my child. A child needs both parents and she seems bent on having her to herself. She was raised by a single Mom and plays victim ALL THE TIME. I was tired of the racist in Hollywood comments and all her talk about being African American and her Mom is white. I'm all for embracing your heritage but ignoring one facet is wrong and sends the wrong message to her white child. If she was so unhappy with the way African Americans are portrayed why marry a white French man? She just seems so mixed up. I don't think she has ever had a good relationship. She just seems unstable to me. She should do the right thing for her daughter. Shame on her!

1000 days ago

Dom The Mover    

TMZ, could care less of your Opinion, when this Psycho is riding down Hollywood & Vine, I'm clear on the other side of Sunset Blvd, she is Halle Scary!

1000 days ago


Halle, please stop your non-sense, how much did you pay the nanny? I am hoping the nanny will crack and confess and, guess what Halle, your baby should be taken from you and Gabriel should get full custody, she belongs in a stable home with a stable parent, not a dingbat like you. Olivier, Halle est un demon, elle est mechante et elle va te ruiner, retire toi avant qu'il soit trop tard.

1000 days ago


I am so refreshed that so many people have the same take on this scenario as I have. Here'e hoping Gabriel's nightmare will end soon...

1000 days ago


It's funny to me that Halle would say Gabriel would throw racial slurs her way. In my eyes, she lost most of her credibility with that one statement. He's always out having fun with his little girl that is mixed with the same race as her mother!! Why would he do that? It's just all unbelievable to me. She needs help. He was a great dad up until the point that they broke up. What changed over night? I think he needs to start pursuing legal actions against her for all of the lies. People sue each other over stupid stuff every day... He needs to hit her where it hurts - her pockets.

1000 days ago


@ Ray Sist. I'm NOT white. Guess what? I'm not siding with Halle. Take your racist s h ! t somewhere else. You have 50+ people not agreeing with her antics. You mean to tell me those 50+ on here posting comments are white people? White people are the only people that read TMZ's news? Get over yourself. She has a history of being difficult.

1000 days ago


She will be hated bu ghe public for trying to make up garbage about this poor guy that is just another victim of her mental ilnesses and fabrications. She is sad, I hope peolple see the thuth.

1000 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

This woman has problems. She seems to be to bitchy. Or, there it is: she's a control freak!

She used to be good-looking, but all this media attention concerning her ex's, she nuts out of her mind. Very unattractive.

mike t.

1000 days ago


Women will defend a man. and want to be with him, even if kills a woman. Gabriel Aubry has a COURT ORDERED NANNY for a reason. I refuse to trash Halle and give Aubry a pass because he is a white man or model AND LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER TO SOME. No one knows anything about this man or HIS true character but are more than willing to put him on a pedestal simply out of hatred for Halle. If the allegations are true about his [BEHAVIOR AROUND HIS CHILD] THEN HE HAS A PROBLEM. The police, Child Services and a judge will determine and validate his alledged problem or pattern of behavior with facts. IF HE VIOLATED HIS CUSTODY AGREEMENT then Aubry is responsible for this violation, not the nanny or Halle of whomever else. The nanny and Halle are both seeking a restraining order against him for a reason. This is a high profile case that will be handed thoroughly and carefully and the truth will come out in court.

1000 days ago


Informative post from another site.
What world are some of you all living in? As a former child abuse investigator, it is common that the parent that is accused of abuse not have any visitation with the child unsupervised. Some only get to see their children in the CPS office. In extreme cases the guardian of the court will file that the child's alleged abuser not have any contact with the child.

Due to the police report that was filed by the Nanny, if Halle did not file the court would have. Especially a child so young and small allegedly being put in harms way would be a red flag. Nahlia is around two so DCS would've been called by the police anyway and the case would be considered an emergency. Halle just beat the police and guardian of the court to it. So, some of you all can stop caping for Gabriel. IF he didn't do anything, then his rights would just be restored.

Some of you all need to take your capes off and TRULY think about the child. Most cases I investigated were against Dad abusing the child and most were founded to some degree. The Nanny or Au Pair has no reason to lie. The woman freaking quit over his alleged abuse, yet you all are in her caping for Gabriel. Why? Because he is sexy? News flash sexy men can beat the breaks off of children too. Seen it and investigated. In some cases the child was killed or SEVERELY injured. I rarely had to deal with Mom filing trivial charges. Usually if there were false allegations, you can sniff that out on the first couple of visits with the person that made the call.

Some of you all remind me of the TRIFLING women that ALWAYS freaking ALWAYS took up for the men that was going upside their CHILD's head. Some of you all are pathetic and disgust the hell out of me. That child could have been hurt and here you all are with your poor Gabriel nonsense. WHAT ABOUT THAT CHILD?! Halle is doing the right thing by taking this to court. Halle loves that child and is doing what ANY responsible parent would do!

Ya'll are some dumb birds up in here. Whether you like Halle or not is not the issue. The child's well-being is what should matter. Now, if he is proven innocent then cool he can have his SUPERVISED visits and all is good. Gabriel is a GROWN ASS man and can take care of himself. That baby can't and she depends on her parents and those Au Pairs to take care of her.

Thank goodness for Halle you all are not that child's Au Pair. Little Nahlia would be beaten to death fooling with you all. I bet some of you all would claim Halle was to blame if that fool Gabriel dropped poor Nahlia off a cliff.

You all disgust me.

****Leaves thread talking about the dumb birds in this thread.****

1000 days ago


Classic case of parental alienation. The courts need to start recognizing this and punish the REAL abuser, Halle the alienator. So unfair to the child.

1000 days ago


Nice try "RCG". Are you halle herself, or just the lying tramp's relative? And as far as "The nanny and Halle are both seeking a restraining order against him for a reason.", we are quite aware. The REASON is that they are trying to railroad this guy. Take a look around you... you are all alone in your foolish opinion.

1000 days ago


Lord Halle

1000 days ago
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