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Ashton Kutcher

I Got Nothing to Say About Demi

1/26/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
had no answer when asked if Demi Moore was okay following her nitrous oxide-induced medical emergency -- hopping wordlessly into a car beside a blonde mystery woman Tuesday night.

The video was shot as the actor was leaving a nightclub in Sao Paulo, Brazil -- an agency photog asks, "Is Demi okay?" ... and Ashton keeps mum, piling into an idling vehicle with two acquaintances, one female.

Ashton has yet to speak out on Demi's condition. The two split in November.


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We don't know what really happened, maybe HE left her because she was doing drugs and not eating and told her to get help and she wouldn't??? Maybe he didn't "cheat" but left first and let her make it look like he did so she could save face? We really don't know, she let her kids run wild, smoke and drink and she's all drugged out and yet we vilify him? Totally not fair.

1003 days ago


It's none of my business, so i don't care....although i am very pleased to scroll down an entire webpage without anything posted about Kardashians!!!!! Thank you for once TMZ!!!

1002 days ago

Umm ok...    

Of course he doesn't comment about it, they broke up. It's none of his business now and it would be inappropriate for him to offer up insider info. on her problems. If her own kids can't save her from herself, how are any of her ex's supposed to help her?

1002 days ago


Anyone stopped to consider that maybe this isn't the first time Demi has been doing whip-its, among other things? Maybe Ashton wasn't the bad guy everyone is assuming he is. Perhaps he couldn't live with someone who is an addict? Clearly this is not her first time to be trying this and who knows what else.

1002 days ago


First..."Ira Black"...the little BLUE "U-Turn" thingie up in the right hand corner of each post is to "Reply" to that post.
Much easier than having to re-type what you're post relates to.
Just FYI :)

1002 days ago

London Vik    

"agency photog" Dont you mean paparazzi?

Stop trying to change the name so it sounds less crazy.. call it what it is

1002 days ago

CC - THE ORIGINAL's my "Second"...LOL
Demi has had "appearance" issues for a loooong time...way before Ashton. Granted, he's an azz for cheating, BUT, how many other H'Wood couples marriages were ended because of cheating??? Lord, why are we making their situation that much different??? How many guys left for younger women?? Same for women and younger men. But, they "bounce back". AND, it becomes big gossip on here and other sites.
AGAIN...why is everyone making this situation seem so different??
She has gotten so much plastic surgery that she looks like a hag, when she's trying to look perpetually young.
I agree she probably accepted Ashton's cheating as long as it wasn't out in the open...he got caught with a young girl...she finally realizes that all the botox and plastic surgery in the world won't make her 25 again.
The whip-its, partying with her daughter...all trying to be that "20 something" girl again.
Come on..."whip-its"...REALLY??? Next we'll find out she actually bought a case of whipped cream and was doing THAT, not the "real" stuff...LOL God, high school kids do that in the Dairy aisle...whatever gets ya thru it, I guess.
My husband left me for a much younger girl...everyone "picks their poison" they deal with it. She chose a "different" way than most. I don't know, whip-its always gave me a headache..not a fun thing....but not even a great high.
She'll get thru it, but probably needs to deal with her self image issues first.

1002 days ago

paul a.    

Total PR disaster in the works.....

Career suicide in progress.

2 1/2 men is now downgraded to 1 1/2. This guy is NO man

1002 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I'm convinced that the only reason he married Demi was to futher his career. Now that he's good and rich with plenty of movies under his belt, he's off to go play with women his own age....

1002 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Ashton doesn't owe Demi anything. Demi is a big girl now, even if she doesn't act like it. If she needs help, she's got two arms and two legs to go find it on her own.

1002 days ago


Did that person above me really just write a whole essay about the very complex Demi/Ashton situation? Lol!

Some rich bitch does drugs, and her ex refused to talk to ****in TMZ (rlly?? He was suppose to talk to the ace reporters at TMZ about his ex wife's serious problem?) about it.

End of

1002 days ago


He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't say anything. He can't win. I would guess he has known about her addictions for a long time and I give credit to him for not saying anything and taking the blame for the break up.

1002 days ago

Joan K    

He is an immature A hole, some people never grow up and this is a prime example. As far as Demi, she needs to grow up too, heck she is what, 50 years old and still acts like a teeny bopper.

1002 days ago


Of course he had no comment. It sounded to me like the paparazzi guy asked, "Hey Ashlo. Is Dave okay?" He probably couldn't understand the guy or even know he was talking to him.

1002 days ago


I feel bad for Demi but this is not his fault. They are divorced now and they don't have any children together, so he truly doesn't have any obligations to do anything. Demi is a 50 year old woman whatever happened she did it to herself. I'm not buying the hype of Ashton being a bad person over what she did to herself.

1002 days ago
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