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Ashton Kutcher


After Demi Emergency

1/26/2012 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one night after Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for inhaling too much nitrous oxide -- Ashton Kutcher hit up a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil ... where he fist-pumped his brains out.

The video was shot the same night Ashton dropped by a nightclub in Sao Paulo with a mystery female companion in a red shirt -- the same girl is standing beside him at the Bruno Mars concert.

As we previously reported, Ashton gave a Brazilian photog the cold shoulder when asked if Demi was okay -- giving no answer.

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No Avatar


who the hell cares....why is this **** news?

948 days ago


Why do you keep reporting on what Ashton is doing after Demi's hospitalization? Does he owe her some kind of duty or something? He is a grown man, for Pete's sake!

948 days ago


It will not help her one bit if he runs to her every time she has ODs or does some crazy s**T for attention. it will only enforce her bizarre behavior. She needs to grow up about the break up. he is acting more adult right now.

948 days ago


Ashton Loser Kurcher is a complete jerk.He has been cruel in their separation/divorce. The day after Demi gave a statement of :with a heavy heart we have chosen to separate", he runs to a college bar and makes sure photog's are taken of him with girls hanging on him and he continues to repeat this over and over just a couple of months after separtion. He should learn something from Seal who is separating from his wife with class. Dufushead does not have an ounce of it.

948 days ago


A Bruno Mars concert? Fist pumping? You better pull Ashtons mancard, good god.

948 days ago


So? .. I'm sure he got an update of some sort. They are not together, why should he be there, why assume she would want him there? I guess he should just stop everything and go wring his hands in a corner until she gives a press release that she is ok?

948 days ago


i bet hes rolling balls

948 days ago


I would say she has self esteem issues and lots of insecurities (she shouldn't but hey...)! As for Ashton, he's not her babysitter, clearly he wants to move on.

948 days ago


I don't know which Ashton Kutcher is a deutschebag. Is it the Ashton Kutcher who ignored the woman he married for a long time while she's clutching to her life on a hospital bed or the Ashton Kutcher dancing around like a goofy ass kid in a Christian rock concert.

948 days ago


First of all, TMZ, you are a bunch of little, gutless, scavengers. Ashton didn't give anyone the cold shoulder; he doesn't have to talk to you rodents. He doesn't know you and you are stalking him because you don't have to skill, intellect, or passion to pursue a worthwhile career, so you harass celebrities to make ends meet.
Second of all, his 49yo ex-wife is doing whip-its in her mansion with her friends. Is Ashton supposed to wait outside her house like your gang of 40% commission chasing freaks do? Waiting for something to go wrong? No, he has decided to move on with his life.

948 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I guess he was supposed to stand by a phone, alone in a hotel room, and wait to a call that was never going to come.
Give me a break - they're separated, her family has already dissed him multiple times, and he's moved on.
On to the next manufactured story TMZ.

948 days ago


Who cares what he's doing. He's thousands of miles away. It's not his fault he can get every girl off.

948 days ago

Ashton Kutcher is as talentless as Hollywood has to offer, but they're broke up and he's entitled to do whatever he wants to now.

948 days ago


I really hope he hadn't gotten word about it when those pictures were taken, but I guess I wouldn't be shocked if he had.

948 days ago


Ashton is entitled to live his life and he's not responsible for Demi's actions. I do feel sorry about her but Demi is not a vicitim. She made some unfortunate choices like we all do. TMZ is masterful at getting clicks, but stop playing the victim card for Demi.


948 days ago
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