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Lindsay Lohan

Sued in Nanny Car Crash

1/25/2012 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a nanny who claims LiLo creamed her in a Maserati.

The accident occurred in September, 2010. TMZ broke the story ... a witness claimed he saw Lindsay run a red light in her sports car in West Hollywood, hitting a nanny who was pushing a stroller across the intersection.

The witness claimed 3 of the 4 wheels on the stroller became airborne. The child wasn't injured but the nanny -- Nubia Del Carmen Preza -- claims she was, and that's why she is suing.

And get this ... the witness told us, "She was in shock and Hispanic so she was scared."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.



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She has and does make herself a target for these lawsuits...whether this one is BS which it mostly is she did and was involved in the insident..Just as with the boys, which has a pretty good chance of winning that one...and the papz foot..which the Paps lawyers are sueing the owner of the car and holder of the insurance who happens to be Lindsay..another one on the winning tally (better settle that one) and she has them lined up three deep waiting to file against her...and several of those have descent chances of winning ........What I have no idea since she is a broke as a piece of ****tered window pane..
But the only point of this story is not whether it is true or not but the fact that it keeps her name in front of the media and Harvey gets the hits....!!
And As Julia said and I have quoted Mark Twain here "Tell a Lie enough times, and Loud enough people will start believeing it over the truth..."
and this in one time that old adage is being used against Lohan Inc instead of for them .....LOL

969 days ago


Julia that theopy crap is a joke ...she is using the said sam theopist that she has had for five dam years since she was order back at the first judge...and she has showed absolutely no improvement at all in fact that same theopist is the one that lied under oath in that letter to the judge about her personelly attending all her theorpy sessions when she was in fact in Europe screwing her way through fashion week with eh guy german....
And she wants no pictures because frankly she looks so dam bad right now and even she knows that !! even to the point of saleing old pics for that fruk add last month..
Each time she comes to light she look worse then sugar coating that fact...she can be as sobber as a judge but the damage is done nd you can't reverse that she is now joined the ranks of the plastic faced hollywood barbie dolls

969 days ago


"She was in shock and Hispanic so she was scared." yes, hispanic peeps are known for their innate fear.

969 days ago


I don't think these are coming out of the woodworks now, and should have no effect on Lindsay, as she's used to them. When she wasn't on the road to recovery we had the stereo installer, pitbull (which she brought on herself), Dawn Holland, limo company, just to name a few.

969 days ago

Who Knew    

More skeletons from her past will come out as well.

969 days ago

big bamboo    

the jackson kids are now putting their pingers in cement to be remembered...
Lindsay did the same thing 10 times..only it was at a Police station..and it was during booking...but like the jacksons it will be remembered...and is concrete evidence

969 days ago


ketjo brought up the issue of the therapist and sees no improvement. I think I can find some, but we of course don't know many details of her life and we can talk of things we known of. I think off of the bat is the lack of crazy tweets, she's more in control about those. I don't see visible signs of cutting right now though she could be in nonvisible areas. She's been good at getting to the court on time and I'd have to think the morgue wouldn't let her get there late so that's an improvement (forced). Unless she's found a club in LA or a few of them that the paps don't know about she's almost eliminating clubbing in LA. She's also cut down on her entourage.

How she copes with stress, triggers, looking to substances for the reasons she takes them, dealing with others and keeping under control, taking responsibility and other things people work on in therapy is unknown. Maybe she's working around relationships too, that's unknown.

I'll agree with gc about the Chateau. I'll write thoughts on something else I'd love to see her stop doing later.

969 days ago


No pictures: that's an interesting one. There was a time when if paps couldn't get Lindsay they'd get her car, her house, her street, once even her garbage. They'd buzz around anyone associated with her. Now they don't get Gavin, Alexandra, people around her even though they know where she is. They haven't snapped Ali either. I think ketjo, if Lindsay looks bad that's a great reason to shoot her and comment on how bad she looks. Where's the photo of Lindsay having lunch and suspicions of her drinking when she's at the Chateau? Smoking in an outside area? Why isn't she photographed the past few weeks outside of going to the jewelry store? Your guess is as good as mine.

969 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I like Delmar too. That is why is was confused about the Nikki thing. I also like Nikki.

969 days ago

big bamboo    

milo reads about god..and lindsay thinks she is god..thats why they mix like tuna fish and peanut butter.

969 days ago

big bamboo    

she could over dose at the marmont and they wouldnt say anything..there is probably a Dr. on hand waiting to jam adrenalin into her heart when she passes her limit

969 days ago


I'm gonna speak on speculation, common sense, what I've gathered from others on here who have been there, as I have NOT. I would 'assume', correct me if I'm wrong from those who have been, but wouldn't there be a patio, courtyard, some kind of outdoor space off the bar for smokers? The people that frequent the place, again I would assume, would not be made to all smoke at the Hotel entrance where they're obviously paps. I also gather from your descriptions, the place is big, not just some 20 room motel. Just wondering. . .

969 days ago

AGENT smith    

Julia, you should have gone to the hotels website before you started talking about them having a big bar with a dance floor., the bar is called Bar Marmont and is very small, maybe a dozen bar stools and 7 or 8 tables, smaller than the bar on Cheers and it is very close to the restaurant so it isn't loud or rowdy. I went there a few times in the late nineties and you have to be on a guest list to get in.

969 days ago


Ask your self why the CM has a reputation for being the place people go to get away with a lot of dame stuff they couldn't do anywhere else ?.....Because they take measures to make sure all who stay there stay out sights and sounds of the Paps and media...No paz no media no no nothing unless approved of my the management...
How the hell do you think they have gotten away with that for so long if they didn't stirictly enforce it even for Lindsay Lohan ...the only Papz ,cameras, media allowed in are the ones invited my and accompanied by managment..
Thats why she is there.....!!!!!
Thats why the pay the big money for...Privacy with a capital P......

P.S. I anybody looking to devert by stirring the pot don't stick you spoon in mine today..I'm achy , and tired and very short tempered even the general is tip toeing around...

969 days ago

AGENT smith    

Julia, those are parties for are a fool....

969 days ago
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