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Demi Moore

The Drug Emergency 911 Call

'She Smoked Something'

1/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Demi Moore was rushed to an L.A. hospital Monday night -- after her friend told paramedics she had inhaled too much nitrous oxide ... aka whip-its.

There is utter confusion at the beginning of the call -- the dispatcher doesn't know which department should handle the call.  The woman says Demi smoked something -- not marijuana -- similar to incense and she's having convulsions.  The person says Demi was barely conscious. 

Capt. Jaime Moore with the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells TMZ ... the FD redacted portions from the tape.  Sources in the City Attorney's office tell us references to specific drugs and other substances Demi ingested were redacted because of privacy issues.  As TMZ first reported, one of the friends at Demi's house told paramedics she has been using whip-its -- nitrous oxide.

The person says she's been taking some other stuff recently but she didn't know what it was ... and she was having "issues" lately.  
The caller said "She's burning up." 


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That 911 operator wasted valuable time passing her off to the other operator when it was his area the whole time. Thjat last was right to be man. he was a ****

962 days ago


That 911 operator wasted valuable time passing her off to the other operator when it was his area the whole time. That lady was right to be mad. he was a ****

962 days ago


YOU'VE WASTED ENOUGH time on this junkie. it is all OLD NEWS NOW STFU ABOUT HER

962 days ago

gwyn elliott    

I swear that was Rachel Zoe on the call {the 2nd woman's voice}!!!

962 days ago


I've got to wonder... If I, or someone that I knew, had to call 911 because I might be dying because I did something totally retarded and completely illegal... Would they afford me the courtesy of omitting those details before the tape went public? Oh, no, that's right... I'm not a millionaire.
Apparently "privacy concerns" are adjusted relative to how large your pocketbook is. Very fair. Great job and way to be impartial.

962 days ago


It is a shame that Demi Moore has been on a downward spiral for a long time.Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries, just trying to keep the appearance of being much younger than her age.Drinking, smoking whatever,inhaling, and living on red bull.All for what? She hasn't had any acting roles in a long time. Which is a shame because I did enjoy some of her movies.She truly needs to get some help and quite frankly, grow up.She does have children to care for.I do wish her well...

962 days ago


Good grief she sure as heck won't be able to handle menopause.

Poor thing, NOT!

It's about choices, make smarter ones DUMMY!

Her children(adults) must be so embarrassed.. wonder which one will write the Mommy Dearest book.

962 days ago


No wonder she was choked up and in distress! Smoking crack and tube steaks with young dudes isn't a great idea even for a 20 year old, let alone a granny at 50! She should leave that stuff for the kids and get some help!

962 days ago


If all these people in her life have known about all these addictions for years, why hasn't anyone done anything to get her help? I hope she grows up and gets the help she needs.

962 days ago

Bill Leslie    

haha - stupid b1t3ch probably suffered brain damage also!! I hope she comes out of there as a wheelchair drooling vegetable - serves her right! #WINNING

962 days ago


Are you freaking kidding me? Do your freaking job and send this woman a ambulance ASAP. The cluster f*** at the beginning of the call is infuriating.

962 days ago

Dayle Long    

her problem is that she's peri menopausal and is freaking out over it.

962 days ago

John 3:16    

This chick is a Senior Citizen but she's acting like a senior in High(no pun intended)School. Now we see why Ashton bounced.

962 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If they would just legalize weed maybe we
wouldn't have to worry about our
kids..... er... mothers
getting their hands on crap like whip-its, spice,
bath saltz, k-2, salvia, whatever....

962 days ago


"Beverly Hills!?!?" "How old is Demi?" LOLOL

962 days ago
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