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Jackson Kids

Giving Hollywood the Fingers

1/26/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson just left a lasting impression on Hollywood -- sinking their father's shoes and sequined glove into wet cement in front of the historic Grauman's Chinese theater.

It was all part of a tribute ceremony for the King of Pop this morning -- to immortalize the singer alongside Hollywood legends like Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, and Clark Gable.

In addition to the entire Jackson family, a laundry list of celebs were in attendance ... including Justin Bieber, Chris Tucker, and Smokey Robinson.


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978 days ago


Think please, These 3 children do not need to see or hear negative things of there family . ( They ARE the only family these children known. Yes they are white sooooo what. Would it be different if they looked Asian or Polynesian and not white? They are not Black we are not blind we know the story thank there Grandmother and family LOVES them and there Grand father can not control there lives HE and only HE destroyed His sons life and self esteem. The children are in very good hands. SO THERE.

978 days ago


Prince and Paris are bad enough names, but who the **** names their child "BLANKET"? WTF? That is just plain strange.....

978 days ago


For those who don't know by now,the names of Michael Jackson's biological children are:
Michael Jr. aka Prince
Prince Michael II aka Blanket

978 days ago

Are You Serious    

I am stunned at the resemblance coming out between Prince and Arnold Klein. Paris is long legged like Mark Lester and looks so much like his older daughter. It is sad to see them becoming so commercialized and the brand of Hollywood. MJ would be kicking some Jackson ass at how they have exploited those kids.

978 days ago


What is even more disturbing on this board on the comments made about MJ, is the comments made about his children. That is disturbing for grown adults (if that is what they are) making bad comments about minor children.

Doesn't matter if you didn't like their father or not. These are minor kids and Michael Jackson was their father whether you, me or the entire world likes it or not.
Whether his blood runs thru their veins or not is not anyone in this world's business either except for those 3 kids and that family. That is it.

This was a great tribute to their father, which should have happened while he was alive, but I am glad to see it happen anyways.

978 days ago


Are Paris's eyes natural or are these colored contact lenses?
I don't know other people whose color of eyes changes so often.

978 days ago


@annie-It's her natural eye color. Yes some peoples eyes can and do change color. Also remember her mother has blue eyes and her biological grandfather,Joe, has bluish/green eyes. Look at pictures of Joe in some his eyes look really blue,in others his eyes look green. So Joe's eyes change color too

977 days ago


Michael Jackson so deserves to be honored in front of Grauman's Chinese theater. His artistic genius can not be denied. The sad part is that he didn't get to see this moment, to see his kid growing up and Paris becoming a gorgeous young girl.

977 days ago


And so he spoke. The brightest, most intelligent commenter in this blog!

977 days ago


It is sad MJ didn't see his kids growing up, but this is not the first time he was honored this way.
On Nov. 1984 MJ got his second star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame as a solo artist.

977 days ago

black or white    

99. PISSED OFF: 5 days ago

Why is that little girl using so much fake spray tan? Look at the outline of her hands and arms where you see the white, her natural color. No one naturally tans that way, if it was real it would be all over-you can see it's fake. I guess people constantly telling her MJ's not her real father is getting to her. Poor thing is trying her best to look any semblance of biracial/black.
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Report annie: 5 days ago

Cause she is dumb. I bet her first boyfriend will be the blackest, most ghetto boy she can find. She is pathetically trying to be something she is not. Like 3 Dislike 1 Clear Vote Report Missy: 5 days ago

such a moron,it's not a "fake spray tan" it's her natural skin. Now that tmz isn't lightening the pictures to make them look lighter you


you are really brainwashed. you fight and try your best to convince people that have eyes to see, ears to hear that these two older kids are michael jackson. you must be on some kind of mind altering drug becasue you are so wrong. you are telling us that what we see is false? you sound like michael jackson. you expect us to believe the lie, just like he wanted us to believe all the lies.

you are the dumbest fool next to human nature. you two are simple arseholes

974 days ago


The TMZ internals are still barking-n-barking over the paternity of michael's children?????.................omgawd!

tanning spray?......Michael not "her" father? guess the internals have given up their lost cause against Prince and Blanket. It's hilarious considering Paris is the only one of michael's children conceived and born during his marriage. LOL!!!


You've got to be kidding's only been like what 15 years..............................and counting

972 days ago
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