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Ashton Kutcher

The Party's Over ...

Returns to LA

1/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher finally touched down in LA -- two days after Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital -- looking far more concerned than he did earlier this week in Brazil.

Ashton was spotted partying hard at a Bruno Mars concert -- the day after Demi was hospitalized when she fell into convulsions at home. She was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital ... where she's been getting treatment for substance abuse.

Demi announced her plans to divorce Ashton back in November.



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Sonya in Tx    

Ashton doesn't owe Demi a thing.

Now we know that she abuses prescription and street drugs. I'm on team Ashton.

They're getting divorced. He can move on with his life, no matter what Demi tries toi do to herself.

997 days ago


It's not fair for anyone to assume that Ashton does not care for Demi health, they were married a long time. I'm sure he was in touch with people getting updates. I really dont understand why tmz is bleeding this. Ash an Demi are no longer together. there has to be a time when a couple splits, that they SPLIT. you can't go running every time they hurt themselfs, heck some people try to keep hold of their exes by doing crazy **** for attention. Not saying demi is. but come on now. leave ashton alone TMZ

997 days ago


Obviously he's had to deal with Demi the nutjob long enough. So happy he is finally free of her, why should he stop what he is doing just because she is having a midlife meltdown. 50 yr old woman wanting to be a teenager. Pathetic

997 days ago


Bruce told me Ashton is always good for 2 beers away & he'll play for the other team.

997 days ago


Chuck you Ashton Kutcher. How dare you cheat on your wife. You should have divorced her before you started screwing the first ho that spreads for anyone. You are not a smart man, or a good man. You are just a selfish man. I hate you for doing that to a fragile woman.

997 days ago


Hey Pissie Missie...She is only 16 years older, and he was never a teenager when she dated him. She is only 49 now, and he is 33, it's not a big deal. He was well into his twenties when they met, and you are just a gossiping trouble-maker who's exaggeration is lame and obvious.

997 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The only reason Ashton, leaves the country is to WHORE AROUND, just like his buddies Sheen, and Tiger woods- Their types of "chic trix" are easy to find in other countries!!!

997 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Just got tired of taking care of GRANDMA!!!

997 days ago


Geez, I know Americans are cold and heartless people, but really, have a bit of compassion for the women in your culture who were the daughters of emotionally-absent and emotionally-negligent mothers, as Demi's mother was. It would be nearly impossible for her not to be affected herself emotionally, combined with the fact that women are highly-emotional beings by nature, and then your husband goes and screws some whore who makes it a public report. Americans sit back and mock the middle east for their archaic treatment of their women, but you are the same unintelligent, uninformed, uncaring lot as they are.

997 days ago

Sin D    

I've NO RESPECT 4 this LITTLE BOY anymore. I would think he would B concerned and have returned...divorce or not. Showed your true colors Asson.

997 days ago


Should he feel responsible for the situation? Yes! I was wondering why he looked the way he did, now it all comes out and I am sure you will find out they were doing it together before he left! As for him sleeping around its probably not been the first time, besides he's playing the part right! Really when Charlie was on the show it was decent!Kutcher has made it not fun to watch anymore! I Sucks!

997 days ago


Is this clown ever going to grow up and act like a man? His whole life is like one long episode of his lame TV show punked

997 days ago


I thought Ashton was a jerk for a long time--until now. Apparently he knew about Demi's drug problems all along and never said a word--maybe that's why he left her and let her blame him. Seems very possible. Maybe he's a better man than we all thought.

997 days ago


What a ****! She can do better!!!

997 days ago

CA Girl    

Demi has to weather this herself, folks. She's a big girl now with adult daughters. The three of them can handle it, and the ex-boy-toy-husband doesn't have to be there to pick up the pieces. Why would he want to do that, anyway? She's radioactive to him right now, he's already moved on and the last thing SHE needs is for him to come walking through the door offering his condolences, or whatever it would be. What's he going to say to her? "Geez, Demi, that was real stupid what you did. But I'm here to stick around until the next party..." The don't need each other. It's clear.

997 days ago
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