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Demi Moore

Red Bull Addiction for Years

1/27/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore had a Red Bull AddictionDemi Moore was obsessively drinking Red Bull in weeks preceding her 911 emergency, but we've learned her addiction to Red Bull is a decade old.

Moore -- a recovering addict -- had cases and cases of Red Bull delivered to her home as early as 2002. Sources connected with Red Bull North America tell us ... Demi was so dependent on the energy drink, the company used her to market the product. 

Sources from the Red Bull company tell us ... the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.

The Sun published a story today reporting ... in the months before Demi was hospitalized ... she was using Red Bull in place of food.  

Our sources say ... two weeks before Demi was hospitalized, she went to a Hollywood party and consumed a massive amount of Red Bull ... but never touched alcohol.



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Redbull is the new Metabolife. Just another under the radar stimulant that will have to kill many people before it's finally banned.

968 days ago


Just to share a story. I once drank 6 red bulls the night before a chemistry exam. The amusing thing is that I got good grades (both As) on my two midterms for my first intro chemistry class and over-studied and stayed up too late so I must have failed the final because I got a C in the class... that time I had like 3 red bulls. I think what happened is that I kept confusing dual procedures for things and kept switching them. I was so paranoid about my second chem class that I slept 4 hours before the final (which I know is not that low compared to other students) and had 6 red bulls. At the exam the combo of anxiety and too many red bulls made be extremely nauseous and I was shaking--so much so that the TAs and the professor during the exam noticed my pallor and sent me home... and this was a professor who is kind of a douchebag. I now understand I have panic attacks but now that I don't drink red bull I know some of the weird jittery illness I was feeling was from the drink and not my panic attacks.

968 days ago


Wow, Red Bull is the new diet drink, who knew? Well, it certainly worked for her. Give that girl a sandwich she is starving to death.

968 days ago


How sad that such a beautiful woman and seemingly happy until recently is destroying herself with some sort of substance. She has children yet to raise and I feel for her and them but "get a grip lady"; we feel for you but have been there with the same sort of cir***stances and made it thru it. I left my ex with a two-week paycheck in my hand and am very can do it too without the financial stress!

968 days ago


Hey Demi, come live in happiness with me at the trailer park, g/f.

968 days ago



968 days ago

C Hubes    

Red Bull goes well with vodka last time I checked, and now that we know she is down with the whip-its it wouldnt surprise me if she was mixing booze with it. Just saying, not such a good idea to keep up with the jones' (movie reference)

967 days ago


There is nothing in Redbull that gives you energy. The claims that taurine gives you energy is, pun intended, BULL. Any temporary 'high' from Redbull is simply from massive amounts of sugar.

966 days ago


red bull addiction? the he!! you say!

966 days ago


Any connection with Britney's frequent Red Bull drinking a few years back? Is Red Bull addictive/harmful?

966 days ago


OMG, what has this strung-out skeletor of a woman NOT put into her body?

I'm truly afraid that she is on her way to ending up like Brittany Murphy---dead!...

Look at Brittany Murphy: ...First, she began to diet herself silly, then taking uppers , then downers, then stopping to eat altogether and shriveling down to 90 lbs, and then finally dying from a heart attack (...because her anorexic body could not bounce back from a run-of-the-mill Flu!)....

Well, I see Demi Moore heading straight into that same direction.

...then of course, what all her FANS will do, is turn around and say that Ashton Kutcher drove her to it....Oh boy!.....WRONG!>>> ....Demi has done this to herself......period (& for years and years, and of course, this was way before she even met Ashton).

963 days ago


If it was the sugarless formula, she may have gotten seizures from Aspartame, which is known to induce seizures. It results in a neuro-toxic metabolyte. Judging her state of emaciation,
I think this likely.

955 days ago


for all those out there who were concerned about her weight loss after her seperation from ashton...dddaaahhh!!! SHE WANTED TO LOOK THAT WAY!!!!!!!! you want to get the attention of fans, followers, etc., just loose weight....that will do it. in a few weeks she will appear on the cover of every friggin magazine looking well rested...probably because she had more surgery and will do interview after interview b..s-ing about imaginery intervention and recovery assistance from family, friends, etc. looking for sympathy AGAIN. why she may even get an oscar nod the next time she does a movie!!!!!! get over it!@#$%^&*

936 days ago


Addicted to Red Bull? I don't think this is something you can get addicted to, really. beste autovermietung in basel

758 days ago
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