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Paula Deen

Screw Diabetes ...

I'm Eating a BURGER!!!

1/26/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen cruising through her hamburgerType 2 diabetic Paula Deen is unfazed by her life-threatening disease -- practically unhinging her jaw this week on a Caribbean cruise ... to take a heart-stopping bite out of a cheeseburger.

The picture was snapped Monday on board a Celebrity cruise ship -- where the 65-year-old is currently tempting fate, hosting her annual "Party-at-Sea" vacation for 400 devoted followers. It's hard to see, but there are also fries on her plate.

The cruise left Miami on Saturday -- and it's set to visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten on the 7-day calorie-filled round trip.

So far, it's unclear if they serve salads.



No Avatar


It's a burger not a cake!!! She can eat burgers, how stupid is this article?

998 days ago

P.D. Fan    

Ya know, this lady does southern cooking at it's finest. She has done nothing wrong, diabetes does not mean you can enjoy good foods. So she had a burger and fries, do you know for sure what type of burger it was? It does not matter if it was beef but there are a multitude of other types of burgers it could be. And by the way, lots of celebrities, chefs and everyday people suffer from diabetes no matter their weight or diet. Get a life, leave her alone, she has done nothing wrong and her health issues are between herself, her family and her doctor!!

998 days ago


eat it heck with what folks say..its your life...

998 days ago


Self-righteous *******s. I have been type 1 diabetic for 11 years. If I want to eat a ****ing cheeseburger, that is what I eat. Don't trash the lady for what you see of her diet. You have no idea what she is doing away from the camera to keep her condition under control, even if it is nothing. Careful, it's a long fall from the high horse.

998 days ago


Let's not crucify her. While diabetics need to watch what they eat, they will from time to time indulge in other things. Unless we've been following her 24/7, we don't know what her diet has been since she announced having diabetes.

998 days ago

Owen Schumacher    

There's no sugar in a burger, save for carbs in the bun. Really not a problem in terms of blood sugar. If she was drinking a Big Gulp or a mountain of M&Ms, that'd be news.

998 days ago


She knows the world is watching and "judging". Either she doesn't give a bleep or she's just a money grabbing fool! I think its the latter. Since her announcement with all the bad press, you'd think given she's in the spotlight she'd be a little more sensitive to the 25 million Americans - adults and children - that struggle everyday for good management. This image clearly sends the wrong message. PAULA YOU GOT IT WRONG AGAIN! STOP IT!!!

998 days ago


I'm pretty sure that if anyone here was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes today, they wouldn't stop eating fries and burgers tomorrow...Easier said than done.

998 days ago


Since when is burgers made with sugar?? Yeah i think she is fine. Gah the people at tmz need real jobs with alot more smarts....bc they cant live off their stupidity forever...

998 days ago


Oh pleez TMZ...You guys don't eat cheeseburgers? I'm sure some of you guys are diabetic also & enjoy a burger now & then. It's her life to ENJOY...And she's not twisting arms to eat as she does. We want recipes & she gives them..It's left to us to eat that way or not. Don't blame her!!!!

998 days ago


Paula Deen is nothing more then a big fat phony and I can't stand her loud voice either with her "Y'all" bit.

998 days ago


As a diabetic I can say burgers are NOT forbidden. You can have bread, cheese and beef. Absolutely nothing wrong here. People who see this as horrible have a mentality like it is 1960.... I am sure she is monitoring her blood sugar and those who criticize her need to check their facts. Also people who think anyone can eat like she cooks on her shows everyday are stupid.

998 days ago


I saw the article on this & had to check TMZ. Sure enough, picture of Paula eating a burger. There are two points here:
1. She is a grown woman who can eat whatever she wants, surely, & it's tragic everyone is keeping up to date with her every morsel...yea...but...
2. She is a Type 2 diabetic & this disease does not spring forth without a little help from the diseased. Unlike gestational or Type 1.

998 days ago


Last time I checked, cheeseburgers weren't totally taboo for a diabetic.
If she had ultra-high cholesterol and triglycerides, I might say "shame shame, you shouldn't eat that". But for diabetes, this is a non-event.

998 days ago


You know, people with diabetes still eat food. And the carb count on a burger isn't so high that one can't enjoy it once in a while. Idiots.

998 days ago
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