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Jackson Kids

Giving Hollywood the Fingers

1/26/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson just left a lasting impression on Hollywood -- sinking their father's shoes and sequined glove into wet cement in front of the historic Grauman's Chinese theater.

It was all part of a tribute ceremony for the King of Pop this morning -- to immortalize the singer alongside Hollywood legends like Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, and Clark Gable.

In addition to the entire Jackson family, a laundry list of celebs were in attendance ... including Justin Bieber, Chris Tucker, and Smokey Robinson.


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somewhere in Texas    

There are nearly 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs in the concrete of the theater's forecourt.
Variations of this honored tradition are imprints of the eye glasses of Harold Lloyd, the cigar of Groucho Marx, the magic wands of Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the facial profile of John Barrymore (reflecting his nickname "The Great Profile"), the legs of Betty Grable, the fist of John Wayne, the knees of Al Jolson, the ice skating blades of Sonja Henie, and the noses of Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope.

Western stars William S. Hart and Roy Rogers left imprints of their guns. The hoofprints of "Tony", the horse of Tom Mix, "Champion", the horse of Gene Autry, and "Trigger", the horse of Rogers, were left in the concrete beside the prints of the stars who rode them in the movies.
The first person not associated with the movie industry to have a signature and handprint in front of the theater is Grauman's mother. On February 19, 2011, Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant became the second person outside the movie industry to be so honored when he had his handprints and footprints embedded.[11] Additionally, Charles Nelson, the winner of a "Talent Quest," had his handprints and footprints embedded in the "Forecourt of the Stars."

939 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Nice to see grandma milking the kids for dollars.

939 days ago


Michael Jackson, as well as his siblings are only around 1/2 black, the other half being white and native American, on both his mother and his father's side....Through debbie Rowe, Paris and Prince 1 are already half white... then through Michael they are only around a quater black, which together results in Paris and Prince being onlt around a quarter, or 1/4 black, and around 3/4 white with some Native ... Because M.J. is only around 1/2black, or a little more himself, his children can only be a quarterblack... In order for Prince and Paris to be half black as people think, michael would have had to be full black, and he isn't Both Katherine and joe Jackson are mixed black, Native and caucation....Since each parent only contributes half their child's DNA, that makes Paris and Prince a quarter , or around 1/4 black....All of M.J.'s siblings contributed only around 1/2 black genes and their children...The Jackson siblings who had children with latinos, had kids that are around a quarter black, and also hispanic, white and Native. All of the children look how they should being mixed with black, white , hispanic and Native. Blankets hair type, texture obviously is the result of him inheriting M.J.'s mother's genetic makeup for Native, black and white....M.J. carries the native makeup also, as well as M.J.'s father..Even if blanket's mother was blue eyed blonde , Blanket could have still looked the way he does due to Choktaw Native Indian.Blanket doesn't have to be hispanic, or middle eastern to look the way he does...He may share the same mother as Omer Bhatti.....Both Blanket and Omer had similiar type hair, and resembled each other , closer than alot of full siblings.....Joe Jackson, and the Jackson's know they are all M.J.'s kids.To Annie , and ( Pissed off )if you two looked that great yourselves, you wouldn't have to say such terrible things about children who are actually very pretty, above average looking kids.... You refer to them as white kids , and imply that their very unattractive.....You sound very racist... It's okay to wonder why they put their handprints in the cement, but the remarks youv'e made about these children were very what do you two look like.... Post your pictures so we can see if your beauty measures up to your ,"own standards," of what beauty should be... smile....Anyone can see that these kids are very good looking kids. And you can too....Unless you're beautiful yourselves , stop posting posts which only make you too look envious and jealous of innocent children..... can't wait to see your pictures.... smile.Grow up.... Unless you're just children yourselves , then your comments can be excused.... smile...

939 days ago

Just Saying    

Do the kids a favor and keep them out of the spotlight. The eldest son has that smart ass look to his eye ... he looks like someone who is going to milk this for all its got. Kind of pathetic .... so obvious none of these children are genetic matches.....

938 days ago


Hopefully none of the haters on these boards have any children who are genetic matches to their parents.

Just sayin....

938 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children and the Jackson family. Much love, prayers and hugs to all.

938 days ago


Michael's children are just that "CHILDREN"! You Crazed Haters should stop with the nasty comments already. You are nothing but bullies posting mean silly words. You don't like Michael and his children because....(I REALLY don't care why)! There are millions more who will remember and appreciate Michael's Legendary accomplishments and contributions rather than the few who like your sleazy postings. Maybe someday you'll get a tribute if you do a "Man In The Mirror" change rather than a silly demeaning posting.

938 days ago


Wacko's legendary accomplishments include chopping his nose, bleaching his skin, grabbing his crotch, wetting his bed, paying a a white dermatologist and nurse to give him two kids, oh, and not to mention, coming on national TV holding a 13 year old boy's hand and talking about sharing his bed. What a winner.

938 days ago


TOO BAD THOSE WHITE KIDS ARE not Michael's biological kids! AL THE JACKSON'S ARE Hollywood's side-Freak show!

938 days ago


Michael Joseph Jackson's Legendary Status is well do***ented and recognized as historical facts and are increasing more each month. This is a very nice tribute in recognition of Michael.

938 days ago


@ duilama
The facts are in, you can accept them or not. Your hate filled words spew nothing but salacious lies and malicious untruths. These words you post are never backed by any do***ented facts. The truth will always prevail. "Michael Jackson" is a True Legend who is well do***ented with facts.

938 days ago


Some of the most vile comments about any human being I've ever read, anywhere. TMZ you have got a deeply disturbed fan base. What demographic from hell is this?

938 days ago


Michael Jackson has millions who love him because of WHO he was, what he gave to the world and what he did from the heart, not because of the silly unfounded rumors. His legendary status has impacted many generations. Michael's legacy remains a fact.

938 days ago



938 days ago
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