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Kim Kardashian

On Alert ... for Herself

1/26/2012 6:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Google AlertsKim Kardashian likes to keep up with the latest news ... about herself -- actually subscribing to Google Alerts for her own name.

Kim was spotted Tuesday in Santa Monica -- BlackBerry in hand -- as she received the Google Alert. In case you don't know what that is ... it's a news service that alerts you by email when an article pops up on the Internet about a subject -- in this case, "Kim Kardashian."

In fairness, Kim's name is her business ... literally -- so it's in Kim's best interest to keep track of who's saying what about Kim and Kim's family.

Y'know ... in case Kim wants to sue.


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Its no surprise she recieves google alerts, Actually might be helping her to realize people are sick of hearing about her talentless abilities. Its such an embarrassment to her fathers reputation. The KarBashians are making fools out of themselves.. All those sisters should make a porn together and get it over with.. no one cares!!

1003 days ago


Ok, everyone to Google, right now, and type in (or copy & paste), KIM KARDASHIAN IS REALLY A MAN, hit enter. Thank you.

1002 days ago

Mahesh Kumar    


1002 days ago


me me me, ME ME ME, ME!!! ME!!! MEEEEE!!!

1002 days ago

the truth    

Ok TMZ, shame on you now. You need to stop reporting on this girl and her family. You are giving them just what they want. More attention!!!! They don't care if it's good or bad, so want don't you go dark on kim and her family and watch them go away! Everything is so fake about her and her family. TMZ, why don't you give it a try? Stop reporting on this family for a month and watch them crawl back into the hole that they came from. So much real stuff to report on.

1002 days ago


look at her natural thin hair and compare wit other pics where her hair is long and shiny and 'armenian' lmao! fake.

1002 days ago

Jonathan Stewart    

I use Google alerts myself as a form of identity protection. It's a simple way to watch for activity that may have anything related to your personal life such as your name and address popping up on a website somewhere. You can learn about it like I did by reading this article: Unfortunately, I'm sure she uses it to keep up with all the crap about herself. So vain..

1002 days ago


how can we get rid of this media whore??? like seriously shes not good at anything except being a slut!!!! can we just drop her over the ocean somewhere and forget we ever had the misfortune of learning of her exsistance??

1002 days ago


She is the biggest narcisstic person in the world. Of course she stays on google of herself.

1001 days ago


Holy Crap.. Im So Sick Of Logging On To Yahoo And Seeing Her. So Sick Of Walking Into A Store And Seeing 16 Different Magazine With Her On It.. Now I Get To Read How Snobby She Is For Getting Updates.. JUST GO AWAY KARDASHIAN.. I Had SeX Last Night And Taped It Why Aren't I On Tmz.. Geez.

1001 days ago

chase cam    

Go away already..So yesterday already....

1000 days ago


Kris Humphries was a real J. He pushes everyone around, pats her on the head like a dog, makes fun of her weight, puts her brother in a head lock and just acts like a general ass clown. If you think she did this all for the attention, then she must be a grade A actress because her sadness on the show when her marriage was quickly disintegrating is too real. Only Merryl Streep could pull off that caliber of acting.

997 days ago


Oh! My! looks like she has a flabby arm their holding onto her purse? SMILING! Hum! Flabby forearm to match a flabby butt!


989 days ago


She reminds me of somebody being pregnant, instead of carrying it in her front she is carrying it in her rear. I swear to God I often wonder how she gets off the couch with so much behind her?


989 days ago

David Wood fin    

Thanks for the good advice.
I learned a lot on this blog and thank you once again.

909 days ago
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