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Demi Moore

The Drug Emergency 911 Call

'She Smoked Something'

1/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Demi Moore was rushed to an L.A. hospital Monday night -- after her friend told paramedics she had inhaled too much nitrous oxide ... aka whip-its.

There is utter confusion at the beginning of the call -- the dispatcher doesn't know which department should handle the call.  The woman says Demi smoked something -- not marijuana -- similar to incense and she's having convulsions.  The person says Demi was barely conscious. 

Capt. Jaime Moore with the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells TMZ ... the FD redacted portions from the tape.  Sources in the City Attorney's office tell us references to specific drugs and other substances Demi ingested were redacted because of privacy issues.  As TMZ first reported, one of the friends at Demi's house told paramedics she has been using whip-its -- nitrous oxide.

The person says she's been taking some other stuff recently but she didn't know what it was ... and she was having "issues" lately.  
The caller said "She's burning up." 


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Well, one thing we learned from this call is Demi's address - 9740 Oak Pass Road. Everybody go visit now!

908 days ago


Well, guess she got somebodies attention.

908 days ago


sounds like she smoked salvia...had a bad trip, and peeps freaked.
spotters, people!! always use a good spotter!!
tsk tsk.

908 days ago


Took forever for those morons to send someone to help her!!! Thank God she is ok. Whip-it's at her age, wtf was she thinking!?

Regardless my prayers are with her.

908 days ago


People are SO annoying when they call 911 or tech support. You are being asked these questions FOR A REASON, don't puff your chests out and act aggressive!! LISTEN, you morons! This chick on the phone needs a knock to her head.

908 days ago


Sounds like she's been smoking some potpourri.

908 days ago


cmon people..she just fished is the desired effect from the whip its -- picture a fish out of water. Those who don't know would think she is having a seizure when actually she's just f'ed up on nitros! Which is a cheap drug for someone of her stature- I would have expected something classier like oxy. oh well- balloon anyone??

908 days ago


c'mon...she fished out--it IS the desired effect of the whip its... looks like a fish out of water-those who don't know would think she is having a seizure-but she's just high on nitros...which is a cheap as drug for her stature.. i would have expected something more like Oxy for her well -- balloon anyone?

908 days ago


the state bases the buck over and over this women could of died. I am glade this was not a heart attact.

908 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

People call from the house phone to aid emergency personnel. They can track the call that way.

908 days ago

safety 1st    

I listened to it, if the idiots here would have stop saying get them here and answered the questions this would have gone so much quicker, also its always helpful to keep giving the phone to other people.....omg

908 days ago


this is all ridiculous. Demi is an immature idiot as is anyone who marries a kid old enough to be their child.

908 days ago


You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar, to know she is not only doing whippets she doing heavier stuff as well, that is why she looks like a ****ing dead body!!! She needs to get herself under control, stop thinking about young **** and think of herself and children

908 days ago


this wowan needs some serious head shrinking ,she looks like a skeleton with a little skin on her.I dont understand how she can look in the mirror and think it looks good ,its unhealthy,she behaves like a teenager not a grown women,I really believe she is looking for attention,and she wants it from the wrong person or she wants to make him pay,either way shes crazy,she needs help,get your act together as they say ,get the hell out of hollyweird , start taking care of yourself ,do some growing up,act like a woman instead of a teenager with serious hormone problems .be grateful you have money ,a home ,and A job, you chose to drop out of( GOOD THING YOU DID THATS GOING TO BE A FILTHY MOVIE)And get someone new to see that all this stuff coming out about you stays buried.It makes you sound like a self centered hollywood have to learn how to age gracefully ,there are alot of beautiful women ,in there 50s60...s,but if I was you I would go in hiding ,till this all blows over ,make a come back ,and get rid of that insect you were married to ,hes not worth it,and hes dam sure not worth getting sick over.

908 days ago


She should be so embarrassed! She is way too old to be doing such drugs! She needs to start acting her age!!!!

908 days ago
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