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Jackson Kids

Giving Hollywood the Fingers

1/26/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson just left a lasting impression on Hollywood -- sinking their father's shoes and sequined glove into wet cement in front of the historic Grauman's Chinese theater.

It was all part of a tribute ceremony for the King of Pop this morning -- to immortalize the singer alongside Hollywood legends like Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, and Clark Gable.

In addition to the entire Jackson family, a laundry list of celebs were in attendance ... including Justin Bieber, Chris Tucker, and Smokey Robinson.


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Nature and reality proves that those aren't MJ's biological kids. Which wouldn't be a big deal. If they didn't cover it for some strange reason. As if it's something to be ashamed of. MJ can have mutated himself all he wanted, but you can't change your DNA. You don't get two white kids with long flowing hair, blue eyes and one spanish looking kid from this,

It just doesn't work that way. Somewhere the big lips, voice and nose have to factor in there. The white gene and hispanic gene wouldn't dominate 100% Yes blanket was conceived by a hispanic woman.

1000 days ago


That nobody has been able to proof! Do you have any proofs of what you are saying? Before you start spitting your venom ask yourselves: Why do I hate this man?

Do you really have to ask? What did you want for proof of molestation? Fingerprints? A video?

1000 days ago


People look, of course theres's gonna be negative comments on MJ... the people that come to these media stories are slaves to the media and are so stupid and bored with there own lives so they dog others. Just ignore it. You see there's not alot of Postive comment cause MJ Fans know the Media is a bunch of Bull. I have nothing against Michael or his life.

1000 days ago

I am Spartacus    

pretty funny how Michael Jackson spent his whole life trying to keep his kids out of the spotlight and as soon as he dies they're everywhere now.

That being said i can care less about what the offspring of a famous person is doing unless they have some talent themselves.

1000 days ago


Celebrities Suck: about an hour ago
this is how the system works in the word of Hollywood. They are only recognized/celebrated when they are dead. MJ was not respected as the icon that he was! They called him names, and he was the joke of every comedians.
After the 2005 molestation trial everybody (except his close friends and family and loyal fans) shunned MJ.
Madonna said it best when she expressed that we all abandonned him. Now three years after his death he is still idolized all around the world. I wish he were alive to feel the love again and be with his children.

1000 days ago


OhWell: 45 minutes ago
Mj Would Have "Loved" Bieber
Just "Loved" him
I am sure Michael would have become Bieber's mentor if they had met. You are a pervert that is why you have all these dirty toughts in your head whenever they mention Bieber and Michael in the smae senetence.

1000 days ago




1000 days ago


Wow finally a picture that tmz did NOT tamper with! Michael would be so proud of his children.

1000 days ago


I took one glance at the recent comments and am relieved. I happy to see that I am not the only America that feels that this "circus" is absurd. If "Mama Bear" Jackson continues to exploit these children she will have an excellent table reserved for her in HELL. What she is doing to these children is a repeat of what she did to her OWN children, and look how they turned out. MJ was a talented individual who was hard not to like when he worked with Q. Jones and prior to his,,, "indiscretions". America WAKE UP!! As long as you keep endorsing this crap you are giving the media the ability to erode away our society.

1000 days ago


Can these white children be any more fake? They still want the world to believe they are his kids? They are so pathetic. Riding in on the coat tails of a sick pedophile who had them created for him to play Peter Pan with some white children. Prince needs to shut the he!! up already about "his father." Last time I checked, his father is a Beverly Hills dermatologist with a fat belly and Prince is growing up to look just like him. I am sick of them pimping out these nonentities as if they are special.

1000 days ago


Seriously? These illegitimate kids are imprinted in the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

1000 days ago


Paris' Jewish features are really coming in. She is starting to look more like Klein. I don't see why they had to put their hand prints. They have done nothing. But I guess being bought and paid for by the King of Pedos is an accomplishment.

1000 days ago


These poor children are mentally retarded. It seems almost cruel for the Jacksons to make them go parading in the media and calling themselves Jacksons. I have a feeling they are doing it to be spiteful because MJ left all his money to those white children. They are letting them make fools of themselves. Poor things must have IQs in the 60s. Obviously, attempting to get intelligent genes has backfired miserably. Klein and Rowe have produced two imbeciles that actually believe they are black. Such idiots. My four year old cannot read yet, but she can tell the difference between a black person and a white person. MJ's genetically engineered kids are so stupid, they don't know they're white.

1000 days ago
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